Monday, March 9, 2009

We tore down the walls I built around myself...

All is well at work again. Well, in the sense that what the electrical fire fucked up is all well again. (Thanks for the comments & emails on that by the way y'all!) Working fine and dandy and blah blah blah. I wanted to put some bitches through a window last night during my shift but mercifully, I was only surrounded by those idiots for a short 5 hour shift. I'm talking about some co-workers here. Oy.

One girl has such a major attitude problem. She thinks she's a super badass. She's that girl who goes off on anyone who pisses her off. "Bitch, I'll kick your ass! C'mon, lets fucking go!" She's also the crazy little pill popper who only really goes off like that when she's out of pills to pop. She didn't have any last night. She was going crazy on three of the guys.

Two other girls are the types of people who adapt their personalities to whomever they are around. They were both glued to the first girl most of the night and adapted her "I'm a fucking badass" personality. They were also all, "Oh you wanna see me get hostile, lets fucking go assholes, I'll get hostile!"

SO FUCKING ANNOYING. Especially since not a one of those 3 has ever been in a real fight before. It reminds me of a chihuahua. Lots of yip and bark but you could end it all with one good kick. I wouldn't kick a chihuahua mind you. Or any other animal. That's fucked up. My point there is if you were to punt one like a football, it would run off injured, licking it's wounds and glaring at you. Those girls would get their asses handed to them if they ever actually tried to put their hostile little words into actions.

So they were giving the guys hell. Mainly mad that the guys from the kitchen wouldn't do their jobs and do stuff for their girls. Make them food, do some of their work too, etc etc. One of the guys in particular (whom I adore) is a smart ass little shithead (whom I adore I tell you!) and wasn't having any of their bullshit. He went off one the ring leader bitch. Another one of the guys began to back him up. The other two follower girls proceeded to jump all in it and it was a verbal smack down. The guys won. The girls had nothing. They were being stupid, lazy little bitches. They had nothing going for them. "Oh boohoo, you actually have to come to work and do more than stand in the corner talking and giggling together." Yeah. I feel so sorry for you. Not.

I'll NEVER in my life understand people like them. I cannot imagine going into my job, clocking in and then getting pissed off when I actually had customers to handle and things to do. I can't imagine being outraged because someone else wouldn't do their work plus some of my work while I stood around giggling, talking and sending text messages. I just can't fathom where people like this get off thinking the way they do. It's fucking work. You're there to *GASP* do some WORK. Not stand in the corner and socialize giggling your butt off. Not snack all night long. Not text and talk on your cell phone all night. Not expect your co-workers to do your work for you.

I get it, in a sense. I get what they're doing. I get these girls in particular are lazy and spoiled and want the world handed to them. I get that. I just don't get it. Which makes me want to smack them in their big dumb faces.

Though I don't ignore them. No sir. One of the girls asked one of the guys in the kitchen to get her some ice for the drink station. It's not a daunting task. Full, the ice bucket probably weighs a whopping 10 pounds. Woohoo. So she asked him to get it, while he's grabbing a handful of dirty things to go wash. He says no. She gives him puppy dog eyes and asks again. He just stares at her, grabbing another pan to wash and says no again.

"Fine, fuck you, you asshole," she spits out as she stomps off to do her job for herself.

"Yeah, what an asshole, not wanting to do your job for you so you can sit and do nothing. What a dick." My snazzy little comment.

Follower Girl 1 asked me what I said. She heard me, I know she did. "I said I can see how he's being an asshole, not wanting to do y'alls work and do his own at the same time, what a dick that makes him."

She eyes me and said, "Gee, I detect some sarcasm there."

I laughed. "Me? Sarcastic? Nah."

"Yeah. Rii-ight."

I'm being sarcastic and serious at the same time. She gets it. She glares at me. Ring Leader goes back by with her ice and eyes me but doesn't say anything.

Things go on in this similar fashion. Those 3 girls go on with their whining, complaining and bitching at people. They're being obnoxiously loud. Two of the guys continue not backing down from these 3 girls when the girls talk shit to them or jump their case for some reason. I only made two other patronizing sarcastic remarks at points when I had really had enough of hearing them and their bullshit.

The other thing that gets me, pisses me off really. Our assistant manager was around when everything was happening. One of the times with ring leader girl and her followers actually got very loud with the sarcastic guy. He refused to do something for them. They wanted him to deliver food for them while they all stood in a corner carrying on a conversation. He said no and went back on to the kitchen to make more food. This outraged them. Ring leader was very loud, obnoxious and threatening to kick his ass. I'm sure he wasn't scared one bit. He said as much.

"You don't wanna fuck with me. I'll kick your ass. I'll show you a bitch! You don't wanna see a bitch."

He laughed. "You're here, I've seen a bitch all night."

Then she flipped out.

Personally, had I been the one in charge, I wouldn't have let it go on until that point. I wouldn't let those girls act the way they acted all night. I wouldn't have let the hostility and confrontations go on like they did. Some fuckers would have been clocking out and going home if they didn't get their act together and do what they were there getting paid to do.

No, my pothead manager was pissed off and not in a good mood. He was tired. He didn't wanna be at work. He was worn out. He was ready for Monday to be here to start his 2 day off rest period after working monstrous 9 to 10 hour shifts 5 days in a row. So he ignored it all and didn't say shit to anyone. He sucks, by the way. It's laughable. He wonders why people don't take him seriously. I won't even get into talking about him that much. He would be his own post and be longer than this one already is. I just don't get how he could even ignore all of that. I mean I get how he ignored it all. Block it out, great. Seriously though. I'm sure some customers heard some of the shit that was being yelled said and that's not good for business. It's not good for the other employees to be around because it's annoying or stressful to them, depending on how they react. It's also not good to let employees think they can act that way and get away with it.

Of course, that's all just my opinion. ;) On to a happier subject though eh?

Saturday night after work, I was on the phone with my boyfriend. We were working online together trying to take over the world find the cheapest and best possible airfare. Mmm yes. I'm going to get to see him in about a month, for 9 days! OMG. I'm so happy and excited. He is as well, of course. So in about a month, I will have him for 9 days and 8 nights. By the end of summer, we should be back in the same state and living together again. Funny, one of the things I was so anxious about (living with him) is now something I seriously am looking forward to again. I was weird about it at first but we just work so well together. We have our rough patches and some bad times but thus far, even with the distance recently, we always make it through. He gets me so well, it's a little scary sometimes but it's great also. I've never had someone understand me the way he does. Awww. =)

Time for the musical part of all Monday's. ;)

"Lifeline" by Papa Roach

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

You?? Sarcastic?? Nah ya don't say! no way I'm believing that!

Coool at getting 9 dys with goliath!! awesome.

phairhead said...

great news on the upcoming move!!!

13messages said...

Congrats to you on all good things.

TUG said...

That's a heck of a place you work at!

Have I ever told you how much I like the disclaimer at the top of your blog?! I wish that could be applied to other aspects of life!

Anonymous said...

Great that you are going to see him soon and for 9 days! As for your co-workers...well it sounds like an entitlement mentality to me and you were raised with more of a brain than that. You are learning some real - life shit there for sure.

Anonymous said...

See, this is why I generally try to avoid fleshbots unless I have to actually see them,.... All my friends live in my computer ♥