Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm not holding my tongue for you anymore...

My power to my laptop has been taken away!

Seriously. My laptop is fine. Dandy. Blah blah blah.

My power cord? Not so much. It winked out on me last night. Fucking bastard! Never fear, I have a new one on the way and it should arrive in a few days. Of course, that's a few days given USPS doesn't mess anything up. I have the worst luck with shit not getting to me here, lol. Ah well. So until my power arrives, I've got limited access to the web-er-net. Yeah, webernet. Like internet but you know, web instead of int. I'm lame, I know this.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Remember, there's more to this holiday other than green beer and getting drunk. Read up on it if you're unfamiliar and care to know that it's more than just a day to get drunk. ;)

I'm working tonight. I volunteered since tons requested the night off to party. I was hoping I might be able to pick up the extra hours. Instead, I just got my day off switched to Monday and get to work tonight when I'm normally off on Tuesdays. Ah well, I tried. I've got some nifty little things to wear so my annoying co-workers don't try pinching me. I actually DO have a green shirt if any of you can believe that. Not just one but two actually. Green isn't really my color though. And okay yeah, one green shirt is a Heineken shirt and the other is a Dallas Stars shirt. Still, they're fucking green. I have no clue where the Heineken shirt is actually. I know exactly where the green Stars shirt is though. Of course.

Which also reminds me. The Stars play tonight! They're killing me with this falling in and out and in and out of the playoff race. It's nerve wracking you know. ;) Hopefully they get a win tonight. GO STARS!!

Now I must be off.

Happy Tuesday!


phairhead said...

remember the pinching rule!

Jormengrund said...

I have a green shirt as well..

Of course, mine's a beer shirt too, but it's a little more personal with me, because it's also my last name!

Speaking of that, I've seriously gotta go over and insist that the bar manager give me the mirror to match my shirt tonight!

Happy Paddy's Day to ya AR!

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

if my power cord died i think i would go nuts

Tiggs said...

Oooh! It's one of my favorite days of the year! And yup, there sure is so much more to St. Paddy's then getting drunk! And I actually remember all the spanking good fun now that I don't drink, lol!

Today's my half-birthday, too, so I'm hoping for a good time later tonight! (And yeah, I'm MOSTLY Irish and even have the red hair to prove it!)

Hugs and love and Irish kisses and spanks all around today!

Leesa said...

I always wear green undies because my husband tries to pinch me when I change clothes. The bastard.

Big Kahuna said...

Go Wild :-)

Have a great st patty's day

TUG said...

I'd pinch you regardless :)

Sheen V said...

Happy Green Day to you as well! Cool picture up top.

autumn said...

go stars! as i have said, as long as it's not against the van.cunucks

love the work stories

new link now. the custom blog is complete.


Baby said...

What a pain in the tush to have the power cord go out!!! Hope the new one arrives soon!!!

Slyde said...

sorry about the laptop troubles.. for what its worth, its hard to get a power cord to break... well done!