Friday, January 16, 2009

....paint the monster red so the blood don’t stain the floor

My post titles are ALWAYS random in the sense that the words titling the post rarely have a thing to do with the content. The ony connections that happen are either coincidence or if they're a lyrics in a song in a video I've embedded in said post. The majority of the time, my titles are lyrics from songs I love or have stuck in my head but once in a while, they're movie quotes. Today's title? Lyrics from one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists. Anyone know who it is? WITHOUT using Google, Yahoo or any other search engine to find out?

Thanks so much for all the comments on the post yesterday! I almost didn't post them because I wasn't sure how well the goth would go over but I was happy that it went over just fine. I got my first bit of black lipstick when I was a young little teen and thought it was cool as hell that my mom was letting me get it. Even though I wasn't really into wearing make up, I liked the black lipstick. It matches my dark makeup, dark hair and all my dark clothes. ;)

I still have interview questions to work up for a few people. I believe Shad and Viemoira both requested them and I've yet to send either of them questions yet. I also have some questions coming from Sage to do and I have some questions sitting in my inbox from a sexy, smiling woman that need answering. I will definitely let y'all know when that one goes up, you won't want to miss out on reading my answers to what that smiling curious lady wanted to know. ;)

So, it's time for... Fuck You Friday! My Fuck You today? Rude store clerks. Maybe you hate your job. Maybe your life sucks. Maybe you're disappointed you're not working the job you wanted or dreamed about. Maybe you're frustrated because the economy sucks. Maybe you're just a lazy ass who would rather be anywhere than work. Maybe you're just having an abnormally shitty day. Whatever, leave it at the door. Don't work a job where you have to deal with people face to face for hours if you can't separate your emotions for a little bit. It sucks, I know. Trust me, there are some customers I'd like to strangle because they're such bitches. There are some customers I'd like to drop kick because they're snotty little shits who look down on me for working food service. Though really, they shouldn't because then what's for dinner when their lazy ass doesn't want to cook, can't cook or doesn't have time to? Yeah, that's right. I digress. Store clerks, I don't want you snapping my head off or glaring at me just because you're having a shitty night. I didn't do shit to you and you being a dick to me because of someone or something else is rude and annoying. There's no reason to be obnoxious to nice, polite customers.

I'm not going to lie. When the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine comes out next year, there are three reasons I'm going to see it. One reason is that Logan/Wolverine is my favorite X-Men character. The second reason is from the trailers I've seen so far, it looks pretty fucking awesome. The third reason is Hugh Jackman plays Logan/Wolverine and he is HOT. Also not a bad actor. And hot.

You know what I love? I tease my boyfriend all the time about having a hairy chest and tummy but in all actuality, he's not that hairy. He wouldn't come anywhere near passing as Sasquatch. In fact, in my brief (because I'm not dedicated enough to spend more than 5 to 10 minutes looking for a picture most of the time) image search for Jackman shots, I found this one where he's at some beach and ironically, that's about the same amount of body hair my love has. So, I love to tease Boyfriend and tell him he's a hairy beast and he laughs and says he knows. He's not so bad. I like that he has chest and stomach hair too. I like for men to look like mine and not pre-pubescent boys. Now, I don't think that some dude looks any less hot because he shaves his chest and stomach all smooth and shiny like. No sir, that doesn't take away any appeal at all honestly. A dude that looks a little rugged and manly is more my thing than a pretty boy though. Especially if he's rough looking with dark hair, light eyes and some facial hair. *swoon*

And I'm a sucker for a red head....

Simone Simons of the band Epica .

I was reading one of my favorite blogs last night and came across a post that led to a post on a different blog that just made me shake my head. roll my eyes and cuss a little. I was on yahoo messenger, chatting with Boyfriend at the time I read it too. I quoted to him the whole little thing and he laughed. I won't mention the woman's name because I don't want people googling about her coming here expecting a political blog or expecting to read more on here, lol. So follow the links and you'll see what's up. I told Boyfriend being a rapist or murderer was absolutely out of the question. Criminal as long as he didn't harm anyone wouldn't be the worst but my preference from her list was for him to be a stripper. Though I understand the statement is a big generalization that doesn't include absolutely everyone, I still think it was a ridiculous comment to make. I don't pay much attention to that particular woman at all and would have never seen it if not for one of my favorite bloggers posting a link but I do think she's a little on the clever side. I don't know if she truly believes everything she says but she certainly knows how to cause a stir.

I love this song. I've loved that band for years and years. I know I've mentioned that here likely more than once. I love his voice. I love their lyrics. Beautiful. I love this song. It makes me feel a little sad and a little happy all at once.

"Feel Good Drag" by Anberlin
I love Anberlin! I think I might have posted this song already, don't care, I'm posting it again. I admit it, I hated this song when it came out at the start of Fall last year. It took a few more listens and then I started liking it. Stephen Christian has an interesting voice. Sometimes I don't like their sound, when I'm in a certain mood. Mostly, I love listening to them.

Happy Friday!


flyinfox-satx said...

I am into seeing the new Xmen movie myself. Not for the reasons you have however. I feel that there will probably be a lot of explosions and ass kicking there so there is my interest.

Good tune...Thanks for turning me on to them.

Southern Sage said...

You tickle the shit outta me.

I'll get on the questions!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Nolens Volens said...

I am so glad that Dougray Scott had to drop out of the Wolverine role. As for rude clerks, I'm known for cutting them down to size. Hehe

phairhead said...

Oh Hugh Jackman, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! I'm not a butt girl, but holy crap when Hugh was on Broadway performing in The Boy from Oz, he would shake his tiny perfedt well formed buttocks off 7 days a week.

Rude clerks are degenerates, the will disposed of in the revolution

Barry said...

it's "uncanny" how Hugh jackman literally becomes wolverine.

I have a thing for redheads too, especially natural ones. I also have a thing for native american women and asian women (the exotic eye-shapes turn my crank i guess)

I read about the lady who shall remain nameless too as well as her unique perspective. All I'll say is this; I promise never to make a buck on my future books at the expense of my soul.

Shad said...

I totally agree with you. Why get a job in the "customer service" industry if you don't like people or can't detach your emotions from your job. I took my turn at such a thing when I was working through college. I did sales, and eventually Customer Service Manager. I had a speech for every new person I hired to work the registers, which boiled down to this. "This is NOT personal, so no matter what they do, just be nice. If they are completely rude to you, keep your cool and contact me."

I no longer have a job where I'm doing customer service but I spend enough time on conference calls that I learned a valuable skill set, the "virtual bitch slap" (ie telling someone to go fuck themselves with a smile) *grins*

TGIF! Have a great weekend!

rht diary girl said...

Hugh Jackman is GORGEOUS!!

Rude clerks...GRRR can't stand them!

vixen kitten said...

I'm with tickle the shit outta me too.

The red head is gorgeous. So is that pic of you!


southerngirl said...

thanks for popping in over at my site. I will be reading yours...xmen rock!!!!

TUG said...

Hell yeah to the x-men!!! Can't wait. Also, the new Underworld!!!

Double hell yeah about red heads!!!!!!!!!

rage said...

Omg Wolverine is my fav X-men character too and Hugh Jackman is SO f-ing HOT!

I say we go watch the movie together!!