Monday, March 30, 2009

Get your hands off of this glass, last call my ass....

I have a confession to make. Before Sunday, I had never eaten the Girl Scout cookies that so many of you rave about. The cookies that so many of you hunt down. The cookies you wait months for. Yes, I mean Thin Mints. My dad loves Thin Mints. LS loves Thin Mints too, which I didn't know. I remember Girl Scout cookies in the house but not in years. I didn't mess with any of them, as far as I remember, lol. I'm not a fan of minty things usually. All the recent ranting and raving in the blogosphere recently about Thin Mints left me wanting to try some of the damn things though. People going drastic measures for a few boxes of cookies. Some driving miles that also meant hours to get the cookies. I was curious what was so fantastic about some cookies that people would go to so much trouble over.

My mom came in Sunday afternoon with a few boxes of the cookies. Two boxes were Thin Mints. I said I wanted to try them. I did. Not bad. LS saw the box and charged into the kitchen, grabbing the box and then almost cuddling it as she ate some of the cookies.

I admit, they are pretty good. LS and mom informed me that LS and Dad like them best after they've been in the freezer. So I went to work and left the cookies in the freezer. Later on, long after they had spent hours in the freezer, I ate another. Then another 2 for good measure. They do taste better cold.

I admit, they are good. However, I don't think I'll find myself craving them like mad once they're gone. I'm not a big fan of chocolate (unless it's dark chocolate) and I like mint but I wasn't in glutton heaven with the cookies. I wasn't disappointed mind you but I was almost indifferent about them. While they are pretty tasty cookies, they just don't rock me the way they rock so many other people. I'll take a nice soft sugar cookie from Great American Cookie any day. Or perhaps a peanut butter cookie. Or even a shortbread cookie. Oh well, that just leaves more Thin Mints for the real fanatics in the world to get their fix of. ;)

The days left in my way until I see Boyfriend again are fewer and fewer. There's still a little more than a week but that's not bad at all. I'm excited. No, the days aren't creeping by slowly. I suppose if that's all I occupied my mind with, they probably would be. I have tons of other stuff that keeps my mind busy though so the days are passing as they normally do. This weekend flew by though. I believe that would be due to work being so busy so my shifts, while long, all went by quickly. Since I spend my weekends at work, my weekend went by quickly, lol. ;) I'm so looking forward to the time off from work too. Though, I'm not looking forward to it at the same time. I'm happy for the time off. The loss of hours equals loss of pay though so I'm a little worried about taking 5 days off from work but not too worried. I should be fine and it'll be worth it to spend a week with my love and friends and other family members. Yay. =)

VanillaCoke has a crazy scheme going that she thinks I need to be a part of. She wants to open a nightclub/pool hall/strip club/pizza parlor. She thinks it will be a hit. The first floor will be non-smoking with a dance floor, bar, comfy couches, comfy chairs and a sectioned off area that will have Dance Dance Revolution machines. The second level is the pizza parlor. Booths, tables and an ice cream bar. Serving pizza, soda, water and more booze if you're of age. Third level will be the pool hall. Pool tables, dart boards, a few video games, a jukebox and another bar. The fourth level is going to be the strip club. Oh and there's going to be a swimming pool and hot tub on the roof. With a sauna. Maybe one day it will even expand and have an "out back" section where there will be mini golf and a sand volleyball court. This is her dream establishment. Her goal now is to find herself a sugar daddy so she can obtain the money to build this monstrosity. She wants me to be the manager of the strip club portion and be in charge of hiring the girls. She also thinks Boyfriend should manage the pizza parlor portion since he used to work as a pizza delivery driver and did learn to make pizzas and stuff as well. She also thinks we all need to be on the look out for a potential sugar daddy for her so she can afford this grand dreams of hers. Now, I am slightly poking fun of her. You have to understand VanillaCoke though. Three months ago her big idea was a mall that had all the best shops and food places along with a small casino, a small scale circus and a petting zoo inside. Before that it was a movie theater with a laundry mat inside, you know, for those who wanted to catch a movie and do their laundry. ;) She always comes up with ideas to combine something fun with something useful. One day, she'll probably come up with something bad ass and get rich off of it.

I was thinking about posting some kind of nonsense Wednesday and then coming back later with a big fat APRIL FOOLS edit but meh, I'm not into it this year. I don't really get into it anyway. I mess with people enough the rest of the year, no need for a special day. Especially on one when they're looking out for it anyway. ;)

Happy Monday!


Another Suburban Mom said...

If she actually created a laundromat/movie theatre/Chuck E Cheese/bookstore/Starbucks hybrid she would be swimming in it, especially if she did it in a college town.

The GS do make a lovely shortbread cookie as well. Nice and buttery.

Southern Sage said...

I will be available for a small fee to help pick the girls!!

The first thing I thought was that if I wanted it to be family friendly I'd sure put the pizza on the bottom!

(shhhhh don't tell anyone but I don't like the thin mint GS cookies!)

phairhead said...

that's not so wacky. there's this place in Rutland,VT call Washbuckler's that's a combo of laundramat, tanning beds and a bar.

vixen kitten said...

I adore thin mints! Seriously, they are a huge weakness for me.

My neighbors, who are GS, always hit my house first. I think they do that so the other neighbors are guilted into buying more when they see me order 40 boxes. :)

Have a great Monday.


xX...Amy...Xx said...

Sadly we don't get Girl Scout cookies over here in England! I'll have to get my grandparents to get me some!

And I personally think VanillaCoke's idea is genius. You open that near my Uni and everything else will go out of business!

Happy Monday!


Kimberly said...

I think that the movie theatre/laudromat idea is sheer brilliance! Solid gold!

Sam said...

I never did have a passion for Girl Scout cookies but I do love a flavour that Subway has (their white chocolate macadamia is to die for) and I cannot say no to those little maple leaf shaped cookies with maple cream in the middle...

Rainman said...

Frozen GS thin mints with glass of cold whole milk to dunk in. The only thing better would be to have them in bed after sex :)

Jormengrund said...

Here's an idea for you and Thin Mints.

I'm not a big Mint cookie fan either, but I LOVE this..

Vanilla ice cream
Thin Mint cookies (slightly chilled)

Scoop ice cream and cookies into a blender, and add 1 cup of milk.

Blend, and have a nice shake.

It's really quite good.

This also works well with the PB patties, and Samoas cookies too!