Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing...

I had never seen the movie Juno. Until yesterday. I have to watch it again though. I was distracted and only loosely paying attention to the movie anyway. Juno seemed like an interesting, quirky character though. I don't have any real opinion about it though. Other than the opinion that I should watch it again and give it my full attention instead of just using it for a distraction here and there. A distraction from my distraction. How clever. It's not typically the kind of movie I get into but the characters, a few anyway, seem quirky and intriguing. If I watch it again and think it blows, oh well. I've wasted more time on worse movies. If you've seen it once or ten times, feel free to share your opinion of the movie.

I can't sleep with the bathroom door open. I can't even see the bathroom much less the door from my bed. It's around a corner. I see the wall. I know the bathroom is on the other side. It bothers me to know that the door is open though so I have to close it every night before I go to bed. No clue why. I'm not even going to try and figure this one out either.

I had a dream Monday night about having a pet dolphin who lived in the lagoon that was in the backyard of the house I was living in. Which ironically wasn't a house but a dark, brooding, very old Gothic looking castle. The lagoon was surrounded by grass, purple grass actually. The dolphin only spoke French. So, I was trying fiercely to learn French so that I could communicate with this pet dolphin in the backyard. Then in the midst of things, a tsunami happened in the lagoon and killed the dolphin and consequently washed my castle away. Which was fine, turns out the purple grass was magical and I just had to pick some and then throw it into the wind with a picture in my mind of what my new house should look like. Then boom! New house appears, right there. Wayne Gretzky was my butler. I so didn't have a butler in mind when I tossed the purple grass into the wind. Especially not him. If it had to be a hockey player, why couldn't it be one I really really really adore? C'mon now.

Wednesday Weirdness #43
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1. What is the most exciting part of a sexual encounter for you?

I have a few things. The anticipation of foreplay ending and sex beginning. Those few seconds where it goes from foreplay to penetration, oh my gosh. Also, I find all the sensations exciting as hell too. I'm a sensory person so my boyfriend is always touching, pulling, biting or something like that but never in any order or pattern. It drives me nuts. Also, I love that we never have any kind of routine. No this goes with this. Lets do this and when we do, this this and that go along with it. It's always different and exciting, I never know what exactly will happen next because we just go with the flow and the moods change from one minute to the next sometime.

2. What is your favorite way to relax after sex?

Stretching out in bed, not saying much, listening to music or listening to nothing at all. Cooling off and just laying there, enjoying the feel of the tingles dissipating and the sensations fading away. Ice cream is good too if I can will myself out of bed, lol.

3. Do you find sex with someone you have emotional attachment with to be better than casual fucking with someone you don't have emotional attachment with?

I think physically, it depends on the person. Chemistry and emotional connection does make it better though. You can connect on a physical, mental and emotional level and just click. Casual fucking is nice and pleasurable but I get more from someone I have a deeper connection with.

4. What was the last really horrible movie you watched? (At home, theater, etc)

Tropic Thunder. If that counts. I didn't watch much of it.

5. What are 3 things some one could do or say during foreplay that would kill the mood for you?

Puking. Drunken sex can be fun but seriously, if you've had too much then please know that you need to pass out and try for sex in the morning. Puking, just the sounds and smells grosses me out enough that I wouldn't wanna go any further.

Not seem into it. If I'm doing something and there isn't clear signs of it being enjoyed, I'm going to think you're not having a good time and that kills it for me.

Compare me to an ex while we're fooling around. I've got them. You've got them. We've all got them. You can tell me things you like and what not but there's no need to get statistical and break out comparison notes between me and an ex.

I have to add a 4th one. Really bad body odor. I mean I know we're about to get all hot and sweaty but come on. If you smell like a garbage truck, I'm so not doing shit with you.

6. Where do you think the best place to buy sexy lingerie is? Why?

Fredericks of Hollywood. They have some hot stuff that fits my boob size and the rest of me proportionately.

7. Do you think how a person dances gives you a glimpse to how they perform in bed?

Lol. No. My boyfriend couldn't dance well to save his life honestly. I have no complaints in the other department though. Maybe not so much the dance moves but how they carry themselves when they dance (or try to) is more like it. I dunno. I don't care.

8. When was the last time you got served breakfast in bed?

It's been a while, lol. Last time was when I was 18, with my ex. He used to do that once in a while when I slept over. First time he did, he ended up spilling the juice and coffee on me. What a way to wake up. After that initial mishap, it was pretty cool when he would do that. Got to have it on one of those little serving trays that prop up though. I can't deal with crumbs in the bed. Ick.

That's all for that. Oh one last thing. Could anyone out there help a girl out with making a label/tag cloud or pointing me in the direction to the code of one that actually effing works? Thanks. ;)

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

A lot of people hated Juno, I absolutely loved it. I never figured I'd be in a situation even vaguely similar but I guess offal occurs... I saw that you found me, thank goodness! I was going to hunt you down today anyhow :-)

Weekends Off said...

I watched Juno but I can't remember much about it which means it wasn't bad, I seem to remember being disappointed in the ending somehow...I don't remember what the ending was now though.

I can't sleep with either the bathroom or the closet door open. The closet because, well, duh, that's where evil lurks at night when it's not under my bed and the bathroom because it's now right next to the closet and if one door is shut the other has to be too. Otherwise I swear I feel like I'm being watched!

phairhead said...

Juno was amazing but i'm a weirdo and identified w/ the weirdness.

clost door is always closed 'cause of the closet monster

Anonymous said...

Juno? I didn't get it. Lost interest in it after the first 20 minutes. I did not find it funny at all.

Wayne Gretzky? It must have been something you ate.

~c said...

Never saw Juno,, but my daughter's best friend said to "Get it".. when she was telling me about it,, it didn't interest me... Maybe it's the generation factor working.. dunno

Hope you had a Happy Day!

Leesa said...

I am sort of proud of myself from not being sucked into watching Juno. Not sure why.

Anonymous said...

Loved AR too!!!