Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And it's the stars, the stars that shine for you....

I LOVE stars. For once, I'm not talking about the Dallas Stars either. (Though y'all know I love them too.) My boyfriend got me this necklace a couple years ago. Not for any reason. Just because. He saw it and knew I would like it because it was a star and it was simple in design. Nothing too girly. Nothing too flashy. So he got it for me and gave it to me. I remember asking what it was for. When we were finally in a serious relationship together, I was a little suspicious about his "just because" gifts. I'd never had a dude that got me things "just because" as often as he did. He said he just liked to get me little things because it made me smile and because I get excited and goofy about them. True story. I still do. He still gets me little random things, just because, almost 3 years later. Nothing ever expensive and usually not jewelry because I don't really wear a lot of jewelry and prefer things that are darker and less shiny, lol. I digress. I thought I lost this necklace. I hadn't seen any sight of it for around 6 months now and figured after going through my things several times in search of it that it must be gone, lost for good. I found it yesterday. Buried in my backpack in a hidden inner pocket. How it got there, I have no idea. I was happy to see it though. I traded in my standard choker yesterday and wore this lovely dangling little thing instead. I would forget I had it on until I would shift a certain way and one of the points would gently poke into my skin, reminding me it was there. Which subsequently reminded me of how sweet my boyfriend can be and put me in a better mood. You can click that picture up top to see a slightly bigger picture of the necklace.

I went to Best Buy yesterday. I purchased two games for my Nintendo DS. One of them was LEGO Batman! I came SO dangerously close to buying a Wii too. I want one. We used to have one. We don't anymore. 22 and his girlfriend, now ex-girlfriend, had a not so good breakup and she took the Wii back since it was a gift from her. Bitch. Anyway, I miss the Wii. I had the money to buy it. I need the money for other things though. The pull was strong though. It definitely didn't help that the Wii was on the same aisle as all the DS games. I called Boyfriend and had him be my willpower to talk me out of buying the Wii. Lol. Usually, I have no willpower issues when it comes to spending money. I'm very good at budgeting and saving. I just had a temporary *moment* and wanted to go spend crazy and get that Wii. I was fine once I was out of that damn store and happy I hadn't wasted the money. I can get a Wii once I get moved back to Texas and have a job going there.

"Through Glass" by Stone Sour.
The lyrics that scroll by in the video are mostly accurate, heh.

Happy Wednesday!


Baby said...

Ooooh I like your answers :) Have a great "Weirdness Wednesday"!!!! Of course, I can especially relate to no. 7 - sooooo true!!!!!!

Southern Sage said...

Excellent answers!
People, err temper, yeah me too!

I of course hit the to ladies, neither cold I help but I hit em up and commented!

Shad said...

I sooooo suck at finding the cute little things my wife would like to have. I've been trying alot harder at that for a while now and its gotten better but I still suck, it is such an art form I swear. He definitley sounds like a keeper :-)

I went and read the post by Biz Brunette, and even shared with my wife. But right now I agree with you, I'm having a hard time coming up with the words myself.

I love the doll phrases and as a kid of the 80s I loved Twisted Sister. I really miss the old MTV where it had videos running almost all day every day. Now it seems no one does music videos anymore. You have to go seek them on YouTube or something but otherwise you almost never get to see them.

TUG said...

"Just because" gifts are the best!

I'm jonesing for a Wii as well. It's so hard to not give in. I think that may be the "family" gift this x-mas :) You know, cuz a 4 year old and 1 year old need one.

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Great necklace...

Jormengrund said...

Eat your heart out.. I've got a Wii..

However, I'm working on the wife in order to get an X-Box 360 so I can play Halo and Call of Duty online with them, and not have to go over to his house each and every time that we wanna play.

Love the answers, and the "just because" gifts are the BEST.

"When I look at the stars.. The stars.. I see someone else.."

- Switchfoot, Stars

phairhead said...

i love the "just because" stuff.


did not expect you to be a Coldplay fan

Dante d'Amore said...

Lego Batman? Cool. I might have to get that. My son has Lego Star Wars and it's one of the non-sports games I like.

"I wanna rock!" is one of my favorite songs to break into at the most inappropriate times possible. My son (he's 10 and an amazing guitarist - I turned him onto Stevie Ray Vaughan a couple years ago and he's obsessed with him) finally caught the Twisted Sister video recently and turned to me with an amazed look on his face and said, "Oh My God!!!"

I was soooo proud that he recognized the song his Dad was always singing (one of many) and how it confirmed his belief in his father's insanity.

Stargirl said...

#3 Your doll rocks, seriously. Also, #1 I wouldn't be caught in the jungle either! #6 yeahh, people tend to do that.

Kittie Kate said...

Thanks for the award!

Those answers made sense. Getting out of the jungle would be the right thing to do first.

I try not to lie, even if it hurts someone's feelings. I'll say the dress looks nice, but not the dress looks nice on you.

autumn said...

i always love your answers. such a thinker you are. yes on the temper thing, it's quick but also quick to pass with me.

your neclace is lovely. i enjoy simple as well. until a couple of years ago, i'd never even worn anything but now i have that one on my header, but the chain broke. i replaced it last mother's day. :) goes hideously with my gold sleeper earing i've been wearing for over a decade, but what the fuck, right?