Monday, January 5, 2009

Failure is your disease...

Musical Monday. :)

Opeth is one of my favorite bands. I *love* them but a lot of you know that already since I've posted song and video of them before not to mention the numerous times I've mentioned how much I dig them on here before. I picked this song because it's been stuck in my head here recently.

Okay, so I'm not doubting that the ShamWow is an awesome product. I wouldn't know if it rocks or if it sucks or if it's only mediocre at best. Whatever, I couldn't care less any way you slice it. I have to admit though, after the first time of seeing the commercial and understanding what the product was all about? I turn off, mute or flat ignore the commercial when it comes on now. The ShamWow Guy has such an annoying voice. I know he doesn't give a shit what me or any other person thinks about him or his voice but seriously, GAH! Although as far as infomercials guys go, he still doesn't annoy me half as bad as Billy Mays does. Luckily, I don't watch a lot of TV so I don't get the chance to have to turn off or mute annoying shit I don't want to listen to.

So speaking of TV... The Stars played Vancouver last night and won in a shoot out! Hell yes. I didn't see the game. I was at work. We recorded the game with the DVR and I got to watch it late after work. There were some great goals made! There was also some really good looking saves made. By both goalies. I always get nervous in a shoot out because it's just kind of nerve wracking. I can't imagine how it is for the players and coaches but I know I sit there, holding my breath as each player starts off down the ice for their shot. The Stars won though so YAY. I love hockey.

Boyfriend and I had a strange talk about relationships on the drive home from work. It was after midnight my time, after 2 AM his time and well passed his bed time, lol. He has to be up any time between 6 AM and 8 AM for his job so he shouldn't be up that late. However, we had been talking on my lunch break and I took something he said wrong and got upset by it. It was hard to finish work because I couldn't stop mulling over what was said and trying to take the sting out of the words but it wasn't working. It hurt and I was upset and pissed off. So three minutes to close, my phone rings and my boyfriend is calling me. I almost ignored the call but I answered anyway because it would be shitty to ignore him given I was certain he was awake to talk to me about him upsetting me. Which I was right about. He apologized and explained to me what he had really meant. Then we had a lengthy discussion about relationships and how I'm different than any girl he's ever known and yadda yadda yadda. There were some interesting points though and it was a great discussion. I didn't feel hurt or upset any longer mid-way through either because I realized he hadn't meant anything as it had sounded or as I had taken it. We also got another of my confusions covered and traded in for some understanding. Then he needed to pass out and get some sleep so we said goodnight.

I have a love/hate relationship with Stephen King novels. I know, random to throw in after that but whatever, it's what I do. I'm reading "Insomnia" by King currently. I've read most of his books at least once and tons of them twice or more. I love his books. My love/hate relationships comes in because I love to read them so much that I hate to put them down. Which sucks sometimes because I start reading and say I'll finish X amount of pages or get to X and then stop reading. Then I can go on and do laundry or start getting ready for work. X comes and then I'm so interested and sucked into what's happening in the book, I keep going right on by X. Then I stop and say I'll get to Y and stop reading there. Y comes and Y goes. An hour later, I'm rushing around trying t get ready for work because I couldn't put the fucking book down. I do this with other authors too. I love to read. I love to read more than watching tv but honestly I don't dig much that comes on television that isn't informational, medical, sports or one of the few shows I totally love. Though I haven't seen House in FOREVER. I digress. I love reading which is one of the main attraction blogging has to me. There is so much out there to read regarding so many different subjects and from so many points of view. It's amazing and I love the internet for it. Still, there's nothing quite like a good book for me. I get bored or reading blogs online after so many. I could spend hours, planted in place with a book in hand only breaking for refreshment and to visit to bathroom as needed. I love to escape into the pages and ponder about what I would do if faced with such things. Take a scene from the King book I'm reading now for instance. If I ever happened upon a loved one burried up to the neck in sand on the beach and black insects began pouring out of their eyes and mouth before splitting open the skull, I doubt that I'd stand there in horror and watch it all. I might run away, stumbling and pushing myself to get as far away as quickly as I could. I might scream in terrified horror and start kicking and slapping at the things in some vague and ultimately pointless attempt to save my loved one. I might stand there, shocked and momentarily horrified before turning to run away like a chicken. Of course that's insanely unlikely to ever happen but it's fun to think about for me and part of my enjoyment in fictional books. =)

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

well I hope you never see a loved one buried in the sad with stuff coming out of their eyes and mouth!!

Glad you got the shit with Goliath straight!

Nolens Volens said...

I read just ONE King book - The Stand. The timing of it was funny because I was reading it in the summer. How is that relevant? In the middle of that book, I stopped to pause and a friend just happened to sneeze...and I got scared. LOL

Osbasso said...

ShamWow Guy is my hero!

Stiletto Reflections said...

LOL - I just saw that ShamWow infomercial. The one I really want is the...SlapChop?? I've had a similar thing before and it sucked, but this guy made me want to dial. Damn it.

phairhead said...

hee Opeth is one of SexyBeast's fave bands. So thanks for reminding me of my lovely boyfriend : )

The Sham-Wow guy's name is Vince Offer. Can you imagine? I think he's addicted to meth-afetamines.