Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just open your eyes and see that life if beautiful...

I'm kind of really excited because I'm getting a new cell phone! My first one with the full QWERTY keyboard crap. Woohoo right? I had to get a new one anyway because my former craptastic decent cell phone is acting up. It likes to turn itself off ten or twenty times a day. Likes to not send text messages. Miss calls. Delete voicemails I haven't got to listen to yet. All kinds of awesome less than great shit. I'm getting the Samsung Propel. In this lovely badass red color. It's already been purchased, just have to wait until it arrives in the mail in a few days.

The even more awesome thing is that I didn't have to pay $250 or more for it. That would suck. Luckily, it didn't cost quite that much for me because I'm a lucky girl. =)

Yesterday afternoon, I was cleaning out some bags and found a book I got but hadn't read. I forgot about picking it up. I remember getting it though, a few months ago, lol. "Magic To The Bone" by Devon Monk. The cover had been what caught my eye. I had never heard of the author before so I checked out the book description then flipped through the book a little, reading a little here and there. It sounded interesting enough so I got it. I figure it was only $6 so if it sucked, oh well. Anyway, I pulled it out and decided to sit down and start it. I only got maybe 20 pages into it but so far, I'm liking it. That doesn't mean much though. I've read books where I get a quarter of the way through it and then I go a little further and it starts sucking. Then further still and I lose interest. Sometimes I can read along through books like that. I don't want to really but I can't stop because even though it sucks, I want to know what else happens and how things end. Then some books start out great but then there gets to be too much love and romance mixed in with it and I lose interest. I can deal with a little of that but if I wanted to read a romance novel, I'd buy one of those over the thrillers and sci-fi books that I do get. Anyway, we'll see how this one goes but hopefully I keep liking it. It seems interesting so far and I hope it stays that way.

Monday night, work stayed steady for the most part. Then the rain got heavier, it got colder and people freaked out and ran into their homes. Locked the door and said goodnight to the outside. Then work got very boring, very quickly. I got off like 45 minutes earlier than scheduled. Not complaining either. I went to Wally World after that. I had some stuff to buy. Hair stuff, new hair brush, new facial cleanser, this this and that. (Side note: They BADLY need an Ulta in these parts. I needed some hair stuff and it's not something Wally World would even carry. Ulta, I miss you, you have spoiled me. Thank you on-line shopping though.) Then I decided I wanted to go buy two new pillows. I like something that's firm but soft and comfy as well. They have these ones I like and they're a little expensive but not so much. It's Wally World, they don't have luxury 50 dollar pillows so it wasn't too bad price wise. I wouldn't pay 50 bucks for a single pillow anyway. Unless it could massage my scalp, neck and shoulders then maybe I'd consider it. No, for 50 it should do that and make me coffee. Mmm. A coffee making pillow would be strange though. How would you like to wake up with your pillow sliding out from under you, waddling down the hall and into the kitchen. Then you walk in there and there's your pillow, chillin' on the counter making some coffee. Kind of weird. I digress. I got way excited about my new pillow purchase. I like a lot of pillows on my bed. I don't mean those frilly ridiculous deco pillows either. Sorry, I think those things are dumb for the most part. If I'm buying a pillow and stacking it on my bed, I want something soft and comfortable that I will actually use and enjoy. Not some embroidered or rockin' designed thing I'm just going to have on there to look good. Anyway, I had two pillows I wanted to get rid of because they're old and limp. They're dead. Time to get rid of them and move on down the dream road. So, I spent 20 something on two new ones. I was happy pulling the pillow cases off the two old ones and shimmying them onto the new ones. They're soooo awesome. I haven't even used them yet but I had to lean on them while I was laying in the floor watching a movie. I'm happy. Oh and I got some cute as hell little rainbow colored boxer shorts on clearance for $3. They're as cute as a fluffy little non-rabid bunny.

I love the Redbox rental DVD thing. It's like 1.07 once they add the tax onto the $1 part and seriously. Netflix isn't even that cheap. Blockbuster's and Hollywood Video definitely aren't that cheap. Buying a DVD that looks good in trailers but sucks balls as a whole is a waste. So I've become addicted to renting from the Redbox. It's cheap and convenient. Plus, it holds a shit load of movies and I haven't heard of so many of the ones in there. Which means I get to try out movies and maybe find one that rocks my world or fucks my mind, in a good way mind you. I love a good mind fuck movie. I love movies that make my think and keep me guessing. I also love movies that will make me laugh. Movies with tons of explosions. Blood and gore is a plus too as long as it isn't insanely predictable. Though right now I'm really wanting to get out my Underworld 2 DVD and watch that again. I just keep forgetting. After I took LS and YB to see Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, we re-watched the first Underworld again. I fucking love those movies. Though if you watch the first one after seeing the third one, you notice a few minor errors they made but it's not a big deal really. It doesn't take away anything from the movies at all. Seriously, I want a 4th one now, lol. Are you with me? ;)

Oh and my Stars beat the Columbus Blue Jackets yesterday! I got to see most of the first period before I went to work. It went to overtime and then to a shoot out and we won! It's so hard to leave when the game is on so when it gets close to the time I need to leave, I bolt during a commercial break. Though sometimes, given game play, I leave late because a damn commercial doesn't come at the opportune time. I can't run out in the middle of play. ;)

This picture is from the game against the Vancouver Canucks on Friday the 13th. We won that one too. Yay! =) I think this is a really cool picture though.

Okay so that does it for me today. Oh one more thing! Don't forget tomorrow is Wednesday Weirdness day. The questions are supposed to be up some time in the afternoon or evening today so pop on by and play why don't ya? ;)

Oh and if you're the anonymous commenter who posed a scenario and question here, email me if you'd like an answer or some kind of response. :)

Happy Tuesday!


fairyflutters said...

We pay about $18 a month for approximately 12 movies a month w/ Netflix so you have a point. They say 3 at a time but I only average 3 a week.

I get a lot of movies for the kids at the library for free. My favorite price.

Congrats on the new cell phone! I could text more if I had one like that. I hate doing it on my old fashioned cell. It's a pain.

Come on over and we will play w/ Play Doh till the cows come home. It is really fun. :)

Weekends Off said...

Hey girl, just stopping by to say HI now that my internet is back at work!!!
Congrats on the new phone. I need one too. My cell is (gasp) 10 years OLD. I'm only hesitating because honestly, I'm STILL learning how to use the one I have lol. I'm technologically challenged. I found an I-Phone on the ground at work, I didn't know what an I-phone even was. When I found it, I thought it was some handheld game some kid must have dropped LOL.

Kiki said...

I love the Red Box. Which reminds me, I have to return a movie. Did you know that you can get a text with a code for a free movie rental every Monday? (sounded just like a commercial...)

LOVED the new Underworld. My mom pointed out the minor things to me, while we're watching it. LOL. We both got the large bucket of popcorn, but neither of us finished it. I love movie theater popcorn!

flyinfox-satx said...

See, now for me, I do Video on Demand! I am that freakin lazy that I just won't go anywhere to rent movies. Plus, with the amount of movies I already own? I could open up my own Blockbuster franchise and not take a stitch of inventory.

Insults said...

Ha - phone talk = Geek Festival.

(would secretly like a better phone)

Jennybean said...

How friggin awesome is that hockey pic?!?

phairhead said...

fancy dancy new phone!!!! i couldn't afford a fancy one. plus the salesman was completely annoying :P

can't give enough love to the netflix. no offense : )

viemoira said...

Oh very sexy new phone! Hope it acts as nicely as it looks! I STILL have not seen new underworld yet but I really really want to!

TUG said...

I'll never have anything but a QWERTY keypad again.

Redbox rocks. I'll never do anything else again.

And YES...we need a fourth movie!!!