Monday, February 9, 2009


...You don't always know where you stand,
'Til you know that you won't run away..."
-"Sulfur" by Slipknot

I've been thinking about those lyrics the last couple days. I like the song thought I doubt the meaning and intent in them given the rest of the song is the same as what I've read into them. That's okay though. I can understand the intent and still get my own different little perspective out of it too. I love music.

I so want this. Anyone want to buy it for me? My birthday's coming up... this summer. Lol. I'm mostly just kidding. Heh. I can/will buy it for myself. Eventually. =) Speaking of, my Stars won last night against Nashville. I got to see the 1st and the 2nd periods but had to go to work and missed the 3rd. We won 4-1 though. Yeah baby.

I have better hours at work this week. I only close 2 nights out of 5 so yay. Though the other 3 nights, I only get out an hour before close but still.... I don't have to close. Which makes me happy. I still also get a little over time too. Not much but I'll take every little bit I can get. Kind of hoping I can pick up an extra hour tonight too but I dunno how well that will work out. Monday night is the fucking slowest all week usually and they probably won't need me to stay.

I watched Lakeview Terrace with Samuel L. Jackson last night after work. I watch movies a lot, lol. I pretty much thought there was no point to the movie. Then I realized the point was that the LAPD cop (Jackson) was trying everything his twisted mind could think of to get the interracial couple who moved in next to him to move out. He played a hardass who was a little cuckoo and a total asshole. They don't let you in on his problem with the interracial couple he's never met until they moved in and he never directly says. He just tells a story that makes it clear what his problem is and why he has an issue with them. Basically he spends the whole movie being a cuckoo asshole doing what he can to make them miserable. It was kind of weird actually but not so bad.

I have some tags to get to but I'll probably do those tomorrow ladies. =) For today, I have something else.

A blog friend, Sand Lady, set up some questions for me that she wanted me to answer and I was just going to reply to her in her email and answer them there. Then I figured I should just do them on mu blog since they are interesting questions. So I'm posting them here today.

1. Do tell what it is you like about Texas and what you would recommend someone new to see there?

I've grown up there. We moved around a lot but mostly, it was always in Texas and we always made our way back to the same area. It's home. That saying home is where the heart is, it's the truth. My grandparents, my boyfriend and some other awesome people are there and that's where I feel most content. I like the weather there, minus the scorching ass humid summer but I deal with it. I don't go outside much anyway. =D

For someone new there or just visiting, it depends. It's subjective to the kind of things that the person is in to. I wouldn't tell a non-sports fan to GO to a Dallas Stars game. With $15 tickets, it would be a kick ass experience but like I said, if the person isn't in to sports, definitely wouldn't send them that way. So, definitely subjective to the person and their own interests. Some of my favorite places in the Dallas area are: The Dallas World Aquarium, The Arboretum, The Dallas Zoo, Ice skating at the huge ass Galleria Mall, Six Flags (yay rollercoasters!) and Dallas Museum of Art.

More broadly than the Dallas area, some cool stuff would be going to Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels, Sea World and the River Walk in San Antonio, Schlitterbahn Beach on South Padre Island (water park right on the beach) and the NASA Space Center in Houston. There's tons of cool stuff all over, just depends on what you're interested in.

2. If you were to get pregnant what would be the first three things that would come to mind?

If I got pregnant right now, I'd wonder how in the fuck that happened. I haven't had sex since I went to visit Boyfriend over Thanksgiving. (OMG) So I'd have to be having sex to get knocked up. ;) For the sake of the question though....

Fuck, I have no clue. I don't know at all what I would think. I'd freak out. I wouldn't be happy. I don't want kids. I do everything I can to prevent against a pregnancy. Though abstinence would be the best route for that but yeah, not happening. Sooo since there's always that slight risk of it happening... assuming I found out because I just pissed on half a dozen pregnancy test sticks, I think the first thing I would think would be, "Holy shit, they can't all be wrong." After that, I really have no clue. I can't wrap my head around how I might react to that honestly.

3. If you had just won a million bucks what would be the first three places the money would go toward?

Dental/medical bills. Hello good bye!

Moving expenses. =D


After that, it would be things like getting an apartment again and a new, efficient little car and then saving the rest and perhaps helping some people who need it more than I do.

4. What compelled you to go to California?

Personal reasons. Half the reason I came fell through and didn't work out as I thought it would. Which initially is so disappointing because it was a big deciding factor for me but thus far, I still haven't found a way to achieve what I really wanted to have done. There are more plus sides than negatives though so I can't complain really. I should have expected that things wouldn't have worked out the way I had foreseen them in my head. I'll be back in Texas by Spring though so I'm content.

5. What initially attracted you to your boyfriend?

Not gonna lie, his car. =) I love love *love* cars and he has a sexy red 1986 IROC-Z so yeah, totally caught my attention.

Physically, he's 6'8" so it was like "fuck, that's a tall boy" and I love tall guys. Plus, he looked like Bam Margera a little bit and omg is Bam fucking hot or what.

Then I spent 9 hours straight talking to him and his wit, sense of humor and intelligence sucked me in. Not to mention the hundred and two things we found out we had in common. Not to mention I actually spent 9 fucking hours straight sitting there talking to him.

Musical Monday. "Only One In Color" by Trapt.

Totally a sissy song. I love it too. I'm thinking about Boyfriend a lot this morning. I hear this song and it makes me think of him. It's made me think of him ever since I first heard this song when I got their CD. If I have posted this song already, well, too bad. =)

Happy Monday!


Nolens Volens said...

Interesting answers. :)

Southern Sage said...

I was gonna getcha that satchel for your birthday!!! Now everyone is gonna getcha one!

excellent answers!!

Biscuit said...

I am TOTALLY a sucker for tall boys! Not only are they just fucking not, they (and every feminist on the face of the planet will smack me for saying this) just make me feel safe. Yes, I can totally take care of myself, but sometimes a girl just likes to know that a guy loves her and has got her back. And tall boys make me feel like that.

asweetnectar said...

Love me some slipknot!

Love me some tall men!

Love me some hot cars too!

Great answers!

Emmy said...

Wow! Tall and looks like Bam, you are a lucky girl. I too find Bam hot! :)

Dial-Up Princess said...

i LIKE your answers! :) i find the texas one particularly helpful, hehehe

TUG said...

There is a song by the same name by the Shakespear Sisters. I think you'll like it. I'm sure it is on youtube or something.

Keep those pics coming...though I'm interested to know if you have the clothing to match? :)

phairhead said...

bam margera is dirty boy ; )