Monday, January 12, 2009

Back and forth a struggle consumes us all...

My friend SS* is an incredibly amazing person. She is a wonderful friend. If I need an ear she is there. If I need a laugh, she can provide one anytime. She can pull jokes or silly anecdotes out of her ass, I swear. She is beautiful, inside and out. She is strong and courageous. She works hard. She is a single mother and an absolutely fantastic mom to her adorable little boy. She goes without a lot to be able to give him what he needs but she never complains about it. SS is working on getting a better job. She's gone through several interviews for amazing jobs in her chosen career path and she gets to the final round of her interviewing processes but so far, hasn't made it to the podium, so to speak. She has an amazing opportunity right now. She's made it again to the final round in the process. There's X amount of jobs available with this known** company and 30 people they're spending a week going over before making the final calls of "welcome aboard" or "sorry but you're ultimately just not what we're looking for." SS really wants this job and I think it would be fantastic for her. She deserves something to go her way and I hope she gets it. If you pray, please pray for her. If you believe in good energy, send some her way. If you believe in positive thinking, think a little something nice for her. Whatever it is you believe in, send some good SS's way. Please and thank you. *grin*

(*I gave her that nickname because her initials are SS.
**It's a well known cosmetics company so there's a hint to her dream job she's chasing.)

Musical Monday. I post a lot of rock. Some punk, some metal, some alternative, some melodic metal, some 80's rock, etc etc. I do love other types of music. I love classical, I like country, I like r&b, I like blues, I like a lot of different kinds of music. Rock in several forms is my favorite. Hello, pay attention to my screen name eh? ;) The song I'm posting today is "Becoming The Bull" by Atreyu. I love them but hey, they're not for everyone. The video I'm meh about. I LOVE this song though. I had it stuck in my head all night Sunday and I was fine with that because it went along with a lot of the things I had on my mind.

Come on!

Grab the bull by the horns
The old adage goes
Nobody tells you where to go from there
Seems like fate’s pulling you
Decisions have to be made
The best path is the hardest earned

Back and forth a struggle consumes us all
Trying to keep a level head
In the most unsettling of times
Today I become the bull

There is so much at stake
I stumble I lose my place
Pride and arrogance surrounded by sin
Destiny takes its hold
Fight it or let it go
But I choose how today will end

This walk
Can get lonely
I lose myself inside my head
No one can touch you when
You’re outside staring in
Remove myself from this rat race

I love Flickr. I've wasted countless amounts of time on there passing the boredom by uploading stuff and checking out countless random pictures other people have uploaded.

A lot of people have been asking lately but I can't remember who all I have told or forgot to tell so I'll just say it here and hopefully those who have asked will read this, lol. I don't have a facebook account. Some of you who have asked, I would definitely add, if only I had one.

My Stars play tonight against Detroit. Our last meeting with them a few days ago was TERRIBLE. So terrible I couldn't even bring myself to watch it all because I knew I'd be one sad little ninja. I'll be working but I'll have the game recording on DVR. GO STARS!

I had something else to say but I've forgotten. Ooops.

Happy Monday!


asweetnectar said...

Good luck to SS. And happy monday to you too!

viemoira said...

Best of luck to SS. You're a very good friend yourself for sending her well wishes!

Southern Sage said...

Good JuJu out to SS.
The JuJu when properly applied never fails!

Jormengrund said...

Best of luck to SS.

When I first saw your pic, I thought you looked like one of the KISS band members!

Too funny..

TUG said...

awww, someone stole my comment. I thought you looked like Paul Stanley as well (the lead singer of KISS). I was expecting a KISS post, but I should have know better since you're a Stars fan.

Nolens Volens said...

I really do hope SS catches the star she is reaching for, because I caught mine and shined brightly for 14 months.

Baby said...

Happy Monday to you too... and hope SS gets the job!!! :)

Shad said...

Good luck SS.

Happy Monday!

(yes, been reading (lurking) for a few months. I'm just really bad to read alot and not comment much, so figured I'd atleast say hi.)

Amorous Rocker said...

Thanks y'all! You guys and girls rock.

Properly apply that JuJu Sage. ;)

Jormengrund & TUG:
Paul Stanley? Really? Lol. =p

Thanks for saying hello!

phairhead said...

Yr star photo was very Clockwork Orange-esque. Again you made me smile, SexyBeast likes Atreyu as well

I Smile 2 Much said...

I hope she gets it. Sounds like she really deserves it. And, without any doubt, you're an awesome friend to her.

Post & update later so we know how it goes for her...

You'd make a cute lil sad ninja, btw :)

*luv & smiles, AR*

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