Tuesday, January 27, 2009

But I was comfortable inside these wounds...

Not only did Boyfriend make a new post on Sunday night but he also posted again last night! He's on a roll I tell ya. ;) In his post last night, I even learned something new that I hadn't known about him before when he was talking a little about religion. Nothing important or anything. Just a random little nothing I never knew before. :) Head over and check it out.

Since we're on the subject and it's something I never talk about on here, something I love about my boyfriend is that we can disagree on heavy topics but they won't turn into arguments. Take religion for example. He has his views and I have mine. In some ways, we think the same. In other ways, I disagree and think differently. We've never fought about this though. One, it's stupid as hell to fight over religion. Mainly because though I'm spiritual, I'm not religious. I used to go to church with family when I was younger because I had to but to be honest, I hated going. I didn't believe in a lot of what was being said and I didn't like how fake it all seemed. People acting holier than though one day a week while turning a hypocritical cheek and acting differently the other six. Not saying all religious folks are like that because I know they aren't. It's not for me and I'm okay with that. I know what I believe for the most part and I don't want someone in my face trying to convince me otherwise. My boyfriend has his views and I respect that. We can discuss and disagree on things without it turning into a fight. I hate nothing more than having a discussion with someone on a certain subject turn ugly because they can't handle a difference of opinion. I can't stand when someone wants you to believe what they believe because they are right. I also can't stand when people say, "Well you can't prove me wrong so there." Well, you can't prove me wrong either. All you have is words and your own perspective. Shut it and let the conversation die if you can't discuss it without getting pissed off for whatever reason. Of course, it is a topic that people feel strongly and passionately about so you're bound to get rises from people. I don't even mind that if it can be done without it turning into a big pissing match that just goes around and around in circles. When it becomes repetitive and it's becoming more about which person is right over the other, that's when it hits the stopping point for me. I don't think my views are the end all and be all but they are what work for me.

*Ahem* Stepping away from that now, lol.

Monday night after an insanely slow night at work, I came home, checked my bank account balance and then spent too much time playing Devil May Cry on Xbox 360. I fucking love that game. Yes, I play video games. I like sports games and fantasy games. I also love any games with Mario (Super Mario, Mario Party, etc) and Tetris. And all the sports games on Wii. I rock at bowling and baseball. ;)

I hate when I finally lay down to go to sleep and I'm tired but as soon as I lay down, my mind revs up and I can't stop thinking. I have a million things going through my mind. Some serious, some weird, some just flat out stupid. I try to center myself so I can relax and go to sleep but I just can't stop thinking. An hour later, I'm still laying there thinking and trying not to think, lol. Music usually helps because I can lay there listening and just let the lyrics run through my mind. That's the best thing that's been able to help me sleep. Lately though, I just think over the lyrics. I try and concentrate on them once I realize I'm not paying attention anymore but eventually, I end up lost in my thoughts again instead of lost in the music. It fucking sucks, lol. I'm not looking for any help here honestly. I know what will help but I know it isn't going to happen anytime soon. :)

My Stars play tonight and I'm off work and will be home to watch the game! Yes! I was going nuts during the All-Star break. Though it was awesome watching Mike Modano and Stehpane Robidas play in the All-Star game. Even though the West lost to the East. Oh well though. We play Atlanta tonight. Go Stars! =)

Random facts:

I love Numerology.

My mom does my taxes for me.

I love The Clash and The Cure.

I love the TV shows Will & Grace and Two and a Half Men. See, House isn't the only thing I like to watch. ;)

I hate dry toast. I have to have jam, honey or peanut butter on it otherwise I just can't eat it.
Happy Tuesday!


Another Suburban Mom said...

For the toast, try the Alouette spinach and artichoke cheese spread. Its awesome.

A lot of people share your views on religion. I know I am still trying to figure out where I am going with that.

flyinfox-satx said...

See, I wonder if Boyfriend truly understands how good he has it. Here you are...a chick who likes hockey, drinks beer and plays video games!

You are any guy's dream come true!

Smirking Cat said...

I love talking about religion, abortion, women's rights, minorities, and any topic that most people shy away from. I love seeing how people react to the subject and how they conduct themselves in the conversation. My boyfriend and I can actually talk about all of those subjects, which is one reason I adore him. Open minds are so rare!

KBear said...

I'm the same way on the sleeping. I get too much going through my mind, so I do try to focus on one thing: like a story, or an imagined scenario where I make it up as I go along(like you did with imaginary friends if you had any) and that usually helps me sleep..if not, I eventually get bored of all the crap running through my head and go to sleep..hehe

Religion. I dont believe in religion, namely because i dont believe that God or whatever you call him/her has decided there's only a certain way to worship and that's that. every religion feels they are the correct one. I worship in my own way, believe in my own way, and that gets me wherever I need to be. If that makes sense!

Jormengrund said...

I have the same opinion about religion.. Maybe someday I'll talk about it. (if I haven't already, that is!)

Toast is much better with apple butter!

I adore games. ALL of them. And sports just top it all off.

Hockey, football, and baseball are my favorites. I don't really get into Basketball much, and the others just tend to help me get to sleep that much faster!

phairhead said...

I highly recommend Nutella for toast. I HATE dry toast. It makes me gag just thinking about it.

The Clash is the greatest band ever. Ever.

CowGirl said...

I like video games too, I'm pretty good at Wii bowling myself. I play a lot of Guitar Hero too. I'm a closet computer geek, shhhhh.

I don't sleep at night either. I toss and turn for hours and hours. I'm actually going for a sleep test next month.

Two and a half men! Awesome show! F'n hilarious.