Friday, January 9, 2009

Little pig, little pig let me in!

If you start reading and decide nothing in my post today is interesting to you, skip to the bottom and watch the music video. Then, don't blame me for you losing any brain cells if you do happen to listen to the whole song and watch the ridiculous video too. ;)

Nerd confession: Once a day, I think up a word. Preferably a difficult word that one wouldn't use in every day life. Then I go to the thesaurus and find other words that mean the same thing or that are similar in meaning. If I don't learn a new word, I pick a different word and go about this until I do learn a new word. Sometimes, when I don't feel like doing this, I go to the Encyclopedia of Medicine and look up something ordinary and find out how to say the technical medical term. Or I find something I don't know much about and read a little bit on it. If I don't feel like doing that, then I pick something else and go try to learn something new about that. Or I think on something from school that interested me but that I haven't thought on in a long time and go research that, sort of like a little refreshing of the memory. I don't do any of this so I can say I'm smarter than anyone. I don't use the learned knowledge to try and make myself feel superior to anyone. I don't even mention most of the things unless I know I'm telling someone who would be interested in hearing it. I just like to learn and teach myself something new every day. My mind is always going, always prodding, always questioning, always on on on. I figure I might as well use all the energy into learning new things that are of interest to me or reminding myself of old interesting things since forgotten. I enjoy it. *grin*

Boyfriend's been sick the last couple of days. He went to the doctor yesterday and got some antibiotic and some cough syrup with codeine though. Hopefully he'll be feeling better in a couple days. I'm actually glad we're 2,000 miles apart right now. He sounds miserable as fuck and with my amazing luck and stellar immune system, I'd probably catch what he's got and be miserable as fuck within a couple days. Eww. So that's one good thing about us being apart. One of the few actually. Blech! Poor baby.

The Stars played Detroit last night. They lost. Badly. It makes me sad. I'm actually a little glad I was at work and unable to watch the game. Only a little bit though. I love my team and don't like when I miss watching a game. Even when they get their asses handed to them. =( Next game will be better! Hopefully. =)

Right now, I'm typing this and watching The Golden Compass. I've seen the movie twice but that was many months ago, lol. I'm watching it again now. I liked it when I saw it in theaters. I want to get the "His Dark Materials" trilogy and read them though. Yeah, I'm a fantasy nerd. My favorite video games are Final Fantasy and Devil May Cry. Actually, aside from Mario, Tetris, sports games and the ever amazing Rock Band, FF and DMC are the only ones I'll play. I don't play video games much though. Back to books. Thanks to KBear, there's another series by Karen Chance that I want to look in to. I didn't know about it yet but she sent me an email to let me know. Since she's amazing and awesome like that ya know. ;) I also have a ton of other books I want to buy. Good thing I love to read. :D Though I won't by anything new yet. For two reasons. One, I'm trying to save money and I just spent $18 on two CDs I was dying to have. I put them off for a few months and couldn't resist them any longer. I felt a little bad wasting my money but not really, lol. Why work hard if I don't by myself some things I want now and then? Second, I've already got quite a few books I'm reading and a couple that haven't been cracked open yet. Currently, I'm reading three books. "Insomnia" by Stephen King, "The Monster Of Florence" and one of the Anita Blake graphic novels by Laurell K Hamilton. Sometimes I do only read one book at a time. Other times, I'm reading two or three at a time. I went for a week without reading the SK book but the last two days, I've gone through well over 200 pages of it in not a lot of time, lol. It just depends on the book or books and the kind of mood I'm in at the moment.

I got into a small conversation at work last night with two of the guys about the Saw movies. It totally freaks one of them out. Mainly because the torture scenes in the movie are ideas thought up by the people involved in making the movie. So it freaks him out that a normal every day person can think up some shit like that. I asked if he believe that someone would snap and shove a knife into ones eyeball just because they thought it up for a scene in a creepy movie. He thought about it a minute and then said that was probably not fair to say, maybe they just had an overactive imagination. The other guy mentioned that sometimes when he got really pissed off at a douchebag customer, he occasionally humored the idea of bringing them into the kitchen and smashing their face against the 450 degree grill for a second or two. I mentioned that, one night, I'd told one of the supremely bitchy girl co-workers we deal with that if she didn't shut up for five minutes, I was going to take her and shove her into a frying vat in the kitchen. I said she had laughed and told me she wouldn't fit. I had told her I only need her feet and legs to fit since I wasn't aiming to kill her. I was joking of course and even though she's a snotty, pretentious bitch she went along with it and said she'd have to take her shoes off first since she didn't want her new shoes getting ruined. The only thing I like about that girl is that my odd and sometimes morbid sense of humor doesn't go over her head and doesn't scare her. Sometimes, she even says shit that's beyond what I would think up. Too bad she's such a snotty know it all I'm better than everyone bitch, otherwise we might be able to get along better and I wouldn't ever feel the urge to smash her head into the side of the building. I digress. After guy 2 and I mentioned these things, guy 1 just looked at us both and said we were nuts. Guy 2 shrugged and I said I couldn't argue that. Guy 1 laughed and said at least we knew we were nuts so that probably meant we were more sane than most people. I asked him why he thought that. He said it was a line from a movie and he wasn't sure what it meant, just that it sounded appropriate. Our assistant manager that night jumped in and started talking about torture devices that they used to use "back in the day" which is funny. He's 33 but talks about shit from the 1800's like he was there and saw it all go down. Myself and Guy 2 started talking about some torture devices we knew of. Then Guy 2 told a story about a friend of his slicing open the heel of his foot with a sheet of metal in metal shop. OUCH anyone? Yeah, I think so. I find all of that stuff interesting. I find the minds of serial killers to be quite interesting too. It doesn't mean I'll turn in to one. It doesn't mean I'd ever torture anyone. I'd never stick a person into 350 degree boiling oil. Just because I think of something doesn't mean I'm going to do it. I know in my heart, I'd never hurt anyone unless I had an extremely good reason to or if it were self defense and I had no other option.

Something interesting I also found out was that though Guy 1 is freaked out by the scenes in the movies because it unnerves him that "normal" people can think these things up, he has a fascination with fictional books regarding murder. I asked him if he ever read true crime books and he said no, only the fiction. I asked him why it didn't unnerve him to read about fictional murder but fictional torture bothered him. He thought about it a few minutes and then said it was because murder was quicker usually. Even if the murderer tortured the person before killing them, at least it was quicker than spending hours torturing someone to break them down and eventually torturing them to their death. He figures either way, they're murderers all the same but at least murder without torture is less cruel. I just nodded and was actually surprised that he had an answer for that. Usually when he talks about stuff, he can say what he believes or doesn't believe but never can explain why. So that was cool coming from him. Then I turned the tables a little on him and asked him if he thought it was weird he enjoyed books like that even though he wouldn't murder anyone. He laughed and said that made him feel like a hypocrite since he got weirded out by shit people think up for movies. I said I hadn't meant to make him feel like a hypocrite but he said it was cool and not to worry about it. Said he'd never compared the two before. That was definitely the most interesting part of the work night though, lol. After that, we moved on from that shit to more pleasant talk and casual bullshit.

Random: I hate getting dressed just after a shower. Even if I open the bathroom window to let cool air in, I still have to wait a few minutes to get dressed. I hate being mostly dry and having my clothing sticking to my skin as I'm trying to pull it into place. I always feel like my clothes are attempting to smother and strangle that part of my body. If I don't open the window and let cool air in and let the warm air out, I have to go sit in a different room for a few moments wrapped up in a dry towel to let the moisture dry up completely, lol.

I'm almost done now. I think. I need to get the rest of the flickr invites sent out. Thanks so much for all the HNT comments! It will take me the rest of the weekend to visit the people I missed but who stopped by here, lol.

Last, you have to watch this, lol. It's Green Jello. Classified under metal, punk and comedy. This song is a rendition of the Three Little Pigs. Yeah, the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. Huff and puff and fucking blowing houses down. All that shit. I don't know if I like this song or not. I can't decide. I don't hate it but I don't love it. I'm just, indifferent about it. It kind of amuses me though. Especially when they get to the "not by the hair on my chinny chin chin" part, haha. Give it a listen. :)

Have a great weekend y'all!


the blogger said...

I'm totally with you on the whole getting dressed after a shower thing. Especially when it's hot and sticky and muggy.

Neath said...

Wow. I haven't seen that video in years. I actually have the album that song was released on. Green Jello - The Cereal Killer Soundtrack. Funny shit.

Anonymous said...

I have wanted to slam someone's face in the grill so many times. I can't even begin to tell you how many times. I feel your pain.

The nerd word is a great idea. I need to get on that. I need some new words in my world other than fuck, shit, hell, damn, pussy, cock, cunt, dick, tits and so on.

Have a great weekend.

Greg and Sheryl said...

We had COMPLETELY forgotten about that song and video. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Nolens Volens said...

My wife HATES to see my back being wet after shower. Doesn't bother me at all but it bothers her. LOL Here's a word for you to look up - logorrhea. Hehe

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

LOL i cant get right dressed either for the same reason. that feeling drives me nuts