Friday, January 30, 2009

If your darkness blinds me I could never be more lost....

He's going to the doctor today. Poor boy. He did go to work yesterday and put in 5 hours. He sounded damn awful when I talked to him last night. Hopefully it's nothing that won't be done with a few days of antibiotics. I told him he should start taking vitamins, haha. =)

Thursday, my Stars played the Detroit Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena in "Hockey Town" Detroit. I had to work, like every single Thursday night since July of 2008 when I started this job, lol. I sing the praise of the wonderful invention known as the DVR. I fucking love being able to record games I would otherwise miss due to being at work. I always wear a Stars shirt under my work shirt when I'm working on a game night, lol. They're mostly thin cotton so it doesn't make much of a difference. I know it's there and that's all that matters. And yes, I have several Stars shirts. Would you expect anything less? C'mon now.

So, I got home from work, got some laundry started and then put the game on. =) OH MY FUCKING GOSH it was a GREAT game AND we fucking WON. Detroit, I will give it to them, is a fantastic team. My insane dislike of them is because they are such a good team. I love when we play them though. It's always an exciting and physical game. Thursday's game was no exception and again, I love you DVR. It's one of the best games I've seen in a while. Too bad my Stars that played last night haven't been there all season long, we would be doing a hell of a lot better in the standings. We're catching up though y'all so watch out. =D

I usually like to take my own food to work to eat on my lunch break. We have a huge ass menu of food we serve and there are things not on the menu that employees make with the stuff we have back there. I get sick of eating at work. It's not the best food around in terms of being good for you and as far as being filling? It works and it's not bad. It's rather good but I'd prefer to take something from my own kitchen and then just warm it up at work and eat something better. =D So yesterday, I was standing in the kitchen at home waiting for my white rice to finish cooking and decided to cut an apple into slices to go along with the chicken and rice I was taking with me. I was cutting the seeds out of the slices and then I was suddenly thinking about the million and one times I spent at my grandparents house. Which reminded me of all the apples I'd eaten there. Which got me thinking about the seeds my grandmother always let us run outside and bury not so strategically around their yard. I was convinced I was going to grow a hundred apple trees in their small yard and nothing was convincing me otherwise. So we would save up the seeds and then when I had what I deemed to be an ample amount, outside I went and found a place for them to go into the ground. With my grandpa usually supervising me and 22 as we dug up the ground and tossed in the seeds. We would worry over it for a few days, checking to see if anything was happening yet and then we would forget about the seeds more often than not. Until the next time there were apples and seeds to be had, then we would ask and be told that our apple seeds hadn't produced anything. Never deterred, more went into the ground. I stood there smiling as I remembered how amused my grandparents were over us planting all kinds of seeds in their yard and expecting things to pop up overnight. I have a lot of awesome memories with my grandparents. 22 and I spent a lot of time there when we were younger and they also visited our house often. I'm lucky to have so many great memories with them.

The best part of flying home to visit during Thanksgiving last year was hanging out at my grandparents house for hours. We ate first at my boyfriends mom's house with his mom, sister and grandmother. Then it was off to my grandparents. I had told them we already ate a couple hours prior. The first thing my grandmother said to me as we got into the door was that I better be ready to eat again because it wouldn't be right otherwise. I laughed and said that would be fine. In fact, I didn't eat much at my my guys mom's house because I knew my grandmother wouldn't be happy if I didn't eat something there.

When my boyfriend walked in, my grandma didn't recognize him for a few seconds. My boyfriend used to have long hair and lots of facial hair. With his current job, he cut his hair very short and his facial hair is very tame and business like. The first words my grandmother said were, "I didn't recognize you at first! Look there, you're a handsome boy without all that hair and scruff in the way!" Then the proceeded to ooh and ahh over just how handsome he was. Then she told me, "You're lucky I'm not another 50 years younger. If I was, I'd give you a run for your money with this one here." My boyfriend laughed and blushed. I busted out in laughter and my aunt and cousin died laughing too. She told me a few times that night how lucky I was she was an old woman. It was hilarious. She also ooh-ed and ahh-ed several more times about how good looking Boyfriend was "all cleaned up" which was so cute and amusing to me. Especially when he heard it and blushed a little. He blushes and chuckles when someone compliments him on how he looks. ;) My grandfather also told him he looked much better cleaned up. Told him he looked like a business man and asked if he was taking care of his business. My boyfriend laughed and said he was, my grandfather grinned and patted him on the shoulder. Later on in the night when we gathering things up to get going home, my guy was saying goodbye to my grandpa. Grandpa rested his hand on Boyfriend's shoulder and told Boyfriend that he'd be just fine having him as a part in the family some day. I thought that was the sweetest damn thing ever. My grandpa doesn't say much but when he does, it's very worth hearing. I think Boyfriend was quite surprised by that statement and honestly, so was I. I never even heard how Boyfriend replied to that because I was just that surprised by the statement. I knew they liked him but that was really great. =)

Okay so I saw this video over on Vixen's place and HAD to post it here. I'm not a PETA fan at all. I'm not a vegetarian either. Sorry, I like chicken too much for that, nom nom nom. This commercial is too hot for the Super Bowl (haha) and NBC rejected it. So, you won't be seeing this one during the Super Bowl commercials and of course, if you're at work I'd save it for later because it's probably NSFW. It's got hot half naked chicks in it doing bad things with vegetables. Like I said, leave it alone while you're at work, lol. Though I like the commercial and it makes me giggle, I can totally see why NBC would reject it during Super Bowl play. I can't imagine a lot of parents who want their kiddos seeing that, let alone explaining to their kiddos what's going on. I know people say there is worse coming on TV and that's true but still. Click here for the blog about it, that was interesting to read and I admit, I got a kick out of some of the comments too. =D

'Veggie Love': PETA's Banned Super Bowl Ad



Baby said...

Hope the boyfriend gets better soon... and I am definitely not a fan of the Red Wings :) Those are sweet grandparent memories!! Hope you have a great Friday and weekend - will have to watch commercial when I get home... :)

Nolens Volens said...

Not a PETA fan either, but I support the organic/vegetarian/vegan lifestyles. Happy Friday to you too.

phairhead said...

yr such a dork w/ y "nom nom nom"
that just made my day

Kittie Kate said...

I like meat too, but I love my veggies. I don't know if I can go veg or not.

Our food at work is not very good. I usually bring my own.

Anonymous said...

New name: Amourous Appleseed!!!

thefirstdayofautumn said...

cool post. i think it's so nice that your grandfather said that to boyfriend. definate approval is so nice. i will watch the video too, but later when my little guy is out of the room. :)