Saturday, March 28, 2009

The sun will set for you...

Brought to you by: Amorous Rocker

If you want a really good cupcake, who do you go to so they can whip you up a batch?
The Car Girl! She makes the most bad ass cupcakes. They're so good, there has to be something illegal in them. Though, lemon cupcakes, Boyfriend does those pretty awesome. My mama makes good ones too.

When you look at someone, what is the first thing you notice?
Meh. Height or hair or how they're dressed. I dunno, it's never the same thing every single time, lol. Depends on what stands out about them to me I guess.

When was the last time you got a back massage?

In... I don't even know. Which means it's been too long. My back's killing me lately too, could really use one.

How many days per week do you spend at your job?
Five. Thursday through the weekend and on to Monday, then off Tuesday and Wednesday. Sometimes I work Tuesdays, when I can pick up an extra shift.

Are you over the age of 25?

Do you discuss your financial status with anyone?
Boyfriend and a few friends. No one else asks, lol.

Are you keeping a secret from someone who needs to know the truth?
*Sigh* Sort of but not really. It's not my secret to tell and it won't really hurt the person too much. I hope my friend does the right thing and comes clean though.

Where did you get your last bruise from?
Bruises-R-Us, they were having a sale. Oh, wait... No clue. I bruise easily. I wake up with new ones a couple times a week. I have some on my legs right now but no clue what happened, lol.

Did you see the movie Twilight?
Nope. Afraid not. I'm not in on all the hype about it.

Are there any songs that make you cry when you hear them?
Cry, no. There are plenty that make me feel so sad though.

Would you rather hangout with a group of girl friends or guy friends?
Guy friends. I don't often hang out with girls and when I do, it's definitely not in groups.

What weather conditions do you hate driving in most?
I hate when the roads are iced over. People freak out and get stupid.

Do you hate when people call you when you're sleeping?
I do if I haven't been asleep long, especially if it's not important, lol.

Would you ever date someone who thought they knew EVERYTHING?

Have you ever told someone to their face they were ugly?
I've told people they were ugly on the inside to their face, lol. I don't remember if I've ever told someone they were physically ugly to their face but I doubt I have.

Do you go tanning?

When was the last time you used a walkie-talkie?
Umm... years ago, lol.

Do you enjoy taking walks?
Oh yes. =D Especially when I'm pissed off.

Have you ever taken a picture of yourself kissing someone?
I don't think so. I've had pictures taken of me while I was kissing someone though but it wasn't staged or planned, lol.

Are you someone who comes across as an asshole because you’re so honest?
I don't think the asshole vibe comes the fact that I'm not. I think it's more just because I tend to say things very bluntly instead of thinking of a nicer way to say things but yeah.

What is your opinion on no sex before marriage?
Lol. It's your choice. That's not for moi but whatever, if that's what you want to do, more power to you.

Have you ever wanted to never give up on someone?

Would you push someone off a cliff if you had the chance?
Maybe. Depends on the person. ;)

Have you ever liked someone who did not like you back?
Of course. Who hasn't?

Would you ever work in a retirement home where everyone was 65 and older?
Hm. Maybe. I wouldn't rule it out. I admire and respect the elderly a great deal actually.

Could you ever picture yourself on a reality television show?
I have no interest in being on any reality show.

Do you drink more apple or orange juice?
Orange. I can't have a lot of apple juice, I have an allergic reaction some. Which pisses me off because I love apple juice.

Are you currently angry or upset about anything?
No and no.

Will you be up before 7 AM tomorrow morning? Why or why not?
Sunday? Nope! I work Saturday nights and don't get off work until around 2:20/2:30 AM. Then I'm home around 2:45/3 AM. Then I shower, start laundry and relax. Definitely not getting up at 7 AM or before it. I'll have barely been asleep by then, lol.

Have you spoken to your father today?
Yes I have. =)

What is bothering you right now?
Stupid things.

Are you ever asleep by 11 PM on a Saturday night?
I'm not even off work by 11 PM on Saturday night, lol. So no.

Are you afraid of death/dying?
I'm not afraid of it but I hate the thought of it. There's still so much I want to see and do so I'd hope I still have a long while to go.

Happy Saturday y'all!!


Anonymous said...

Good answers.
I ain't afraid of dying either, its the thought of not being alive anymore that bugs me!

Dante d'Amore said...

I vote that you share the secret ...

Umm ...

Do I even get a vote?

Tiggs said...

Silly Dante! He doesn't REALLY mean it, as I'm SURE you already know. He's the best person I've ever known at keeping secrets!

I like Sage's response to the dying question... that's kind of how I feel, too. I'm not afraid of dying, but more worried for the LG, who would miss me a lot. Dante, too, but he can definitely survive without me!

I loved the randomness of this Saturday's post... very free and easy to swallow!


Baby said...

You took the title from Linkin Park, didn't you? Now I got it stuck in my head and will have to play it in the car on the way to pick up my new kitten today :) Loved your answers, like you I prefer only those I am super duper close to know my financial situation... Hope your back stops hurting and mmmmmm, on the lemon cupcakes, I am drooling... LOL... Have a great weekend!!!!

Kittie Kate said...

That sucks for your back to hurt already and you're under 25.

Hope you had a good weekend.

phairhead said...

they don't take refunds at Bruises R' Us