Monday, February 16, 2009

Your blinding smile is only your illusion, stop, baby don't breath....

"Why do we fall sir?
So we can learn to pick ourselves back up."

That is one of my favorite lines out of the movie Batman Begins. Of course, I had heard something similar long before the movie was thought up. Just sayin', the line and the scene it happens in are among my favorites in the movie. I love the movie too because hey, I love just about anything that has to do with Batman. Not to mention I think Christopher Nolan rocks.

One of my favorite ways to relax after work is to watch a movie. I don't care for much that comes on television. I'm a House freak. I love CSI. I find other shows entertaining but I don't try to keep up with much. I'd rather watch sports or a movie. I get home from work between midnight and 2 am, so there isn't much in sports for me to watch. Unless I have a Stars game from the night recorded on the DVR because I missed it earlier because of that job thing. So generally, I prefer to watch a movie after work to relax. Or at least part of one I've seen before if I'm not going to be able to stay awake for it all, lol. I like my job for the most part. I like most of my managers for the most part too. It's my co-workers and the customers that irritate me. I can't stand how petty, immature, two-faced, gossipy, self-entitled, over-inflated and ignorant my co-workers are for the most part. The customers, it's about half and half with. Some days better, some days worse. You just have to try and not let people get to you too much. I used to get so annoyed, so much more easily than I do now. I learned not to let people piss on my parade and make my day more shitty. They can only do that if I allow them to influence me so. Most days I remember that and don't let people get to me. Some days, I slip. Thankfully, I always remember later. After I'm done slamming things around and venting my anger through actions and noises. ;)

Anyway.... My Stars play tonight! I'll be at work though. I always wear a Stars tshirt (I have 4 or 5 different ones, lol) under my work shirt on game nights I have to be at work. I'm not sure why I do that either. I just started doing it. The night I started doing it, they lost. I still do it anyway. Recently, we've done pretty badass. I'm talking weeks, not the last couple games, lol. Hopefully they do well in the game tonight. GO STARS!

I haven't had much internet here in the last few days. The weather has been terribly crappy. Lots of strong wings, cold, rain, ice, snow and all that fun shit. We have wireless. It doesn't like to keep a signal for long. I actually wrote this post out in MS Word and then when the internet was working for a few minutes, hopped on and set it to auto post. While I miss reading the blogs and being able to respond to the emails I have stacking up (I'll get to them as I can =D) what sucks more is not being able to check on the couple games I play on-line and not being able to get on, lol. I'm lame, I know this and I'm fine with it. My games I play are interactive games so my characters on them need tending to on a regular basis. I'm missing doing that, lol. I'm not your hardcore total OMG I'M HAVING WITHDRAWALS type gamer but I'm semi-addicted to the couple I do play. Which reminds me. I LOVE the Nintendo DS Lite that Boyfriend got me for That Holiday. I knew I loved those things already. Youngest Brother has an original DS and I loved playing that thing. My issue is, especially with the Guitar Hero game, is that I sit down to play it for half and hour and then I'm playing for an hour or longer. I say I'll play one more song and then five songs later, I put it down. I'll clear one more level on this game and then I'll be done. Then six levels later, I'll finally put it down. I get sucked into that shit and end up playing for longer than I intend to, lol. I want some of those Brain games too. I love doing things like those and I already know I'll get stuck on them too. It's the same with books. My biggest problem with books is I go through them too fast. I'll say I'm going to stop for the day at the ending of chapter five and then by chapter twelve, I finally put the book down. Usually because I have something else I actually have to do, not because I'm tired of reading, lol. I get lost in things I really enjoy. I don't mind. Sometimes, it's annoying though since I know I could have gotten something more productive done. It doesn't bother me or effect me negatively enough to change it though so I'm good.

Oh you know what pisses me off? When you're watching a movie and the DVD/BluRay player just fucking flakes out and the movie freezes. You can try all the ways you're supposed to to make it work, to make it go but nothing. Wait, wait, wait. Troubleshoot this, troubleshoot that. You're restarting your damn movie, all over from the beginning. That little power light blinks right off as you're resetting it and it's totally mocking you. Simple little human, slave to the electronic devices. You push the buttons but who ends up frustrated when it doesn't work right or when it malfunctions? Yuh, we do. Of course, I don't believe the BluRay player we have has any emotions or feelings but it sounds all dramatic like to make it seem like there's a bigger plan in the scheme of things other than the simple fact that there was some kind of lame malfunction in the hardware. C'mon now. =)

That's enough rambling for today. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. =)

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

I love torelax with a movie too. Batman Begins is a great one! Hope things normalize again soon for you.

Emmy said...

I love Apocalyptica!

Hope you have a good week!

Insults said...

Great qoute to start a cool post :)
Batman Begins rocked.

TUG said...

I always thought that was a good quote as well.