Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shoutin' in the street gonna take on the world some day.....

My Stars play the Calgary Flames tonight. I'm off work so I'll be free to watch the game while it's actually on. Woohoo! GO STARS!

I went to a get together with some people from work last night after work. They call it a party but there were only 8 or 9 people there and in my book, that is not even close to being a party, I don't care how much booze is there, lol. I call that "chillin" which what I did a lot of, lol. Got quite a few pictures, had some laughs, played some drinking games, enjoyed watching everyone act ridiculous for the most part, saw some naked body parts I would have rather not seen and overall had a good time.

Last but not least, lets get to the interview with the questions posed by the lovely Thursday's Child . Enjoy!

1. Where did you get the name "Amorous Rocker" from?

A friend and me came up with it one day. I was blogging on another place and wanted to switch to something new which landed me on blogger. Then I wanted to change my name up so people that might search for me under my old blog name wouldn't be able to find my new spot. Minus the few that I told about the switch. Anyway. We came up with a ton of dumb names and I was hell bent on having it be Amorous... something, lol. I love the world amorous and it's fitting, lol. We turned on some music and I sat there, rocking out in his chair and he was making fun of me, calling me a little rock star and stupid shit. Then he had one of those "Ding! Light bulb!" expressions and said I should make it Amorous Rock Star. I didn't really like that because even though rock star would be my dream job, it just didn't fit and work for me. So I suggested rocker instead and we both agreed that was nifty and fitting and so it was. =)

2. The airplane loses your luggage. What are the five essential items you would buy?

All my important items go in my carry on bag. Cell phone and charger, laptop and charger, wallet, ipod and charger, checkbook and all that jazz. Along with make-up, toothbrush and a few travel sized toiletries like deodorant and mouthwash.
Also, as a tip from my dad, there's a spare change of clothes in there too, just in case this happens. Which by way, when I was coming back from visiting Boyfriend over Thanksgiving, they did lose my luggage but thankfully I had plenty of clothes and junk at home waiting for me. Just a pain in the ass to deal with. I digress. The five things I would buy would be some undies because I have to have more than two pairs of clean undies and who knows when I'd be able to do laundry. Some shampoo because I must wash my hair. Body wash because I have to be clean. Okay, I can't come up with 5. I carry most of the essentials in my bag that stays with me so I wouldn't be missing much if they lost my bag except for clothes. That would be the biggest thing. I guess for 4 I could buy another pair of pants and 5 I could buy another shirt, lol.

3. What is something that you miss about your childhood?

Simplicity. =)

4. What was the last really bad movie you saw?

Tropic Thunder. I rented it for $1 about two weeks ago and I couldn't even finish watching it. In theaters? No clue. Movie tickets are fucking expensive so I only go see movies that I REALLY want to go see.

5. What is your favorite food and favorite place to get it?

Italian food, so many different things that I can't even pick one thing to be my favorite, lol.. From the kitchen, either made by me or my mama works wonderfully.

I'm supposed to post the whole "rules" to the interview game BUT I already did that last month with this interview by Hubman. I had plenty of people who played along by having me think up questions for them too.

Happy Tuesday!


I Smile 2 Much said...

Enjoy your game tonite :)

And LOL about seeing naked parts you didnt wanna see ...


autumn said...

not sure how the game turned out, hopefully the right way for you. :)

it's so much fun reading these interviews. i just love it.