Friday, February 13, 2009

It just takes some time...

I'm not really a flowers girl. There are a couple I like though.


That's it. No roses for me. I think they're ugly little things honestly.

I don't care much for flowers as it is because I have horrid allergies and I rarely am able to smell them anyway. It's more the act and the affection behind it that I appreciate more than the actual flowers. My boyfriend sent me flowers though. He enjoys sending them to me and it makes me happy that he enjoys it, I think it's dorky but cute. So, I got a box from Pro Flowers. My favorite stargazer lilies with blue irises. Awwww. So I got a rockin' Nintendo DS Lite and some pretty flowers from my adoring boyfriend. Isn't he the sweetest?

BB picked me to be featured for her Beautiful People #2. There are I think 6 or maybe 7 other lovely people featured also. So you should go check that out once you're done here. ;)

My Stars play tonight against Vancouver! I'll be at work during the game but.... Yay DVR! =) GO STARS!

There's a deaf guy that comes up to my job for drinks. Sometimes for drinks and food. Sometimes drinks and dessert. He comes once a week. He's around 20 to 23 I think. I'm not sure and I'm just guessing from how he looks. I'd put him in my age range though. He's deaf but he's absolutely one of the sweetest people I've met. To order, he either writes every detail out on the paper or he points to the menu to the exact things he wants to get. When it comes time to pay, I just show him the receipt and point to the total. He usually nods and then pays. Any conversation comes only by writing it out on paper. He always writes out please and thank you. I found out what the signing for "have a good night means" from him and he always does that too. He's a sweet guy and I really enjoy getting to wait on him. Once a month or there about, he comes in with 3 other guys who are all also deaf. They all act exactly as he does when it comes to ordering, paying and conversing anything they need from me. They can't speak but still, in the way they communicate, they are all polite and nice.

What pisses me off about this guy and his friends? Yeah, there's something that pisses me off. It has everything to do with them but yet, it has nothing to do with them in a way. My co-workers are fucking ridiculous assholes. They see the guys come up and they argue about who "has to deal with them" and thus it begins. A chorus of "you do it" and "I'm not dealing with that" and "I don't want to have to go through that much trouble just to serve a customer" and other various ridiculous lines rise up and they argue amongst themselves about it. It pisses me the fuck off so bad.

Those guys can't help that they're deaf. They didn't ask for it. They didn't do a damn thing at all, it just is what it is. They do require more attention than other customers but who cares? They're less problematic than some of the ones who speak but can't order. The ones who order a burger and then eat half of it, then complain because it has pickles and oh they hate pickles. They didn't notice until they ate half the burger and now they want a new one or want their portion of the meal for free. Those people are a bigger pain in the ass then these four deaf guys are. Those people can be less of a pain in the ass but choose not to. The deaf guys are some of the easiest customers ever. They always make sure to be very clear in what they want and I've yet to have a single problem come from one of them. So what that they require a special way to get their order? So what that they need a little help? It's no big fucking deal. To hear the people I work with argue over it pisses me off.

About a month ago, I was working a Monday night and the deaf guy was up there. Two girls and a guy were arguing about who would handle him. I listened as they argued over who would have to do it because none of them did. They were all refusing. I was taken back by their ignorance. I said as much when I told them they were "fucking stupid assholes" as I went to grab a pen and paper so I could help the deaf guy. I went back and my co-workers asked me what my deal was. I went off on them telling them how incredibly ridiculous, ignorant and pathetic they were being. Not that it mattered. They cared more about the fact that I'd called them stupid assholes more than anything else. Which pissed me off more. I worked the next two hours of my shift that night not speaking to those co-workers because I was so pissed off at the reminder of how pathetic people can be over things like that.

Aside from me, one guy is willing to always help them and does so when I'm not there or can't get to them. I'm sure one other girl would too but she's never had to since she always works when I work and I always try to get to them as soon as they let it be known they're ready. Out of all the employees we have, it's ridiculous that only a few are willing to help those guys just because of them being deaf. It's ridiculous and pathetic in my opinion. I'd rather deal with them all night long over some of the rude, annoying assholes that I have to deal with instead.

Fuck You to those co-workers and to anyone else out there who would be so pathetic as to ignore, make fun of or mistreat someone in any way solely because of a difference they have no control over. How fucking wonderful it must be to be so damn perfect.

Happy Friday!!!!!
Have a Great Weekend Y'all!


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you work with a lot of assholes. I can't imagine doing that to somebody.

Nolens Volens said...

I know that feeling. More than you realize. That deaf guy probably knows. I'd bet on it.

Anonymous said...

Damn thats fucked up!
Some people just suck, every day you live you will meet more and more of people that suck.

You know they ought to get a thing like a palm pilot or something like between a computer and cell phone size that they could type on, it would be faster and easier for them.

Hey AR you should invent that then lobby congress to subsidize them and make them available cheap for deaf folks!!!
I'll take 5% of total sales, just mail me a check monthly!

BB does good on the faves.

hag weekend.

13messages said...

People like you make humanity a touch more bearable. Thanks for sharing that.

Anonymous said...

That would piss me off royally. Some people just have no clue!

Anonymous said...

90% of people are stupid. You are in the other 10%...stay there. It's where you belong.

And the flowers are precious and so are you.

Happy Valentine's Day, Baby!

Krystal said...

Major applauds to you!!! My son is partially deaf and I work with a deaf girl at church.

If you're interested, there is an amazing FREE online sign language course. You can also just type in a word and it will show you how to sign it.

I'm not at my house (ice storm) so I can't give you the link. We'll be home next week and I can give it to you then. If I forget, remind me!

BTExpress said...

My girl friend was a waitress in Greenport, small town on the water on Long Island's east end. Numerous movies have been made there over the years and she has met many very famous people.

One day a man walked in dressed in dirty clothes with his hair all messed up. The one waitress told my girl friend to take it, even though it was her turn. She said that he looked like a bum and a lousy tipper.

My girl friend waited on the guy and he was very nice and tipped very well. His name was Steven Spielberg. Boy was the other girl pissed that she gave up the table.

On another day a black woman came in and the same thing happened. The other waitress didn't want the table, because she said she looked like a lousy tipper, so my girl friend took the table.

The woman ordered almost one of everything on the menu. She was a food critic and was researching the place. She left a $50 tip. Again the other girl was pissed.

The moral to the story is don't judge a book by it's cover, especially when your a waitress. LOL

Hubman said...

How you dealt with both your co-workers and the customers is just more evidence what an awesome chick you are!

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

what douche bags.

i would like to kick them all in the teeth. especially being the mom to a special needs child and the best friend of a mom with 2 hearing impaired children.. *argh*

pretty flowers tho

Happy Love Day babe! ♥XO♥

Kittie Kate said...

I would do it. Have no one complain? Fuck yeah! To have someone say "please" and "thank you"? Hell yeah! I'd love to have it. Because "please" and "thank you" from people who can hear doesn't show up.

Stiletto Reflections said...

That is stupid. I would much rather 'deal' with a nice deaf table than a rude, screaming one. I bet those are the same co-workers that never get any big tips either. My mom was a waitress and I wish other young servers would realize that their attitude DOES show thru their service. Mike & I will tip $10 on a $20 bill if we get a sincere, nice person.
Kudos to you :)

Anonymous said...

good for you!!! It does amaze me (actually not anymore) how ignorant and ridiculous people can be....I am sure anyone who is handicapped or disabled is well aware of how many assholes roam our streets!

autumn said...

I loved reading the beginning when you were saying what a pleasure it was to serve him. it's one of those really nice random things in life, to deal with someone nice and polite like that. it totally sucks that your co-workers are such dicks. really.

phairhead said...

that's fucking ridiculous!

Dial-Up Princess said...

hey dear, Texas is interesting...

TUG said...

I agree with you about your co-workers. Too bad there aren't more people like you that tell them they are assholes.