Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell....

My Stars play e San Jose Sharks tonight. We really, really need a fucking win. The last few games for us... we haven't been doing so hot. Our last game against the Sharks... We outplayed them in every fucking way except one. We didn't score against them like we should. Stars lost that one. Like I said, we really really really need the win tonight. The points race is so fucking close in our conference. I opted to pick up an extra shit and work tonight. I LOVE my hockey. Y'all know this. I need money more than I need to sit at home on my ass watching a game though. I really had a hard time deciding if I'd pick the shift up or not though since Tuesday is my day off. I get Wednesday off too though so I figured what the hell, I need the extra hours. I'll be wearing one of my Stars tees under my work shirt though. GO STARS!

I was seriously amused by an email I got from someone. The song I posted here is apparently "devil music" and I'm "white trailer trash" who is "spreading the word of evil Satan through the blogging community" by "posting the evil garbage" that I "think qualifies as music" on my blog. Also, I need "to go to a CHURCH asap" to "save" myself "before it's too late" because I'm well on my way to becoming "Satan's Spawn" so apparently some one's fucking the devil and trying to pawn me off as their kid or something. Oh and the email wasn't meant as insulting. The person was "just trying to help move" me "in the right and proper direction" since I'm going the wrong way. I thought about replying and asking if it was a prank or if whoever this person is was for real. Then I decided it was funny either way. One way would just be more funny than the other. So, I don't care. I do find it amusing when do good religious folks resort to name calling ( white trailer trash, Satan's Spawn!) and then think that they're doing good by being judgmental pricks. Not saying that all religious folks are like that because I'm not so closed minded to believe that and I just know better anyway. The ones who are like that? They can go suck something large and phallus shaped right after they shove their name calling and judgments up their asses. That is if they can get anything up there with their heads in the way. ;) Oh and really... out of all the stuff I've posted and some of the other songs I've pimped out on here, that was the worst? Tickled, that I am. ;)

Hey don't forget to go play Wednesday Weirdness tomorrow! I'm in charge of thinking up the questions. I'll have them posted today, shortly. You know, for those who wanna jump the gun and do the questions early or just get things set up for tomorrow. ;)

My friend VanillaCoke and I were chatting on Yahoo! IM late Monday night. Technically, it was Tuesday morning since it was at 12:30 AM but whatever. If I haven't gone to bed yet, it's still night for me. I don't care if the sun is about to come up. I digress. She was up late "working on a paper" for a class and I had just gotten home from work shortly before I had signed on. She was telling me that she's contemplating deleting her MySpace and Facebook accounts. I inquired as to why she would do that. She said because they both cause too much drama in her life. That social networking sites are only good for causing drama. I disagree. I have other friends who say the same thing. Hell, I have family members who say that same thing. Not to mention the handful of people I work with who all say MySpace, Facebook and other social networking websites are just full of drama. Again, I disagree.

I use MySpace. I'm on there damn near every day. I've moved a lot. To the tune of 20+ times. I don't know. I lose count and I forget. I wasn't even old enough to remember some of the moves but I count them since my baby butt was part of them. I've made a lot of friends and have them scattered out all over the place. I've had other friends move away for school, to move back to where they were originally from, move for jobs, move for a significant other, etc. I use that social networking website to help keep in touch with those friends in a fun way. I have 300+ friends and acquaintances on there and it's never caused me an ounce of drama personally. It's not the website that causes the drama. It's the people using it who cause the drama.

I used to have a lot of drama and a lot of controversy going on in my life. Most of it wasn't mine. Some of it was but not the majority. Most of it was drama my friends were dealing with that I was present for and always got roped in to. Even when I said, "Leave me out of it!" it didn't always end up working that way. These days, I stay the fuck away from people who thrive on drama. I don't mess with the shit much anymore. I don't mind a little now and again but I don't want it filling my days. Fuck that.

So VanillaCoke asked me why I disagreed with her theory on social networking websites being only good for drama. I explained how very little of a dramatic effect it has on my life. I explained my point that I can't seem to stress enough. The website doesn't cause the drama, the people do. The website gives them a venue to do it but it's only a means to an end. If people are going to stir shit up, they're going to stir shit up. Those websites are just another location for it to happen in. Another place to enable them to do it. Truth be told, it's probably easier too for the people. It's online and you don't have to be ballsy enough to say the shit you're saying to someone's face. You can post a comment, send a message, post a bulletin for all to see. You can say what you want. Whatever your Internet Balls allow you to say as you type away on your keyboard hidden behind your big bad monitor as you sit snugly in your house. Things that you wouldn't dare have the balls to say to that person's face. Sure, it's easier and lots of people are more compelled to sack up and spew shit online because they don't have to immediately face any confrontation or consequence. Still, it's the people and not the website.

You don't want to deal with the drama anymore? Don't delete something you enjoy because you think it will erase the drama. If you keep those people in your life, it's going to surface somewhere else. The he said she said and the she said that she said that she said shit will happen. It might take you longer to hear it but that bullshit is still going to happen. Deleting a venue for it isn't going to remove it from your life if you're keeping the people around who are the cause, the source, the root of the issue. You don't even really have to remove a person from your life to get rid of the drama. Tell them to keep their bullshit to themselves. Ignore it if it doesn't involve you. There are lots of ways around dealing with it. Don't make a social networking website, a blog, a chatroom or any other online venue to be the bad guy though. Make the person flailing their fingers across the keys the one accountable for their actions.

At the end of the conversation with VanillaCoke, we still didn't see eye to eye on things but that's cool. I don't need her to think that my way is the right way and she doesn't need me to think her way is the right way. Maybe her way of deleting her social networking website accounts and removing her instant messaging software from her computer will work out the way she hopes it will.


Emmy said...

You listen to devil music? So do I! I think those that believe that aren't listening closely enough. :)

I agree with your comments about social networking and drama. I had a very similar discussion lately with someone who deleted their Facebook account after feeling it caused her to get dragged into some drama. I told her I felt she had cut off their nose to spite their face. She sacrificed her own her own enjoyment of staying in touch with friends and family due to one drama that she really could have ignored. Seemed stupid to me.

phairhead said...

so by insulting you, this jesus freak was guiding to the path of righteouness? oh yeah that makes sense.
personally i think the devil listens to easy listening.

heehee Matchbox 20 heehee

like yr typo by the by.

Jormengrund said...

You know, the "religious" folks who point fingers and name names are usually the most worthless pricks on the face of the planet.

So in all honesty, be glad that you're open enough to be yourself, and that you must have hit a nerve with some refomed or recovering person who isn't able to admit their own failings and mistakes, and wants to point the blame at you.

Gotta love hypocrites, don't you?

Rainman said...

One of the best posts I have ever read.

I agree with all points especially the Jesus freaks and their twisted sence of right and wrong.

Keep up the good work!

Rainman said...

Ohhh and I forgot to comment about the Stars..... All I can say is "Lets Go Red Wings!"

Sorry couldnt resist..:)

Amorous Rocker said...

We rock.:D
That seems stupid to me as well but to each their own I suppose.

Makes perfect sense. ;)
I think the devil probably listens to Paris Hilton and Hannah Montana. ;)
I love Matchbox 20 <3

I'm happy that I'm open enough to be me. :D
Love your comment, thanks!

Why thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I'll give it to you, your Wings are a damn good team. I still wish they'd lose once in a while though, lol. ;)