Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I wanna run through your wicked garden...

Who wants to see some pictures? Anyone? You? Cool.

Lets go back to St. Patrick's Day. I had to work. We got to dress up. I wore a little glittery cheap hat with my other accessories. One of the assistant managers was wearing this AWFUL green fuzzy light up terrible cowboy hat. I told her she looked like an idiot in it half way kidding, half way serious, so she put it on me to prove everyone looked dumb in it. Except I can rock almost any kind of hat and didn't look bad in it. Of course, that's subject to personal opinion. She thought it looked cute on me which made me want to take it right back off, lol. Other co-workers agreed it looked good. I even agreed. I look pretty spiffy in cowboy hats though, if I do say so myself. They just don't happen to go with my dark wardrobe. ;) Especially not a terrible fuzzy light up green one with a stupid tiara on the front of it. YUCK. I wore it a while just to be silly though. Then I went back to my round glittery number. ;) So I wanted a picture of me in the hideous hat but just couldn't bear to show my face off while showing that hate off, lol.

When I'm in the car, riding along with family and going to be in the car for an hour or longer, I have the tendency to use my camera phone and take shots of things as we pass by. It amuses me and sometimes I catch some cool stuff. We were driving down a two lane highway with lots of farm land on the right side of us. It was sunny but clouds kept getting in the way. I was bored and started taking pictures. This is one of the results.

Sometimes when I get bored at home, I grab my camera and go roam around outside looking for things to take pictures of. Sometimes, this happens at night too. I think this is one of my absolute favorite (that I've taken) pictures.

Now, I'm a sock whore. I love socks. I have tons of pairs. More than I really need but I don't care. Especially knee highs. The thing that rocks about socks is I don't have to look for a size. I see a pair I like, I pick them up, I'm done. No hassle. I think it's a good way to show off personality too. All of mine that are patterned or designed fit me. Hmm, most of them anyway. Here is my current favorite pair.

Next, are y'all ready for the mini snowman I made last
Wednesday? Yeeeaah! After stomping around in the snow, falling down in it, getting my legs wet and having a snowball fight I decided I wanted to make a mini snowman. I did most of it but Little Sister jumped in and helped make it too. YB helped a little as well. Even 22 helped out by getting the sticks I used for arms. I think that was the first thing the 4 of us collectively did as siblings where no one argued about something, lol. Maybe. Hmm. Anyway, here he is. Ain't he cute? Of course he's a puddle now likely or just a pile of snow but I digress. He was cute. ;)

Last but not least... We went to the liquor store yesterday. Little Sister has been dying to try Molson Canadian beer (which by the way, was pretty good but more on that another day) and we finally found a store up here that carries it. They also carry a big shelf of miniature bottles. Bad for me. I love trying new things and I love an old favorite for 99 cents. So I got a few mini bottles. From left to right we have UV Cherry Vodka, Sailor Jerry Rum, Captain Morgan Tattoo, Cruzan Black Cherry Rum and Ty Ku. Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan weren't new to me but the rest were. After trying the cherry vodka, I realized I still really don't like vodka much. The Cruzan was a little too sweet for me but wasn't bad. The Ty Ku fucking rocked for a fru fru type drink. It's a Sake and Asian vodka liqueur. You can't taste the vodka. It tastes fruity and clean. It was so yummy. I want to go back and get a bigger bottle, lol. It's an interesting little drink. I, being the nerd I am, had to do some research on it after drinking half the mini bottle and read several other links aside from the two I left here. It's not bad at all.

That does it for me today. If you want to see more pictures of snow, the sun, the moon, boobs, me, trees, shampoo, toilet paper or whatever else I feel like taking pictures of, check out my photostream on flickr. Oh, there's nothing with toilet paper on there. I haven't put any thought into doing a damn thing creative with that stuff and doubt I ever will. It just happened to pop in my mind as I was listing stuff off. ;)

Happy Tuesday y'all!


Southern Sage said...

looks like a big ole time to me. Love the pics. I betcha did rock the hat!

Ms. Lily said...

Of course, you rocked the hat! Love the socks!!!!! The snowman is/was adorable! And lastly, the little bottles are great, love a little variety in life ;)

Sam said...

I can pull off nearly any kind of hat too, I bet you were adorable! I love that night photo best, it makes me want to read cheesy old gothic romances... Hey, I finally got the rest of my face back grrl! Check it out: *here* not too bad for a creepy old hag like me, eh? Stay shiny. Don't eat yellow snow ;-)

Tiny T said...

where do you live that there is snow?

phairhead said...

hee hee i camera phone stuff when I'm bored too.

nice socks

TUG said...

Stone Temple Pilots!

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