Monday, March 2, 2009

A train is crashing through the wall around my heart....

So, last year I did a post where I asked my boyfriend to answer 50 questions. I had it posted on my blog before I moved it and I know a good number of you have seen it, even though you probably don't remember most of the questions and answers. ;) So I decided to re-post it here. It was pretty neat and it gives you a glimpse of me through the eyes of someone close to me. Two of my best friends, The Artist and Fangs also did this same thing but with some different questions. I was going to use some trickery to get one of my friends to answer this thing each month but I forgot. I'll try to find someone to do one for March though.

The first 10 questions are random things about him. Just so y'all get to know a little more about him. Since I don't write about him enough on here as it is, lol.

I did add a couple little comments to his answers and they appear this way.

1. Hi, my name is: AR's Boyfriend.

2. My favorite sport is: Hockey! Go Stars.

3. My favorite things to do in my free time are: Anything involving my cars, play on the computer a lot (yes I'm a nerd), go to bars and other nightspots with AR.

4. My most embarrassing moment was when: My friends found a picture of my dick on my computer and then showed other friends. I still haven't lived that one down.

5. My worst habit is that I: Smoke.

6. My favorite foods are: Italian, Mexican and meat.

7. I get complimented most on my: Height, hair. AR loves my lips and says I'm so cute (even though I'm not.) ---Seriously, don't listen to him, he's cute as fuck. ;)

8. The best thing about me is: That I am smart and very easy to get along with.

9. People say that I have a great: Personality.

10. I never leave the house without my: Phone, wallet, keys and ciggs.

11. My relationship with Amorous Rocker is best explained as: Very awesome. We rock together.

12. I have known AR for this long: 3 years as of April. ---That was April of 2008. April of 2009, it will be 4 years that we've known one another. Then May of this year it will be 3 years that we've actually been together.

13. The first time I saw AR in the flesh, my first thought was: That she was hot.

14. AR's worst habit is: Biting her lips.

15. The thing I love about AR's personality is: Everything. She is so awesome and easy to get along with.

16. I envy AR's: Common sense (seeing as how I tend to lack that sometimes.)

17. I pick on AR about: How cute she is.

18. Something weird about AR is: A lot, I cant narrow it down to one thing.

19. I admire AR's: Drive and ambition.

20. One of AR's favorite things to eat is: Italian and ice cream.

21. AR gets a major sweet tooth for: Ice cream and sugar cookies. Here lately it has been chocolate covered pretzels.

22. Five words that best describe AR are: Awesome. Beautiful. Nympho. Intelligent. Tough.

23. AR's singing sounds like: Beautiful is all I can say. Damn it's awesome.

24. AR's dancing looks like: Dancing. She can dance. I cannot however.

25. Something AR is insanely skilled at is: Cooking, writing, singing, drawing, and so much more, but cooking is first.

26. People may be surprised to know that AR: Has big boobs. Haha Just Kidding. Umm, that she can beat me up.

27. AR's cooking is: Fucking amaazing!

28. The meanest thing AR has ever done to me is: I cant think of anything right now actually. She steals my food sometimes, or hits me too hard when playing around, or teases me during sex.

29. AR has a lot of pride when it comes to: Herself in general. She is very proud of just about everything she does.

30. The most confusing thing about AR is: Sometimes I have no idea what is going on in her head. As well as her trust issues.

31. The biggest misconception about AR is: That she is a bitch. She totally is not, but she can be if she needs to be. I never call her one because even when she is being really mean, she's still not a bitch.

32. AR is the first person I would go to if I needed to: Have some hot crazy sex.

33. I won't ever forget the time that AR: First talked to me. We connected that night and still get along and talk that much just the way we did then.

34. The game I enjoy playing with AR most is: Not Monopoly. She gets mean with that game. Umm... I dunno. Poker I guess.

35. I love to watch AR when she's: Doing anything.

36. AR gets really pissed when: I get really quiet during an argument.

37. AR's most annoying friend is: I can't really complain but I'd have to say Hawaiian Punch even though I've never met him; but there is some back story there.

38. AR's best physical feature is: Her boobs, her ass or her hair. God she has amazing hair.

39. AR spends too much money on: Strippers! Haha Just kidding. Probably Cd's or DVD's.

40. I really like it when AR: Does anything sexual to me. Good God can that woman please me. I also love when she cooks for me.

41. The thing AR is hardest on herself about is: Failing.

42. People may think AR is an asshole because: She can't stand certain types of people and she can be rather mean and she's very blunt and honest.

43. AR's driving is like: It's good.

44. AR's temper is like: A package of C4 if you do something to make her mad. Mostly it's just a stick of dynamite.

45. AR's favorite place to shop is: Best Buy.

46. The craziest thing I have ever done with AR is: Have sex on top of my car in a park in the middle of the night.

47. Five things AR cannot go without are: Her phone. Good God, she has to have that thing. Her wallet, a necklace, some sort of eyeliner and lip balm.

48. AR likes it when I: Surprise her with little stupid things that make me think of her. And also the sex stuff. She loves that too.

49. When AR gets drunk, she: Gets crazier. It's awesome.

50. AR is addicted to: Sex. Music. Plain and simple.

I'm working on a cast list. Partly so I can remember what the fuck I nickname people and to help y'all out a little bit. More so to help me when I'm writing though since I won't use anyone's real name. I'm going to backdate it but I'll put a link up on my sidebar for it... once I get it done, lol.

"When Two Become One" by Atreyu

-The video isn't done by the band. It's just something one of the YouTube-ites of the world put together. I didn't wanna play any of the covers of the song though. So try not to let the anime distract you too much. ;)

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” -Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

Happy Monday!

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autumn said...

those were fun questions. we got to know a little about him, and also how he feels about. he has a lot of respect for you girl. you fucking rock!

awww nice post.

i clicked the video. it's a little heavy for my taste but my kid would really love it.