Friday, March 27, 2009

It hurts to be alone, in the cell I call my home...

I haven't done a Fuck You Friday post in a while and I feel like bitching about something so here we go.

You know something that seriously pisses me off? I have this neighbor, I will be calling her Cunt from now on if I write about her. She has a little kiddo, he's 5 or at the most, 6. I hate the way she talks to him. He rarely gets to come outside. If she comes outside and he follows, you know what me, everyone in my place and the rest of the neighborhood hears?


To a fucking 5 or 6 year old? Come on bitch. You can hear her in the mornings and early in the afternoon, screaming at her kids. Cussing them a blue streak. Calling them names. Screaming at them in a way that you shouldn't talk to anyone, let alone your young children. It's not my business how anyone raises their kids, I know. I wouldn't even know it went on if she didn't do it outside. Every fucking day. It pisses me off.

Really, I'd love to grab a branch off of a tree and swing it at her head like a baseball bat. I'd love to get in her face. I've been outside, either smoking or on my cell phone, a time or three when she's been out there ranting, cussing, screaming and name calling. I've stood there glaring at her and she's seen me. She stared me down the first time I was out there after she had pulled that shit and y'all have no idea how bad I was hoping she would say something to me as she stared me down. That would have been invitation enough for me to say something.

I don't care what kind of shit she has going on in her life. I wouldn't have a clue. All I know is she seems to be home all day and she likes to yell, cuss, call names and kick inanimate objects. I don't care what kind of problems she has in her life. I don't care if her life sucks. I don't care if she's had 23 pet cats die in the last year. I don't give a shit if the reason she's home all day is because she lost a job. I don't fucking care what her situation is. It doesn't give her an excuse to take anything out on a little kid. What can a 5 or 6 year old kid do against that? Nothing. It's not good to grow up and see that. It's bad for a child to grow up thinking that's how everyone acts. It's bad for a child to grow up being called a dumb ass, worthless, stupid, shithead and any and every other negative thing you can come up with like that.

I have a friend who has almost nothing to do with his mother now that he's older. He's 24 and hasn't seen his mom since he was 19 and moved out. She used to scream at him, call him vile names. She was verbally abusive and physically abusive. I will never forget the time I was at his house and she came in from work, pissed from the day she had and threw a glass at him. Then called him a cocksucker because he hadn't taken the trash out yet. Then went on to call him more names and bitch about how worthless he was. It wasn't the trash that was the issue. He was just what she took things out on and the trash was the excuse for her to go off on him. I always felt bad for him and rarely went over there. I never understood how he could just take it but he always said he was afraid it would be worse if he said or did anything. She often threw glasses, plates, mugs, remote controls and other objects she could grab and throw quickly when she was yelling at him, blowing off steam. She called him cocksucker, shithead, worthless, piece of shit, pathetic, waste of flesh and tons of other things. Now he's older and had some therapy and realizes he never did anything wrong to deserve anything she said and did to him. Now she wonders why he doesn't want anything to do with her. He hasn't seen her in 5 years and he only talks to her once a month. I remember when he was 21, he wanted to talk to her about the way she had treated him. She had laughed at him and told him to get over, she could have been worse. She told him to be happy that she hadn't been worse, to be happy that he didn't have it as bad as other kids did. So, he doesn't want to be around her now.

Why, as a parent, would you do that to your child? I don't understand parents who do that. Why would you even accept the responsibility of raising another life if you're just going to treat that life like shit? I don't understand why anyone would verbally or physically abuse a child. I really don't.

*Sigh* I don't expect anyone to explain this and make it make sense. Even if you can explain the reasons why people do these things (resentment, bitterness, anger and on and on...) I'm still not going to understand how they could take it out on a child. Though feel free to comment and let me know what you've got to say. I always love hearing opinions and insight from others.

Have a great weekend y'all.


Nolens Volens said...

"The only thing evil needs to flourish is for the good people to do nothing." Call Child Services on the cunt. Explain to them what she does to her own child. They will interview the neighbors and they will get the same story.

There's this white trash family that lives down the street a block over and the mother CAN BE HEARD from here. I called Child Services and they stated that there's nothing they can do about that. I've stared and glared at the mother. I've pointed at them when I see a cop coming by so he would see the little boy riding upfront without a booster and ticket them.

ty bluesmith said...

dayumm let it all out.

Big Kahuna said...

There is no explanation or justification - all of us get upset with our kids once in a while but abuse is simply uncalled for.

As NV said there really is nothing we can do (as sad as that is) other than treat our own kids with respect - That does not mean they are 'little adults' and can do what they want either.

Parenting is significant effort and responsibility. Too many 'parents' do not have the capability to be parents just cause they can get pregnant

Rogue said...

That is child abuse. Seriously. The damage to that kids emotions already has been HUGE.

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

It's really sad but there really isn't anything you can do. I might try to call Child Services but I bet they won't do anything.

The scars are already there for that sad.

Barney said...

Being a single parent...of two... the anger sets in...the resentment...the distress...the sorrow... the range of emotions can be so great...

But never once.. have those emotions lapped over to my children... I vent to friends.. I vent to my parents..I vent on my blog.. but I always hug my kids..and tell them I love them...

I call my son a dumb ass... but he's 15.. and we always do it in a joking manner... never in anger..

That poor child... if that goes on outside, where others can hear her...imagine what is being said or done behind closed doors.

Call CPS - you dont have to leave your name (if your worried about that) but if enough neighbors complain... then they have to at least look into it...

What's the saying... it takes nothing to birth a child.. but it takes a village to raise a child..
or something like that :)

TUG said...

I'd at least call CPS. At least you know you tried to help the kid. Then I'd call them every time something happens. Eventually they will respond. You could even call the cops if you think you hear an event that might resemble child abuse. They'll come check it out.

viemoira said...

I could go on about this touc all day :P
First off, the neighbor I would probably cause a confrontation with purposely to have an excuse to punch her in the face. Second, your friend... I know that kinda situation all too well from experience. Third, now this gets touchy as I do not mean to say I'm that bad at all but I struggle to NOT react in ways with my oldest who has a lot of behavior problems including being hateful, swearing, and being physical, yes I struggle not to yell or tell her things in any negative manor. Its been a learning process because I literally bite my tongue when things remotely like what my mother said to me come to my lips.
Regardless there are no excuses and we are all responsible for our actions as well as providing decent role modeling to our children.

Jormengrund said...

As a grown abused child myself, I can seriously attest to the fact that if something doesn't get done to stop her, things will escalate..

Eventually, something's going to snap. Either the kid, or the mom, and it's not going to be pretty.

Be a concerned person, and do something, ANYTHING to help those kids.

I know that you're not me, but for the safety and well being of those kids they need someone to actually DO something.

Biscuit said...

Instead of the stick, grab a video camera. I second what Barney said. If that's what she does out in public, imagine what she does where no one can see.

KBear said...

:( I just cuddled Adrien after that.

Sure, he frustrates me when he gets fussy and keeps me up from 3am on spitting out his soother and wanting it back immediately every 10 minutes, but i would never call him vile names.. i can't imagine hurting him that way

however, my mom calls me dumb and says "good job dummy." or whatever.. but we know she's not meaning it harshly, more as a joke.. and that's what i do with him when he spits his dummy halfway across the room..but never would i ever scream at him

my SIL does that to Connor.. hes always getting yelled at.. poor kid...

Anonymous said...

Well I'd prolly do it different, in fact I have. I did tell a fella once if I ever heard him talk to his kid like that again I'd whip his ass. Whispered and not so the kid could hear him. They have since moved and I'm sure he acts the same way but he never did it again around me.

It amazes me the things I learned here in Blogville. I had no idea the horrible things folks go through with their spouses, parents kids, friends etc.

I reckon I was raised by the cleavers, as was my bride and my kids too. I'd never ever talk to my kids like that, thats insane.

have a grovy weekend, hey and tell the Cunt fuck you from Sage too!

Anonymous said...

I wrote a bit today about how a kid of that crap can turn out, I know, first hand.