Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Believe in me because I was made for chasing dreams...

I was walking down the road. I had my iPod in, listening to Kevin Rudolf's "Let It Rock" and was trying to find something as I went along. I was looking in the grass on either side of me, looking for a tulip. For some reason or another, I seemed convinced there would be a tulip growing somewhere on the side of the road. Not a whole bunch of them either, just one singular little flower, chillin' alone in the grass.

I looked up and noticed a cloud that had the same shape as a lobster floating by. I laughed, thinking that was odd because it was shaped exactly like a lobster. Then another cloud floated by, shaped exactly like a Tonka dump truck. I stopped, forgetting the flower momentarily in order to watch the clouds float by. Next was a stiletto heel. Then a penguin. Then a flamingo, that was purple. I stared hard at that one. Purple? What the fuck? The next was orange and shaped like a horse. Then a sofa, a brilliant pink color. Then an emerald green cloud, shaped like a lamp. I pulled out my camera and started to take a picture of these strange yet perfectly formed odd colored clouds. As soon as I went to snap the picture, every single one of them disappeared. Annoyed, I put my camera away. Back came the clouds almost immediately. I tried to sneak the camera out. Pulling it out, pushing it up my hoodie sleeve and turning it on inside there. I was going to snap and then pull it out quickly. That was going to work. As soon as I discreetly went for the button, the clouds took off again, disappearing as if they had never even been there.

Then the sky was a dark, dark shade of blue. It started raining. Huge light blue rain drops the size of Oreo cookies began falling from the sky. I went to pull my iPod earbuds out so I could put the iPod away to protect it from the rain. I reached for it and found that my iPod had formed a little raincoat around it, keeping it dry and protecting it from the huge rain drops. I laughed at that, wondering how that happened. I decided I didn't care and started off in search for the tulip again. I walked a few minutes before I realized that, even with the size of the raindrops and as heavily as they were falling all around me, I wasn't getting wet. I stopped and tried to figure out what was going on. I had no clue so I started walking again.

A few minutes later, I could see the tulip I was searching for in the distance. I started walking quickly, trying to get there before it disappeared or before someone else got there. I laughed again. No one else was even outside, especially not now with these badass rain drops falling all over the place. Still, I moved swiftly to close to distance between the tulip and me. I reached it in no time at all. As soon as I touched it, the raindrops increased to the size of golf balls. The first one hit me on the head and I felt the cold water splashing down into my hair and trickling down my neck. Now every raindrop hitting me seemed to burst as it made contact and send a new tiny stream of water down me. I grumbled about that, wondering where my little raincoat out of nowhere was and why it hadn't formed around me yet. I guess my iPod was more important eh? I picked the tulip from the ground gently. I pulled a little plant pot from my bag and set the tulip in there. Then I scooped up soil from the ground where the tulip had been sitting and packed it into the pot. Once I was satisfied, I turned and began walking in the direction I had came with the potted plant in my hands.

I was soaked now. My feet were making squishing noises against the pavement. I tried to run but my feet weren't having it. My legs wouldn't cooperate and move any faster than they were going. I walked along, getting soaked by the huge raindrops and found myself staring at the ground as I walked. There were outlines of footprints in front of me. Some large, lined in green. Others medium sized, lined in blue. Small ones, lined in orange. Then tiny paw prints, lined in yellow. I freaked out and moved to the grass. I don't know why but I didn't want to walk over the footprints. They creeped me out for some reason.

I lost my footing in the wet grass and slipped. I landed on my ass, dropping the potted tulip. I screamed in horror as the pot broke open and the tulip disintegrated before my eyes. I punched the ground in frustration. A hole opened up around me and I slid down. Nothing but darkness surrounding me and the feeling of something wet and slimy as I slid down to wherever I was going. I finally came to a stop in a dimly lit area. I could hear water falling but never felt a thing drop. I heard voices whispering but I never saw anyone. Cautiously, I started walking in the direction where the light seemed to be coming from. I came to a fork in my path and contemplated over which path to take. Both had dim light filtering out through them. One was smaller, more narrow. The other very wide, with plenty of room to move without feeling suffocated. Obviously, the wider path appealed to my claustrophobic self. I moved in that direction but when I tried to move down the wide tunnel, I couldn't pass through. I moved back, took a running start and tried to leap into that tunnel. I smacked into the invisible wall that seemed to be there and landed on my ass again. I tried once more and found myself on my ass again. I hear laughter and looked around me again. I didn't see anyone. I punched and kicked at the air in front of me. More laughter. I was met with something solid, that I couldn't see. I sighed and moved to the smaller tunnel, dreading just the thought of having to go into the thing. I took a deep breath and walked to the mouth of that tunnel cautiously. I put my hand out and waved it around. Of course, no invisible wall here to keep me out. I moved into it slowly, suddenly scared out of my mind. Slowly, I moved down the length of the tunnel. I took deep, calming breaths and tried to convince myself the walls of the tunnel weren't pushing in on me and the ceiling wasn't really coming down to sit on me. That was all in my head and I spent the entire time walking down the tunnel convincing myself of just that (and not doing a very good job either) while taking slow, deep breaths.

I drew near the end of the tunnel and realized there was no place to go. It was solid. A dirt wall with no way out. I stopped and gawked at it. I punched the dirt wall, frustrated and confused. My hand slipped through the dirt and I found myself falling again. I was sliding again, going down further. I screamed. A bat flew up to me and covered my mouth with it's wings to keep me from screaming again. Instead of screaming, I tore the bat away from my lips and flung it outwards, hoping it wouldn't come back. Suddenly, I took a twisted turn and I felt myself sliding upwards. I screamed again. I increased speed and began rapidly sliding upwards. Something slid up behind me and started toying with my hair. I tried to reach back and slap it away but I couldn't. I screamed again, frustrated and I picked up speed again. I started screaming more and more and soon, I was going so fast I couldn't even see where I was going. The thing clinging to my hair couldn't hold on and I felt it slipping, slowly but surely. I screamed one last time and another burst of speed hit and the thing fell away from my hair.

Just then, bright red light filled the area and I had to close my eyes against it. I felt my feet hit something kind of solid and then the rest of me was crashing through it. I felt myself falling and I opened my eyes. I was outside. Falling from the sky with the huge raindrops. I was gaining speed as I fell. The ground was getting closer and I tried to find something in my bag to break the fall. I wrestled it off my back and found a miniature pogo stick, a box of animal crackers, a huge YoYo, a copy of Maxim magazine, a flashlight, a big purple dildo, eyeliner, an empty match box and a half eaten strawberry bagel. Frustrated, I let go of the bag and tried to wrestle out of the hoodie I was wearing, hoping to use it as some kind of parachute. I got it off and the wind ripped it away. The ground was only about 70 feet away now and I was cringing at the thought of impact. Then 20 feet from smacking into the concrete, the brilliant pink cloud shaped as a sofa appeared on the ground underneath me. I smacked into the cloud but it was solid. I barely felt any pain at all as I laid there, confused and stunned.

A car drove by but when they passed me, they stopped. A little blond girl leaned out the car window, gawking at me.

"Mommy, why is that girl floating on the sidewalk?"

I heard the mother yell at the girl to get back in the car and to roll the window up. Instead, the little girl crawled out the window and hopped out of the car. The mother yelled for her to come back. The little girl came to me. She got within a few feet of me and then slowed her pace, approaching me cautiously.

"How are you doing that?" she asked me curiously.

"I have no idea," I replied. I wondered why she couldn't see the cloud I was floating on but at the same time didn't really care why she couldn't see it.

The little girl stared at me with a curious expression in her eyes. Her mother was coming now. She had gotten out a bright green umbrella and was walking slowly through the rain towards us, yelling at her daughter to get away. The little girl paid her no mind and stepped closer to me. Suddenly, the mother was behind her, scooping her up and pulling her away. She stopped, glared one moment at me, then pulled a tulip out from inside her coat and tossed it at me. It landed on my stomach and then, the cloud was gone from under me and I fell the few inches to the ground landing on my ass.

I picked up the tulip and dropped it on the sidewalk. I found a lighter in my pocket and set the flower on fire. It burned into purple ash in a few seconds. As soon as a huge raindrop of water hit the ash, it turned into a giant bubble. It rose high up into the sky and then popped. It was loud and bright, like fireworks on the 4th of July. As soon as it popped, the rain stopped and the sky turned it's normal shade of blue. Tulips popped up in the grass all around me. I turned on my heels and ran as fast as I could to get away from them all.

I got home and slammed the front door shut turning all the locks into place. I was breathing heavily, my lungs feeling full of lead as I fought to catch my breath. I found myself laughing, just a little short of hysterical, a few moments later. I laughed until I had tears rolling down my face. I went to wipe the tears away then realized once I pulled my hand away that my tears were purple. I freaked out and ran into the bathroom. I had purple streaks down my cheeks and neck from where the tears had been. My body started shaking and I started crying. I wanted to get all of whatever this was out of me. I cried so much. My head started hurting but I kept crying. I started coughing and hiccuping but I kept crying. Then finally my tears were running clear just as I started to feel sick to my stomach. I washed my face with cold water then I laid down in the floor. I loved how the cold tile felt against my hot cheeks.

I don't know how long I laid there but eventually, I got up. I felt drained. Each step I took towards the door took great effort. I came out and found Alf sitting on the couch in the living room. He turned around, staring and smiling at me. He offered me popcorn but I declined. He shrugged at me. I asked him what he was doing. He stared at me and then winked. After he winked, everything was dark.

Moments later, I woke up. I was laying in my bed. My room was normal. I went into the bathroom, almost afraid to look in the mirror. I looked fine though. I checked the rest of the house. Alf free and nothing out of place. I laughed and wondered how I could have been so silly, to think any of that had really happened. I walked into the kitchen for a glass of juice. I was shaking my head and chuckling to myself. I opened the cabinet to pull out a glass, then I went to the refrigerator and pulled out the juice. I was walking back out of the kitchen. I had been so caught up in my thoughts, so lost in my head, too busy laughing at myself. I almost hadn't noticed but right then, I did. I almost dropped my glass as I stared at the vase sitting on the counter full of fresh tulips.

That's where the dream ended. No, I didn't eat anything weird (or eat anything at all for that matter) before bed. I didn't drink anything. I didn't read anything or watch anything. I didn't listen to music. I just laid down and fell asleep. I always have weird dreams, doesn't matter what I do or don't do before I fall asleep, lol. Some people comment on how they think it's awesome I remember so much of my dreams. I usually remember them because they were weird and I think about them after I wake up. I play over parts in my mind and wonder what kind of meaning someone who analyzed dreams would pull from mine, lol. That helps me remember them. Another thing that helps me remember them is I write them down. Which helps for when I want to post one here but also helps me because I can compare and see where I have similar things going on in this one or that one. There are a couple other reasons I write them down too but they're not important. My mind plays in Wonderland while I sleep, me thinks. =D

Ok so would y'all do me a favor? Head on over to BB's blog and check out her latest post. The one before it is semi-interesting too actually but she's asking for some help on the most recent one. See if y'all can offer some insight or something please and thank you. =)

Last but not least....

Another Ordinary Girl rocks and gave me an award.

Here are the rules:“These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

Cool eh? ;)

I'm supposed to pass it on to 8 people so I'm going to pick.. Elisa, Temper, Jobthingy, Baby, KBear, Sam, Sage and Autumn. And because I don't follow rules so well... ;) Ms. Lily, Shad, Kate and Smiley too. Hehe. Though there were several others I wanted to pass it on too but other people had already given it to them, so... =)

Happy Tuesday!


Sam said...

Ooooh! Giant cyber smooches are flying to you right this minute! That sounded so dirty, ahh, you get it! Thank you darlin! You're awesome, and I totally needed this "pick me up" these days ♥

Sam said...

And wow, I just totally read the whole post now that I've had time to gush and glow. You really gotta put the cheetos down so close to bed time! Wow, but what an awesome and weird dream that all was!

KBear said...

oo! thank you so much! I love getting awards.. I wish I knew how to put it on my blog, but I don't, and I'll just blow something up, so We shall just say thank you, and come look at it here:)

much safer:)

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

awwww thanks sweets.

*hugs and tongue kisses*

fairyflutters said...

Thank you, AR. :) I wish I knew how to put awards on my sidebar. I don't.

I'm going to have to re-read this post when I'm more coherent. Haven't been sleeping well and I'm sick so it was really hard to concentrate.

I have weird dreams myself so can relate to that though!

Sam said...

Here babychick: [AWARDED] I didn't play along quite right (I suck at rules) but I also couldn't choose who rocked harder ♥

Shad said...

That is one of the most vivid dreams I've ever heard of. I've had some pretty crazy wicked ones when I was very young that I still recall parts of to this very day. But all I can say is freaking WOW!!! The amount of detail just blew me away. Of course I was having visions of Alice in Wonderland going through my head as I read it.

Thank you very much for the award!

Baby said...

I agree - it is amazing how much you can remember of your dreams as well as be able to write them down before you forget - I never have been able to do that... I forget so easily... except for once in a Blue Moon... and THANK YOU for the award :) it was kind and sweet of you to think of me ....

Southern Sage said...

Dang I never remember my dreams I maybe should be glad huh?

I won something?? Well tytytyty!!!

Shad said...

Not because I returning the favor or anything, but because I truly believe you deserve it so you have also been given an award by me :-) Feel free to stop by and check it out!

Take care!

Jormengrund said...

I love it when you start talking about your dreams!

Now if I only knew how to interpret them, you and I could really get some interesting conversations going!

temperofrage said...

I would like to thank the Academy for giving me this honor. Special thanks to my Rage and to AR, who made this award possible. Thank you.

I Smile 2 Much said...

Aww, thank you AR. ;) I really cant get over how specific and good you are about remembering so many details. blows my mind. most people really cant remember anything (or barely anything) at all about their sleep. i love reading about your dreams.

Do you write this out pretty soon after having them? how much time passes before you write it out after you dreamed it (is what I mean)? Your memory is amazing. For reals.

autumn said...

ohhhh yay!!! who doesn't love an award? what an honor. thank you so very much.

so your dream--so vivid! wow. i do love your dream posts. it's funny what our subconscious minds think of. never makes much sense. funny ALF was there.

TUG said...

That was pretty cool. I knew it wasn't real, but it seemed like I was reading a short story.

Dante d'Amore said...

For a while there I thought you were replaying a time long ago when a friend handed me a little tiny square of paper and said "chew this."

I probably should have asked what it was first, but after that i never again thought of questioning him, lol.

Amorous Rocker said...

It didn't sound that dirty. ;) I'm happy to offer any kind of pick me up to you darlin. :)
Heh, I eat my night time snack HOURS before I pass out. *shrug*

Hehe you're welcome. I could help if you want it up. If not, no worries at all.Xo.

Oooh la la. Thank you. ;)

I wish I could help but I don't know ish about wordpress editing.

I'll check the link later. Guess we both suck at following rules. Go us!

I think I go play in Wonderland while I sleep. Or something.
No problem! =D And THANK YOU for my award. ;)

I have a pretty awesome memory. Mostly it's a good thing but I can't often get away with the excuse that I forgot something because it just doesn't go over so well, lol.

Southern Sage:
I dunno, might be interesting to see what you dream about... Or not. Hmm. =)
You're welcome!

Dude I so wish you could interpret them! We would have even more interesting chat about them then. How cool that would be. :) Then again, interpreting them might be a hassle, lol.

Ha! That was cute. :)

I Smile 2 Much:
You're welcome and thank you girly. I emailed you. =)

I'm sure some people don't dig awards but hell, I won't lie, I love them, lol. You're welcome girly, you rock!
I got a kick out of Alf too. Was a little weird though, lol.

Well thank you!

Dante d'Amore:
Hahaha! =D I did that one a few times too but oddly enough, my dreams are more interesting than any of the trips I ever had off that crap. Hmm, maybe it's just a delayed result that doesn't quit? Who knows, heh.