Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weak and want you need, nowhere as you bleed....

I did that sex meme yesterday that has been going around. I was kind of amused by some of the emails I got in regards to some of my answers. I even put a little disclaimer up. You would think "sex" meme alone would tip some folks off. The disclaimer spelled it right out for them too. Simple people. Don't email me and bitch about what I write, I'm going to ignore you. Seriously. Delete your email without replying and just laugh about it. Then write about it and gently poke more fun at you because you're whiny little butt (or big butt, whatever the case may be) has to complain about something instead of just moving on. You don't like it, don't read it. Go find a blog about cupcakes, movies, kittens, flying kites, making Play-Doh castles, cooking, seagulls, hot air balloons, pictures of leaves falling off trees or whatever suits your fancy. Mmmkay thanks bye! =)

A couple blogger friends of mine were giving me a hard time the other day. We were having a little group chat thing and they were teasing me for the fact that most of my clothing is black. They asked if I owned a single shirt that wasn't black. Of course, I do. I own some red ones, a dark green one, some grey ones, a few white ones, a couple blue ones and even an orange one. Also, this purple one I've got on right here. So, there. *sticking tongue out* There's nothing wrong with wearing black by the way. Don't ask why I own that purple t-shirt. The design on it was badass and I do like the color purple. Plus, it was on sale. Yuh.

Yesterday, I went and saw Underworld 3 again. Youngest Brother wanted to see it again and so did I. Little Sister hasn't seen it yet so she went with this time. I still love it. Mmmm. I love love love the Underworld movies. I think they're some of my favorites. As a matter of fact, we're about to watch the first one again. It's been far too long since I've seen it. =)

My boyfriend rocks. Of course, for a multitude of reasons which I brag talk about now and again. The praise of his rocking-ness today comes from a happy little surprise. I got a Valentines Day gift early yesterday. I got this....

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It's a NintendoDS Lite. In onyx. Isn't it cuuute? Okay, so not as cute as some people find fluffy teddy bears and little puppies holding "I Love You" hearts but it got me feeling a certain level of "awwww" warm and fuzzy. I'm not a cards, candy, jewelry girl for the most part. I've wanted a DS for the longest time now. I was so beyond excited to get my hands on this little amazing monster.

I felt a little bad that he spent that much on me though. So I paid for the Guitar Hero bundle and Super Mario 64 DS plus the one year warranty for the DS.

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I've already been playing Guitar Hero. Surprise! I've cleared several levels already but had to give my hand a break. Not like that pervos. Calm down. ;) Here's a few Guitar Hero shots. So fun.

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I'm not a fan of Valentines Day honestly. I don't like it. My boyfriend gets in to it though. He likes to celebrate it and has fun with it. It makes him all kinds of happy. I'd feel like such a bitch with him getting me things and doing special things for me if I did absolutely nothing in return for him. Especially given that he does so awesome for me and plus, he's not so happy about the fact that we aren't going to be together this time around. So while I have never liked the holiday and find it ridiculous, I don't skip doing something for him in return just because it's my least favorite "holiday" all year. That would make me suck, in a bad way, for sure. I'd feel like a bitch, shithead, asshole etc, know what I mean? So, I got him a bunch of little things, a special little something and one awesome thing so I can send them off to him. Awww.

I'm skipping the Weirdness today. The questions are good this week but I'm not in the meme mood today. I'll probably answer them next week and have double the questions instead, lol.

"Today We Are All Demons" by Combichrist

Happy Wednesday!


An Artist Exposed said...

Nice DS - we're both got new toys this week. You have a cool bf and I had to buy my own lol. Enjoy.

Even with all the colours in my wardrobe... I still prefer to dress in black.

Another Suburban Mom said...

DB LOVES his DS. I am seriously worried that he is going to get some kind of tendinitis in his thumbs from that thing.

Happy Wednesday!

Mike said...

We have to fight to play on our DS! lol
Your going to have loads of fun with that ;)

Insults said...

Cool DS - I loved mine, for about four weeks. But then I have the attention span of a fruit fly.

Southern Sage said...

I never even heard of that movie. lol I should pay more attention huh?
Excellent rebuttal to the haters too, go girl.

I Smile 2 Much said...

LMAO off at kitties, cupcakes and cooking blogs. (hehe) :)

Most of my wardrobe is black too, & my frenz/fam gimme a hard time about it too. I swear I buy white stuff just to make a point to them sometimes (lol) :D I like black. Its also mysterious or sexy or whatever I feel like I want it to be :)

I'm not a big Valentine's Day fan. Which is funny bc its also my wedding anniversary (lol). I jsut dont like the conformity of it all and bc I'm not a flower/teddybear girlie. Yah thats probably why :)

Happy Wednesday AR. :D

Big Kahuna said...

I thought your meme was just fine (but I suppose family might see it different)

V-Day is overrated but hey - an Onyx DS is an Onyx DS

Nolens Volens said...

Did I harass you about your meme? No. So there! LOL Congratulations on your present. I'd love to get one just to play brain games and shit like that. ;)

farceur said...

You look great in Black!

thefirstdayofautumn said...

nice valentines gift, i agree with you. much better than a teddy bear or something equally fluffy. why not something you would really love? he really does rock it seems. funny how people send you mail about what you write. i don't understand why they bother if they just want to bitch at you about it.