Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Survey

Saturday Survey #999901
Brought to you by: Amorous Rocker

Are you wrapp​ed in a blank​et?​​​​​​​
Nope. The mini heater thing is on.

What is the last movie​ you watch​ed?​​​​​​​
Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins. Watched it after work last night.

What was the last thing​ that you micro​waved​?​​​​​​​
I have no clue actually.

Have you made out with more than ten peopl​e this year?​​​​​​​

Is there​ a diffe​rence​ betwe​en loving someone and being in love?​​​​​​​
Oh definitely. There's no "why" on the end of this one so I don't have to explain either, woohoo. *grin*

Could​ you go for the rest of your life witho​ut drink​ing any beer, wine or alcoh​ol ever again? ​​​​​​​
I could but I don't want to, lol.

Do you alway​s answe​r your phone​?​​​​​​​
Nope. If I'm busy, I don't answer. If I don't feel like talking, I don't answer. If it's a number I don't know, I might answer or I might now, just depends on my mood, lol.

What color​ are your nails​ paint​ed?​​​​​​​
They aren't... because I can't find any fucking black nail polish around here in hillbilly town.

Do you curre​ntly have a hicke​y?​​​​​​​

Do you drink​ a lot of water​?​​​​​​​
Oh yeah! I drink so much at work, got to keep hydrated you know. ;)

Are you weari​ng socks​?​​​​​
Nope, my feet are naked.

Is your cell phone​ fully​ charg​ed?​​​​​​​
It's almost never fully charged.

What were you doing​ at 2 AM?
Just getting in from work.

What were you up to at 9pm last night​?​​​​
Working. I know, contain your excitement.

Do you eat whip cream​ strai​ght out of the can?
Hell yeah.

On a torti​lla chip,​​​​ do you like salsa​ or chees​e?​​​​
Salsa, really hot flavorful salsa. And cheese. I like both. I love cheese but I really like good salsa too. Now I want tacos. With chips and salsa. And cheese. And a margarita. And it's only 6 AM, bwa ha ha.

How di​​​​d you meet the last perso​n you were in a car with?​​​​
We're related. ;)

What annoys you most about one of the superiors at your job?
One, I can't stand the fucking power trips one goes on.

Two, I can't stand that another one is a big ass pothead who runs around like a squirrel that somehow got a nut coated with speed.

Three, I can't stand that this one is ALWAYS GETTING IN THE FUCKING WAY. Seriously. If you're being in the way is causing shit to run slower and you're making more mess than you are helping, get the fuck out of the way. Seriously, I wish she would just stand around and supervise over trying to help. She runs around crazy getting in everyone's way and makes everything go slower.

Four... I really can't think of anything that annoys me about my GM. Hmmm. Everyone hates him actually but I'm indifferent about him. Oh wait! He can't order for shit. Come Sunday, we always run out of shit. I hate telling a customer, "Oh sorry, we're out of that right now because our manager doesn't know how to do a food order right. What else would you like instead?"

How many friends do you have that don't smoke?
It's about half and half.

Doesn't it drive you nuts when people think they 'need' to have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
I don't care. Some people do "need" that for whatever reasons. Not my issue to deal with. =)

Do you know anyone that thinks that?

Would you rather go to Canada or Mexico on vacation?

What song is currently stuck in your head?
Flobots - Handlebars and let me tell you I am really not so happy about that.

What color are your eyes?
Pretty! Bwa ha ha.

So, if you were to get married (whether you have plans to actually get married or not doesn't matter here); where would you want to get married at?
I haven't really thought about it. Don't plan on starting now for the sake of a silly question either. =)

Some people were really destructive as a child, were you?
As a child? Shiiit! I still love to blow shit up and tear things apart. Yuh. =D

If you were a hippie for a day, what would you do?
Hippie stuff! Duh.

Many people call themselves artistic, what about you?
I don't really call myself anything. When I talk to myself, I just ramble about weird things. Talking to myself about myself would be so weird.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

What is something you don't understand at all?
Japanese. My friend MVA is Japanese and he's instant messaging me the other day, in Japanese and I'm like WTF, I don't know what you're saying you douche! And he's just laughing his skinny little Japanese ass off. I didn't understand one single word he said. He was amused though. Dick. *grin*

If you were paid 1 million dollars to spend one night in a supposed haunted house, would you do it?
Fuck yeah! I've slept in them for longer amounts of time and didn't get any prize for it. I'd so do it for a million bucks. One freaking night? Puhlease, easy. Lol.

Would you live with someone you were in a relationship with before marrying them?

Do you mind sleep​ing on the floor​ ?
I would rather not. Unless it's a mattress directly on the floor then I'm down with doing that.


Southern Sage said...

For a million dollars I'd screw the ghosts! All of them!

Welcome home was the last movie I saw too, I like ML and Cedric, they tickle me.

good answers.

phairhead said...

damn hillbilly towns!!! free the black nailpolish!!!

vixen kitten said...

Hey, Make Sage tell the truth here...he'd screw the ghosts for $100,000. :)

Loved your answers. The no black nail polish thing has me stumped. I live in possibly the smallest corn and white bread town around, and we have black nail polish. Let me know if you need me to send some your way.

Have a great weekend, Sweetie.


Kittie Kate said...

I have a control freak for a boss so I know what you must feel like.

I never heard of Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins. Was it good?

thefirstdayofautumn said...

fun questions and answers girl. shitty about not being able to find black nail polish, and woo hoo on visiting canada over mexico. it's very pretty here. :)

Insults said...

Mad blog -i love it!!!

Nolens Volens said...

Right now, I'm watching 1st season of Arrested Development. No time for movies! LOL

Jason said...

Heyyas ! ;-)

Shannon H. said...

I played...