Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You won't find it here.

I was debating posting something here but then I actually stopped and thought about it. I took the time to write it out which didn't take long because it was rather short. Then I thought about it some more and decided against posting it. To most it won't mean shit. I doubt it would cause problems but who knows? Sometimes, I can't predict how the people in my real life will react to things they see on here. Which, in my opinion, is what they get for checking out something where I don't do a lot of censoring. They may see things they don't want to see or read things they don't want to read but it's whatever. Like anyone else, they choose to come here and choose to read and see the things they do. Even still, that doesn't mean I have to be an ass just because I can and just because I know who in my real life reads here and who doesn't. I know some people would think I'm being dramatic, arrogant or smug but whatever, you're as entitled to your own opinion as I am to mine. Anyway, it makes me happy I only spent about ten minutes working on that thing I wrote before this, lol.

So... I was supposed to call the dental office on Monday but I forgot until I was driving to work Monday evening at around 5:45 pm. Kind of late to call since they don't stay open late on Monday. I set a reminder on my phone to call Tuesday afternoon though. I was really pissed at myself for not remembering but it doesn't matter now, lol. At least later today, I'll have the reminder on my phone to remind me if I happen to forget again. Thank you technology! Lol.

I fucking *love* my graphic novels by Laurell K. Hamilton. Those things rock. I started on my second one yesterday. I was scouring Barnes and Noble for them and found Guilty Pleasures Volumes 1 and 2. I was seriously disappointed though with the selection of graphic novels the B & N closest to me has. They have a very poor selection of graphic novels and the tiny section they have on it isn't even organized so I had to go through everything trying to find what I was looking for. I found GP Volume 1 between X-Men and Iron Man books. I found GP Volume 2 two rows down next to some Stephen King Dark Tower graphic novels. I asked the girl who worked there if it was ever organized and she said the only order they put it in is DC or Marvel with everything else just randomly stuck between. Hrmph. I miss the B&N back home, lol. They had a relatively big selection AND it was in alphabetical order AND separated appropriately. My boyfriend makes fun of me for how excited I get when I find one I don't have or when a new one I want is coming out. I don't care though.
I'm a dork. I love comic books and graphic novels as much as I love other books. Mmmm. :D

I usually play TMI Tuesday today but I'm going to skip it here this week, I'll do this nifty little word association thing instead.

This is calle​d “FIRS​T REACT​IONS QUIZ”​.​​ You have to type the FIRST thing​ that comes​ to mind whene​ver you hear these​ 30 thing​s.​​ You can’t​ think​ and go back and chang​e your answe​rs.​​

Beer:​​ Budweiser Select.

McDon​ald'​​s:​​ Nasty.

Purpl​e:​​ The color highlights I want in my hair.

Stero​ids:​​ Spandex, eww.

Carto​ons:​​ Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends!

Tuppe​rware​:​​ Leftovers, lol.

Flori​da:​​ "WE LOVE IT HERE!" Lol!

Santa​ Claus​:​​ The roof, the roof, the roof is on fiiiiire!

Hallo​ween:​​ is amazing!

Alice​:​​ The Mad Hatter.

Myspa​ce:​​ I spend too much time on there, lol.

Clown​s:​​ Creepy.

Marri​age:​​ Isn't for everyone and you shouldn't do it if you can't make the commitment. ;)

Paris​:​​ A little cafe downtown with outside tables with awesome coffee and pastries.

Patty​:​​ Charlie Brown

Blond​es:​​ Pink.

One Night​ Stand​s:​​ Trojan man!

Donal​d Trump​:​​ I'm rich bitch!

Never​land:​​ Volcano.

Pixie​s:​​ A wave of mutilation.

Word:​​ Fuckstick.

Vanil​la Ice Cream​:​​ Needs to have Reese's mixed in to make it extra tasty.

Hoote​rs:​ Boobs.

High Schoo​l Music​al:​ Merchandise.

Pajam​as:​​ Comfy cozy.

Woody​:​​ There's a snake in my boot!

Your Ex: Turned into a meth head.

Your Partn​er'​​s Ex: Must suck because she didn't get to stay around, bwahaha.

Your First​ Kiss:​​ Giggles.

Big Bird:​​ Grover and Cookie Monster.

Chris​tmas:​​ Sucky music.


Drugs​:​​ In the past.

Frien​ds:​​ Come and go but a few stay forever.

Tatto​os:​​ Art.

Divor​ce:​​ Expensive.

Cheat​ing:​​ Taxes.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The sun sets forever over Blackwater park....

I have the best boyfriend ever. People say that. Everyone has the best significant other ever, to them. What is amazing to you would drive me up the wall. Everyone is different and everyone has different wants, needs and requirements in a relationship. For me, I have the best boyfriend ever.

He has flaws, no one is exempt from those. Everyone has their bad qualities. He has his flaws, just like me and everyone else in the world does. There is far more good there than there is bad though. The bad don't compare against the good.

He fucks up and makes mistakes sometimes. Everyone does. They're often small and silly things. Accidental or unintentional. It's not a big thing.
It's never anything that can't be fixed or worked out. I've fucked up worse than he has by far in our relationship. No one needs to know any particulars but just know that most people would have walked away at that point and I was beyond shocked that he wasn't ready to end things then. We worked through it. He's always willing to work through things, no matter what it is. Some things take more time than others but in the end, we make it through. Which is how I know we can do this long distance thing for a while. It's hard. It will be okay though.

We fight sometimes. It's usually over small and stupid things. He doesn't have a temper but I do and he can set it off easily some times. It's always easiest for people who know you well to push your buttons and set you off more quickly than anyone else can. Even when they're not trying to at all. It happens. I'm not very patient and he's insanely patient. My impatience combined with my temper has caused a good many fights between us. He makes me so angry at times but it never lasts. He can agitate me like no one else can but again, it never lasts and it's gone fairly quickly compared to others.

He's there for me. No matter if I'm angry, upset, sad, freaked out, nervous or anything really.. he's there for me. If I need to vent, laugh, cry, bitch, rant or tell him something exciting, he makes time to listen and listens genuinely. He never half listens to me. He may not always know what to say but he tries to be there for me as much as he can. He listens. I appreciate that. It's wonderful to have someone you can rely on.

He doesn't laugh at my goals, even the ones that seem silly. He doesn't make me feel like I'm stupid. He doesn't make me feel like I'm wrong. He doesn't make me feel like I'm not good enough in any way to do the things I want to do.
He's supportive of me. He believes in me.

He makes me laugh. He will act completely ridiculous just to make me laugh. He can almost always cheer me up. No matter what it is, he can act goofy and make me feel better. Some times it takes longer than others but he does it. When I'm feeling down or when I've had a bad day, he can make me feel better.

He sees all my weird little quirks and tendencies and he just finds them cute or amusing. He sees some of the more odd things I do and say and he doesn't make me feel like I'm weird, wrong or fucked up to like those things. I can talk to him about anything, no matter how weird, deep, gross, private, morbid or random it may be. I've never felt more comfortable around anyone, ever.

He knows me so well. Really knows me and for the most part, he gets me. He gets me in ways that many other people don't. He rarely ever gets the wrong idea about something and if he's confused or unsure, he'll ask. He doesn't misconceive things about me the way others do and that's because he knows me very well. Partly because I let him. I took my guards down, slowly but surely and let him close to me, let him know me and gave him the chance to know me in a way most people don't. What's better is that he saw most of it all and he didn't lose interest. Sometimes, he gets confused by me and I can't help that. I confuse the shit out of me sometimes too so it's only natural that I would confuse other people too. Even with the confusion and all the things that are wrong, he sees the good that's there and he understands. He doesn't understand everything but he doesn't pretend to either and I appreciate that about him. He never pretends with me. He never wrongly assumes or judges wrongly. He'll openly talk with me and sometimes, that doesn't go well but we get through. I let my guard down, slowly but surely and he just accepted me. Even better, he understands me, tries his damn hardest to make me happy, treats me well and loves me more than words can explain.

All that most people ever see is the outside. I'm not excluding myself from that either. Getting to know someone is like looking through a window. You see more than you do from just standing on the street looking over but you still don't really know or get what you're seeing completely. You can't ever completely know someone until you know their mind and their heart. People are comfortable with what they see on the surface, with what they think they know based on the things they see and their own perceptions. Not to say that what they see is wrong but it's only a small part of what's really there.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Survey

Name one fact about​ the last person​ who last texte​d you?
They have a penis.

Can you sleep​ in jeans​?​
I probably could but I would hate it. I hate sleeping in pants of any kind. They always gets tangled which makes them uncomfortable as hell. Also feels too restricting to sleep in pants. I like my skin to touch the sheets.

What is somet​hing you just don’t​ under​stand​?​
Why people at work get angry when they have to work. Surprise! What the fuck are you there for? Why would you come to work and think you're just going to get to stand in the corner, chatting with your friends? I get it's because they're lazy little shits. I just don't get the getting pissed at your boss because he expects you to come to work and actually work. Really now. /rant Lol

Do you like Winte​r?​
I *LOVE* Winter! =D

Do you enjoy​ late night​ phone​ conve​rsati​ons?​
With my boyfriend, YES! With anyone else, not likely, lol. I generally don't like talking on the phone much.

Do you like to cuddl​e?​
I love to but only with the right person. Some people just don't fit right. ;) I never really liked to cuddle much before Boyfriend.

Do you think​ a lot of peopl​e think​ bad thing​s about​ you?
I don't know. If they do, they obviously don't tell me and I really don't care to hear their flawed opinion anyway. ;) HAHA!

How late did you stay up last night​? Why?
Too fucking late. Got home from work around 1 AM and was up hours after that because I couldn't sleep.

What will you be doing​ at 8AM tomor​row?​
Sleeping. I hope.

Anyone make you you mad yesterday​?​
On yeah! You have no idea. Gosh, I was so fucking pissed.

Do you like twink​ies?​

Have you looked at anyones ass today​?​
Technically it's almost 2 AM so that means it's technically Saturday. So, nope, not today. =D Had you asked about Friday... may be a different answer there. ;)

Do you have night​mares​?​
Almost every night. Not like nightmares I guess, I don't consider them that but I guess that'd be because I'm used to them, lol. They're just bad dreams. My dreams are always spooky, weird, creepy and rarely good.

What are you doing​ this weeke​nd?​
Working and uh, yeah, working! Woohoo.

Ever saw someo​ne die?
Yeah. I saw a guy on a bicycle get hit by a car that was going too damn quick. That happened like 15 feet in front of me. There were some others as well.

Who was the last person that helped you stop crying?
My boyfriend. He's one of the few people I'll cry in front of.

Have you ever talked on the phone while in the shower?
How do you accomplish that without ruining the phone?

One word to desrcibe what you're wearing right now would be?

Ever had plastic surgery?
None. People think my boobs are fake but meh, I know they're real so who cares. If they saw most of the rest of the women in my family they'd realize big knockers run in the family.

Did you get in a fight with someone today?
Almost but he stopped talking to me and I just walked away. Which means he avoided me tearing his head off.

Would you date someone who was addicted to heavy drugs?
Probably not. Been there, done that. I'm clean now and wouldn't want to date someone who was in to that kind of crap ever again.

What are FIVE and only five traits that you think are important for a relationship to have?
Good, open communication.
Good chemistry.

What is one thing that would make you end a relationship with someone no matter what?
Abuse. If the guy I was with hit me, I'd be hitting back.. And if I couldn't hit him enough to hurt him, I'd beat the shit out of him with whatever I could grab. Then we'd both go to jail. Then it would be over because I wouldn't stay with someone who physically abused me. I wouldn't stay with someone who emotionally or mentally abused me either. Fuck that.

Do you consider yourself shy?
No, haha.

Do you have a tan line anywh​ere?​
None. Why? I'm not tan. HA!

Do you have any relat​ives in the milit​ary curre​ntly?​
A couple.

Are you bette​r at math or art?
I rock at both. I hate hate hate math but I'm really good with it. My mom calls me the human calculator, lol. Art I just love and can do pretty well at when I get in the right frame of mind for it.

Who was your 4th grade​ teach​er?​
Mrs. N. One of the nicest teachers I ever had. She was such a kind, sweet woman who wanted to help everyone. She was a great teacher, which is why I remember her.

Do you own a music​al devic​e?​
A portable CD player. Oh yes, I do. :D My phone has an mp3 player in it, does that count? Lol.

Do you know any one named​ Tyler​?​
Yes I do! One of my best friends.

Do you think​ peopl​e have any misco​ncept​ions about​ you?
Oh definitely. I know for one that some certain people think I'm conceited which is laughable at best but whatever. :) I'm sure everyone has misconceptions about someone.

Are you one of the MANY obses​sed with Hanna​h Monta​na/​​Miley​ Cyrus​?​
Nope. I don't watch her show, listen to her music or care about anything she does. I think people pay too much attention to celebrities. Some people would have better lives if they paid as much attention to their own problems and their own lives versus the time they put in to gossiping/reading gossip about people they don't know and never will know. /rant Lol.

How can someone tell when you are angry with them?
I punch them in their face!

Okay, so I usually only do that in my head. I tell them they pissed me off if they pissed me off. Or I just ignore them until I'm calm if it's not something worth addressing. Plus.... I have a bad temper, so it's pretty easy to know when I'm angry at something/someone.

Do you think too much or too little?
Both. Sometimes I think far too much and other times I don't think enough or at all.

How cool do you think you will be when you are old?
On a scale of 1 to 10, maybe at 67. ;) C'mon, I said maybe, lol.

Something you’d say to a one night stand?
GO HOME! Ahaha.

"What was your name again?"

"If it starts to itch in the morning, don't worry. It's nothing 8 bucks at Walgreens and 6 to 8 weeks won't fix!"

What was your favorite thing about Halloween as a child?
Trick Or Treat! Duh, dressing up to go get candy from random strangers. Such fun!

What is you favorite thing about Halloween now?
Dressing up! Costume parties. The over all feel of it all. I love it. I love decorating and everything about Halloween.

Do you wear your seatb​elt in the car?
If I'm driving, yes, always. If I'm passngering it, almost every single time. Some times I forget but I usually remember after a few minutes.

If there​ was a large​ spide​r in the room,​ what would​ you say and do?
"ARGH! You're gonna die now bitch!" Seriously.

Have you ever dated a soccer player?
My current boyfriend is a former soccer player, does that count? Lol.

Have you ever done something outrageously dumb?
Oh yeah. Not in a good long while though. Yay me!

Do you hate the last girl you had a friendly conversation with?
Stupid question. Why would I have a friendly conversation with someone I hate? Fucking stupid shit.

If I looked under your bed, what would I find?
Carpet. Exciting right?

Last thing you Googled?
Bonkers. For my youngest brother.

Ever kissed a red head?
Male, no. I don't find many naturally red haired men attractive.
Female, yes I have. Crazy bitch, lol. :)

Do you get distracted easily?
Me? Uh! OH! I hate stale bread. Ick.

Seriously. I get distracted easily some times. Other times, not at all.

Who is the biggest drama queen you know?
I would say a friend or two of mine but OMG do the people at work top anyone else I've ever met. Fucking hell they are horrible up there. One guy waited up there an hour after his shift ended the other night just to see if he could see someone doing something they shouldn't so they could run and tell people that person was being shady.

Have you ever been called a bad influence?
Oh yes! I even had a few parents tell their kids they couldn't hang out with me any longer because they felt I was such a bad influence. Funny thing is, those people's kids always ended up in more trouble than me. :)

Do you believe you have common sense?
When I'm awake and sober I sure as hell do. :)

What will you do if you were stuck in the elevator with someone you did not like?
Kick them in the chin, sucker punch their kidneys, elbow them in the back head, head butt them in the nose and kick their legs out from under them……all the while smiling at the camera! It'll be like UFC in there baby! Only if they start it though. I have to be able to claim self defense, lol. Otherwise, just ignore them and focus my energy on playing the Texas Hold 'Em game on my phone.

Do you really wanna please everybody?
Hell no. Too much effort for too little personal gain. It would drive me crazy. I'll please the people that matter if I can as long as it doesn't compromise me or make me unhappy. If that sounds selfish, oh well. I won't put all my effort into making someone else happy if it makes me miserable.

What are five junk foods you like? Doesn't matter how often or how little you eat them.
Pizza, ice cream, nachos, french fries and Reese's peanut butter cups.

Are you allergic to anything?
Penicillin. Most of the cheaper bath and body products. I try to save money by going cheap and my skin revolts by itching constantly and getting red, dry and nasty looking. Certain laundry detergents like Cheer and Surf. Pickles. Apple juice if I drink too much. I can do small doses of it but if I drink a lot, I die. Grapefruit and grapefruit juice. I love it but I can't have it because it doesn't love me back. Cat dander.

What shoes do you wear the most?
My work shoes.

Can you handle the truth?
I prefer it. Even if it hurts. At least then, there isn't any confusion or doubt because I know.

How often do you hold back from saying what you are thinking?
Not often. I tend to say things and then think, oooh should have just kept my mouth shut.

Are you happy with where you are relationship wise now?
No. I'm happy with him, just not the distance between us. It's not permanent though. We'll be okay. :)

Are you more of a coffee or alcohol drinker?
If you sit a cup of coffee in front of me and then sit a glass of some alcohol in front of me, no fucking way am I going for the coffee.

Have you ever talked to someone when they were high?
Oh of course. I used to be a little druggy and had a lot of little druggy friends. I still have a couple friends who engage in herbal refreshment on occasion.

Do you have any close friends or family who are currently addicted to any drugs?
Actually yeah. Two friends and I don't talk to either of them much right now because of it. Which makes me sad that it happens that way but oh well.

Last night, did you go to sleep smiling?
No. I was drowsy and in some pain.

What are you currently thinking about?
How many more fucking questions this thing has! Sheesh!

What’s the reason behind your facebook display name?
I'm not on facebook. I've never been on facebook. I don't even want a facebook account. :)

What are you excited about?

Have you ever got naked at a party?
Lmao. Not completely naked. Unless you count in a bedroom with the door closed then meh, I suppose I have.

Is your phone within a three inch radius of you?
Yeah, sitting next to me on the bed charging away.

What color is the thing you are sitting on right now?
My bed? Lol. The comforter on top is an icky green color. My sheets underneath are blue and black. The mattress is white with pale colored swirl patterns.

What did you last take a picture of?
This SEXY ass 1963 Corvette Stingray that was up at work Friday night. I told the guy he had a beautiful car. The guy was like "Eh she's alright, needs a bath because she's dirty and a wax so she can shine. The heads need to be replaced and she needs some other minor work so meh" and I was like "OMG shut it, you're just fishing for compliments and it worked because she looks amazing and sounds amazing" and he just grinned sheepishly and told me thank you. Oh my gosh it was such a pretty, pretty car.

In the last 3 years, how much have you shoplifted?
Um, never? Lol.

What were the last 3 CD's you were listening to in the car?
Flyleaf, Killswitch Engage and Shinedown. Or Killswitch Engage, Opeth and Shinedown. I don't remember exactly.

Favorite drinks?
Water, sweet tea, dp, milk, juice, lemonade and alcohol.

Does anything hurt on your body?
My back ALMOST ALWAYS fucking hurts

Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?

Have you ever punched a hole in the wall?
Oh yes. Several times. In hindsight, wasn't the best move to pull.

Where is the weirdest place you've changed clothes?
Uhhh.. everywhere, lol. If I need to change, I need to change. There isn't always somewhere private available sooo... get it done quick. :)

What do you plan to be doing with life 6 years from now?
I could say where I would like to be in 6 years but who knows? Come see me in 6 years and I'll let you know what I'm doing and where I'm at.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fuck You Friday!

Thursday night was fairly boring at work. We had a couple short lived periods where we had lots of customers all at once. We had two rushes like that and short lived they were. Also, they were early on in the night. I did a lot of cleaning, as usual and tried to keep busy. Actually, the people on the shift before me had not stocked ANYTHING. I was almost out of everything I needed and had to do a lot of stocking and clean up the mess they left. Which wasn't so bad because it passed the first hour and a half of work really quickly. After that, meh. Boringville.

I spent my lunch break on the phone with Boyfriend while I chomped away on a salad. Lettuce, carrots, croutons, yummy salsa chicken and light ranch dressing. It would have had onions and tomatoes but eww. I hate onions. The only way I eat raw tomatoes is when eating salsa but otherwise, I hate raw tomatoes. I always ask Boyfriend if it bugs him listening to me eat but he says he doesn't care. I always move the phone away from my mouth while I'm chewing anyway. :D Speaking of Boyfriend, go here to read his most recent post. The first paragraph is about me. You can see that he misses me just as much as I miss him. In all honesty, I think he misses me more. Either way, the paragraph made me smile and feel sad at the same time. Just wait though, once he has me back my crazy hyper rushes and freezing feet pushed purposely against his warm body will be driving him nuts again in no time at all. ;)

Thanks to everyone who left a nice comment on yesterday's HNT post.

Have I mentioned yet how HAPPY I am that hockey season is back upon us again? I know I have already but I'm just reiterating the point so that y'all can really get my excitement over this. <3 Lol.

Now, since it's Friday, y'all know what's next? Don't ya? Well, maybe not. I'm sure someone knows what's coming though. C'mon, anyone?




Seriously y'all?

Oh ok, you with the black shirt on, you know what's up. ;)

Okay, it's time for Fuck You Friday! My bitch today?

I HATE when people say one thing when they really mean something else. Then when you assume they told you the truth, they get pissed off at YOU because you didn't guess that they really meant something else. Say what you fucking mean!

I also HATE when you offer to do something for someone and they turn you down, thakn you for your offer and insist that they would just rather do it. Then when you let them go on about doing it, they're mad because you didn't help or do it for them. Instead of saying you'll handle something yourself when really, you want the person offering to do it to really do it, let them do it! Don't insist on handling it and then get pissed because they, surprise, let you handle it on your own! Like you insisted that you wanted to do. Worse is when they then make a big deal out of doing it even though they first made a big deal out of not wanting anyone else to do it.

Most people are not psychic nor are they any kind of mind reader. So, say what you mean and if you insist on your word games then get pissed off at your own fucking self from now on. :)

That's all for me today.

Have a great weekend y'all!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A red velvet cupcake

For some reason, I had trouble waking up on Wednesday. I didn't stay up any later than I have been lately. I took no medication before sleeping or even within a couple hours of sleeping. Yet, when my alarm on my phone went off, I barely heard it as I shut it off. My family was up and making noise around me and it barely registered. I tried sitting up a few times but I never made it up before I passed back out. I guess I was just really damn tired. I kept trying to make myself wake up but nope, wasn't happening. I finally did wake up two and a half hours later and felt perfectly fine. I guess my body was revolting against me or something.

We went to Barnes and Noble that evening. I got two graphic novels by Laurell K. Hamilton, a Stephen King book and Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil. Then we had dinner at Olive Garden. My mom wanted there and I'm always down for pasta as long as it's decent pasta. After that, we went and got coffee. I also got a cupcake with my coffee. It was delicious. I was on a hyper rush from hell. Coffee and sweets make me hyper as well which is why I don't partake in either thing very often. Also, sweets make my stomach hurt in large doses. So I get a tummy ache AND a hyper rush from hell. Not fun. After coffee and the cupcake, it was time to head home. I was in the front door and went straight to sit my bag on my bed and then head to the bathroom. Off went my "out and about" clothes and on went the comfy clothes. Then I called mu boyfriend. We're still on the phone as I'm typing this out. ;)

I enjoyed my Wednesday off though. Tuesday SUCKED but Wednesday was pretty nice. Once I finally woke up.

Thursday! =)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Coo Coo Ca Choo

I was watching "Across The Universe" tonight after I played Wednesday Weirdness. I'm not a fan of The Beatles at all save for three songs but I wanted to see the movie when it was in theaters but never made it. I don't always dig musical type movies either but this one looked interesting to me based on the story behind it and I wanted to see how they linked the songs to the plot of the story. Funnily enough, "Let It Be" is one of the three Beatles songs I really like but in the movie when they did this song, I really didn't care for the way it was done at all. It made sense and the song fit with the scene but I just didn't care for it at all. I did really enjoy the movie overall though and I'll probably go buy it now so I can delete it off the DVR.

Next I need to watch "American Gangster" again and see if I like it or not. Sometimes if I'm in the wrong frame of mind, I won't like a movie because I'm in a bad mood. If I'm pissed off, upset, moody, off in some way or something like that, I could watch a movie and hate it just because of my foul mood. That doesn't happen all of the time but sometimes it does so usually I end up watching the movie that happens with again when I'm in a better mood just to see if it was my mood or if the movie *really* did blow donkey balls. I'm thinking AG really did blow donkey balls since I watched it twice and still thought it wasn't so hot. Maybe the third time will be the charm. Or maybe it will still suck donkey balls. I, for some reason, really want to like that movie though. I dunno why. Sometimes movies grow on me too. Like, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but like The 40 Year Old Virgin. I hated that stupid movie the first time I watched it but a couple more times because friends or someone I was with had it on and the movie grew on me. I don't seek it out to watch it on my own but it doesn't make me cringe if someone turns it on now. :)

I was making fun of a friend of mine earlier Tuesday. We were discussing his weird eating habits. Like how he likes to put a spoonful of peanut butter in with various cereals when he's eating them. That way he can get a bite of cereal with milk and then spoon off a little peanut butter to go with it. Some cereals I can see that being possibly decent with. Cinnamon toast crunch, fruit loops, honey nut chex, lucky charms and strawberry frosted flakes are not among those cereals it may be decent with. In my opinion. He was also making fun of me because I don't know what I'm missing because I refuse to dip Oreo cookies in cheese dip and eat them. I usually will try a lot of things with food but you know, there are some combinations that you just know you are not going to like. Every now and then you'll get surprised with one of those seemingly repulsive combinations being tasty but that just doesn't happen that often, lol.

I finished the FBI thriller I was reading. It was a really good book until the end. I was wondering through most of the book but near the last four to five chapters, I was suspecting many things and most of them were true. Then closer to the last chapter, the thing that I think was supposed to be a big shock was something I guessed the moment the two agents started the scene. Kind of disappointing when I can guess so much of the book. I'm not saying it was bad mind you because I still enjoyed reading it but meh, I like when I can't guess what's coming.

By the way.... Anaïs Satire, where did you go darlin'?

That's all I've got here for today.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hello! How are you doing there, person reading my blog today?

I'm in a weird mood right now. Nothing bad. Just too much nervous energy I guess and I'm acting like a dork, more so than usual, to help ease myself a bit. :o)

I'm up for the questions tomorrow. Don't forget to come play. ;)

Work Monday night was SO boring. It was one of the slowest Monday nights ever. My biggest tip of the night was a three dollar tip from a creepy guy that pretty much stared at me when he could see me the whole time he was there. He used a cheesy line on me at first. About how he was happy I was "serving him instead of the guy" I was working with that night because "uh, you know, girls are who I like to get service from" complete with an awkward sounding chuckle afterwards. Then he just abrubtly stopped chuckling and stared dead at me as I asked if he'd be needing anything else right then. To which he didn't reply at all, just stared. So I asked again if he needed anything else right then or if he was good and still, no answer but more staring and then I was walking away, he asked me if I could get him a couple napkins. I did and didn't go near him again. He was only there for about 20 minutes. Thankfully. He seriously weirded me out. He was sending major creep vibes out in buckets. Another guy and a girl were pretty cool. I served them three different times but they didn't tip one time at all. Still, they were chatty and funny so I didn't care. Another guy was a little weird. Asked me if I liked his wallet, it was funky colors with a weird pattern. I said I didn't see his wallet and he pulled it back out and asked again and then remembered he needed to pay me. He said some other very random things but he was nice enough, just seemed a little off. A couple girls from Texas came up. They were just passing through on their way to somewhere in Oregon. I didn't talk to them really. They were stuck up bitches. I wasn't even going to waste my time trying to talk to them as rude as they were being. I only found out where they were headed and where they were from because of the guy I was working with. They happily chatted him up. He was disappointed that they didn't have any kind of accent. He likes to make fun of me for the way I say certain words but it's all in fun. He was hoping they'd have "Texas accents" too, lol. He doesn't call it a Southern accent but a Texas accent. It's amusing. He tries to immitate it but he sounds so ridiculous it's not even funny. That boy is amusing as hell to work with.

Tmi isn't here today but I did play. :o)

I'm so anxious about today. Well, when I allow myself to ponder about what I'm doing later on. I've got an appointment with Doctor Oral Surgeon this afternoon. I'm so nervous. I don't get nervous easily. It's just surgery and medical procedures in general make me nervous. I always wonder about what may go wrong even though, very damn likely, nothing will go wrong. I'll be okay though, lol. I just hope I get some pain medication after the fact. I'm not a wimp about pain at all but I have a feeling what I'm having done isn't going to tickle, lol. At least I don't have to work today or tomorrow. Hell yeah for that. :)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Monday!

I got off work Sunday night at midnight. I sat out in the huge back parking lot with a girl from work and watched four guys from work play football in the parking lot with four other guys. The other four were friends of one of the guys from work. It was amusing as hell to watch. The guys from work talk pretty well about how good they played. One of them was really good, one was good and the other two... meh, not so much. The guys they were playing against were all good. Which is probably why they won. ;) They played from about midnight until around 1:30 AM. After that, I went to Wal-Mart. I got a Hanes sleep tank top, another new pair of pajama bottoms, two pairs of knee high Halloween themed socks, some water balloons for my youngest brother, a Tinkerbelle sleep shirt for my sister and some other things. Nothing too exciting. Just things I wanted to get. I usually run around with my boyfriend in boxers and tank tops or less. So I don't have much in the way of night clothes that I want to run around in front of my family in, lol. I've been using basketball shorts and track pants up until I crawl in to bed and then it's just boxers and a tshirt. Track pants aren't the most comfy things to lounge around the house in though. Pajama pants are though. Mmm.. comfy.

I'm up for the questions this Wednesday. Don't forget to come play. ;)

Halloween is coming up soon! I'll probably be working Halloween night. I hope my employer lets us dress up. I've never worked at a job yet where we didn't do that. I think if it happens that way this year, I'll be very sad. Halloween is my favorite holiday ever. I love it. I love the days leading up to it. I love October. I love fall. I get so happy this time of year. Until Christmas starts getting closer. Then meh, not so much. Then when it starts getting *really* cold, it's good too. It's weird. I absolutely hate being cold but I just love cold weather. Don't ask. I don't know. :D

Oh and if you're reading this right now, head to the comments and say hello! Especially if you've never done it before. Especially if you've never done it before and have a blog of your own. I'd like to check out the people checking me out. So to speak. :) Plus having new stuff to read if I end up liking it is never bad. Right? Right. I still haven't changed my blogroll over yet. I fear if I don't do it soon that I might never. Oh well.

HOCKEY SEASON IS UPON US! Oh yeah. I've already been checking out how training camp for my Dallas Stars is going. I love reading the training camp blogs they post. I'm so fucking excited. Football is in full swing and hockey season is on the very near horizon. *Happy sigh*

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Survey

I saw this little thing over on Fairy Flutter's blog a few days ago. She got it from here, who is the creator of this little thing. I've never read his blog, I don't think. Sometimes it's hard to keep up, lol. Anyway. I liked these questions and decided I was going to use it for my Saturday Survey today. I know, settle down and don't get too excited. ;)

My favorite age: I guess 22. I only turned 23 in June so I think it's still too soon this has been the best year of my life as I've only been 23 a few months. 22 was really good though. Lots of ups and downs but I also became a little better of a person and found myself a little more. I learned new things about myself and more good than bad happened.

My best friend: I have several and they are all amazing people. I'm lucky to have such a diverse and wonderful group of people.

My celebrity crush: I don't really have one. There are lots of people that are famous or known that I think are hot, does that count? If so... Trent Reznor, Brent Smith, Chris Cornell, Branden Boyd, Adam Gontier, Maynard James Keenan, Simone Simons, Shirley Manson, Shawn Morgan, Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Christina Ricci, Bianca Beauchamp and Lucy Pinder. I probably left a ton out and some I don't even know the names of but I know the bands they're in. Most of those are musicians. This is long enough anyway. ;)

My defining characteristic: Physically? I have no idea. Probably my big boobs. I'd like to think it's my eyes but I doubt that. Personality? How odd and random I am maybe.

My most evil moment: Pick one.

My favorite food: Italian. I'm part Italian. Mmm. And ice cream. <3 style="font-weight: bold;">My grossest injury:
Pick one! Ha. One time when I was 18, I was playing softball with a group of friends against some local people who thought they were badass. I got a pretty nice little injury. It was down to a few minutes in the last inning and we were down and losing which was pissing me off because I worked with two of the snots on the "team" we were playing and I didn't want to have to hear it from them if they beat us. We were up to bat. I was on base, I went for home and was potentially going to be out. I decided to slide when I shouldn't have. The catcher for the other "team" freaked a little because she didn't expect it, she jumped back a little and I ended up safe. The injury part was during that slide. My shorts ripped and my thigh was messed up. I tore a bunch of skin off and bled forever (I'm anemic) and it hurt to move for a couple days after that. Getting the rocks picked out of my torn flesh hurt like fucking shit too. We ended up beating those bitches though! :D

My biggest hatred: stupid people. Two faced people. Backstabbing. People who don't take care of their kids because they're too selfish (IE buying fucking beer and smokes when you need to be buying fucking diapers asshole). Dishonesty. People who always have to make their life seems worse than everyone else no matter how bad someone else has it. You know, your dog died and you broke your finger but then they come along and try to make your problems seem minuscule and unimportant because no matter what, they have it worse and life sucks more and is harder for them. People who think they are better than everyone.

My most illegal activity: had to do with drugs. That's all I'm saying.

My need for justice: Pedophiles. Abusive people. Drivers who are a danger to themselves and everyone on the road. Parents who are selfish and don't put their child's needs ahead of their wants. People who do major damage to property over something petty.

My most knowledgeable field: music, sports, history and some others. I love to learn and I'm always trying to learn as much as I can.

My life’s goal: to be happy, healthy, do some good in the world and enjoy the time I have here doing things I want to do.

My mother’s influence: taught me how to be bluntly honest with people, not to say things they want to hear but to tell the truth because it just makes things easier in the end. To stand firm in your beliefs but to never force them on other people.

My nerdiest point: Oh I am a nerd. I read all the time and I'm yet again not in school but I still research things so I can learn new things just because I want to. I also play a vampire role play game on-line when I have the time to. Not to mention my obsession with Batman and webcomics. Other things too but that's enough.

My oldest memory: sitting in the floor in my diaper clad butt playing with a toy train. I've always loved trains.

My perfect date: would depend on my mood. It could involve any combination of going to a rock concert, going to a hockey game, going to eat Italian, going to eat Chinese, going for drinks, going dancing, going to the beach, cuddling on the couch during a movie and having ice cream, going to watch trains and eating snacks, going to the aquarium and then to dinner... so many things are the perfect date for me, it just depends on my mood. More so, I just need someone who I can have fun doing anything with and who I can laugh with and have good conversation with.

My unanswered question: Why do you feel so inadequate?

My random fact: I don't like Christmas music.

My stupidest decision: Not going to college earlier and deciding to work full time and party the rest of the time when I wasn't sleeping or at work.

My favorite television show: House.

My style of underwear: Boy shorts or thongs. Boxers, girl boxer briefs and commando happen too sometimes.

My favorite vegetable: carrots, potatoes, cucumbers and baby spinach leafs.

My weakest trait: is my temper. I lose it too easily still. I've gotten better but meh, I still need improvement. Or my impulsive speaking, lol.

My X-men power: Hmm, I don't know what all the X-Men can do but I always wanted to be able to read minds. Though right now, I would LOVE to be able to teleport back home to Texas whenever the hell I wanted to. *big grin*

My strongest yearning: to be successful, by my definition of successful.

My moment of Zen: driving fast with the windows down, cool wind rolling over me and through the car with one of my favorite bands blasting out of the speakers late at night when very few other people are out. Or sitting on a beach late at night looking at the stars and not hearing a thing other than the sounds of the water. Or laying on my back looking up at the stars while listening to music.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I'm not doing a Saturday Survey today. I'll do one tomorrow and make it a Sunday Survey instead, lol. I already have the questions I'm going to use, I just have to get them answered and what not.

Today is payday. Yay.

I'm so tired, lol.

I finally did the truth/false facts. Here...or just scroll down would ya? ;) Go see if you guessed correctly. Only one person guessed almost all of them correctly. Which is cool because I didn't think anyone would guess so close. It's definitely been cool finding out what people thought was false though. Also it's been cool learning what a couple people were surprised about being true.

I've had this song stuck in my head the last couple days. I've listened to tons of other songs since listening to this one but for some reason, I can't get it out of my head. I really hate when a song gets stuck in my head for a long length of time.

Happy Saturday! =)

Friday, September 19, 2008

It's cold in here!

I want to say thank you for all the comments and the emails I got from my Raw HNT post. I really appreciate it. I got over 10 emails from people in regards to that post. Not people trying to comfort me or anything. People telling me stories of how they related, telling how the post touched them and sharing experiences. Mostly. It was really cool that something I wrote inspired that kind of thing out of so many people.

I had something in the way of a "Fuck You Friday" post today BUT I forgot what it was. Seriously. It must not have been that bothersome if I can't even remember what it was. Lol.

Something in the way of a "Fuck Yeah Friday" is that I get paid tomorrow and don't have to work until 7 pm. So I'll have plenty of time to pick up the check and get myself to the bank to deposit it in my account. Without having to rush. Yeah! Also, I paid my part of mine and Boyfriend's cell phone bill yesterday. It's not even due until the 27th. Yeah! :o) I'm happy with that.

Tuesday the 23rd is getting closer. I'm getting anxious. That's my "date" with the oral surgeon. Did I mention yet, I'm getting anxious? Eek. I just keep reminding myself that this pain won't last as long as the pain not getting my problems fixed will last.

So I admit, I forgot about needing to post the results of this post until a blogger e-mailed me a friendly little reminder. ;) Thank you again by the way. I made 40 statements. Some of which were false. I asked y'all, the readers, to take a guess at the ones y'all thought would be false. So here I am to finally reveal the ones that were fake.

The ones that I bold are true.
The ones in red italics are false.

Here we go. :o)

1.) I love searching YouTube for acoustic songs done by my favorite bands.

2.) I loved having tea parties when I was a little kid.

3.) Out of every guy I've ever fooled around with, dated or been in a relationship with, only 3 didn't have long hair at some point.

4.) I love Jell-O shots.

5.) The smell of leather makes me think of cuddling. Sometimes.

6.) I used to smoke weed every day. Some days, I smoked it 3 or more times that day.

7.) I can read Laurel K Hamilton's books several times over and still enjoy them.

8.) Hot dogs disgust me.

9.) I don't like one single book written by Stephen King.

10.) The first time I tried ecstasy, I ended up crying because I felt so hyper, joyous and happy.

11.) I haven't done any recreational drugs in almost 5 years. (I count this as false because a few years ago, I went through a time where I was crushing up pain killers again and taking them when I didn't need them for about 4 months)

12.) Vodka makes me an angry drunk.

13.) Tequila makes me super lovey and touchy feely.

14.) I hate the taste of tequila.

15.) When I first learned about "Jack the Ripper", I was fascinated and looked up everything I could on him. Thus began my love of trying to figure out the human mind.
16.) I never go a single day without listening to music for at least an hour.

17.) If I go into a store and see a package of glowsticks, chances are I'm going to buy them.

18.) I love cold weather but I hate being cold.

19.) I would rather shop at Barnes & Noble and Best Buy over going clothes shopping.

20.) I hate clothes shopping. (Mainly because it's hard to find pants that fit my ass and hips and that are long enough for my legs. Also finding shirts that fit my boobs but don't bag around my stomach is difficult too) 21.) I love grocery shopping.

22.) I've never been in a fight during a concert before.

23.) I've never been injured during a concert before.

24.) I secretly love watching ballet.

25.) I played fastpitch softball for years and I miss playing.

26.) I lost my virginity when I was 18.

27.) Some days, I wish I still smoked weed for the escape from reality it offered.

28.) I send and receive over 1,500 text messages each month.

29.) Blood fascinates me.

30.) I write poetry but I rarely show it to anyone.

31.) When someone says the word eyeball, my first thought when hearing that word is almost always about scissors.

32.) Once upon a time, I thought I wanted to be a cosmetologist.

33.) I also thought I wanted to be a tattoo artist.

34.) I don't care for swimming in lakes because I always wonder about dead bodies or parts of dead bodies being in them.

35.) I have a recurring dream about living in a dark, brooding looking castle. It is surrounded by a moat that has extremely large piranhas lurking in it. A troll lives under the bridge but the piranhas never bother him and two gargoyles perch on the tops of the two towers. I can always remember dreaming about inside the castle but I never remember what it looks like once I wake up. (No joke. I HATE having this dream because I always wake up feeling incredibly unnerved and semi-anxious)

36.) I collect shot glasses, rubber ducks, hats, anything Batman and plush penguins.

37.) Corpse Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, Batman and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are my favorite Tim Burton films.

38.) Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday.

39.) I love fake eyelashes.

40.) I love to go get a manicure and a pedicure when I feel like doing a little extra something special for myself.

Have a great
weekend y'all!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I sit alone in the only room I can get peace and quiet. I sit in the dim light, letting my mind wander about. Such a dangerous thing to do. My back pressed tightly against the solid surface of the wall behind me, I close my eyes and try to feel calm and peace. Instead, I feel alone. Eyes shut, I fight to keep the pictures from dancing through my head. Thinking and feeling is enough, I don't want to see as well.

I can almost feel you there. I wish I could feel your soft belly pressing in to my back as you pull me close to you,wrapping your arms around me, holding me tightly to you. I used to complain those times that you held me too tightly. Back up a little and give me some room, I would say. I'd hear the quiet, subtle change in your voice as you moved away an inch or so. I often wondered if my doing that made you feel rejected. Unwanted. Unnecessary. If I ever made you feel that way, I apologize. It was never my intention to make you feel anything like that.

I wish you were holding me. I wish I had you running your hands gently through my hair. Leaving small, gentle kisses on my cheeks, beck, jaw, and shoulders. Rubbing your hands up and down my arms causing my skin to tingle and seemingly take on life.

I sit alone, lost inside my own head. I miss you and wish you were near. I'm sorry for all the times I have ever push you away from me. You are wanted. You are needed. You are very much a necessary part in my life. You are my ears when I need someone to listen. When no one else will listen and when no one else will understand, I know I have you. You will listen without judgment or prejudice. When I need someone to lean on, you are the broad shoulders and solid frame that I know can hold me up through anything. When I cry, you are the one I can cry in front of without feeling like a child, like an imbecile. You are the one who wipes away my tears and hugs me until I quiet. You are the one who will not tell me everything will be alright but tell me that we will fix whatever it is and get through it. You are the one who I can be naked with and feel comfortable with in my flaws. You are the one who can see me raw and emotional. More exposed than I could ever be physically, all my emotions rushing forth and I don't feel embarrassed for it. You don't judge, you don't laugh. You help and you support. You laugh at my silly jokes and you think all of my weird little quirks are cute. You tell me I'm smart and that I'm interesting. You accept me as I am with the good, the bad and the worse. You believe in me in a way that no one else does.

You are my here and now. You are my future. You are my best friend. You are my lover. You are my soul mate.
I care for you more than you know. You mean more to me than even I knew until today. I didn't believe in true and lasting love before. Now, I do and I have that in you. You are the one for me that I thought couldn't possibly exist. You are my everything. I love you.



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pimping some ho.. err, bloggers

How about we do some blog pimping today? These people didn't ask to be pimped out. None of them are in need of more traffic to their blogs as they all do just fine on their own. I just want to pimp out some of new favorite blogs. Some are new to me even. ;)

Pieces of me. I just found her blog recently through TMI Tuesday I believe. I like it. She's kind of silly and fun. I enjoy her posts. I've read back into May of 2008 so far. She's amusing and very real. She also has some NSFW content on there so don't check out her blog if you're at work reading this right now, lol.

Hubman's Hangout. Y'all know Another Suburban Mom? Hubman is her husband. He's got a blog now and has had it for a little bit. It's really cool when they both post about the same events because you get to read the same thing from two different perspectives. I think that's cool anyway. Lol. Plus, they're just a sweet and adorable couple. Also some NSFW content on there so watch out.

Shrinking Kitty. If foul language, blunt writing, in your face ranting and naked boobies are not your thing, skip this one. NSFW content all over the place. I just found this blog a few days ago. Her writing makes me laugh and in a good way. She seems like a cool chick and so far, I'm digging trolling around on her blog.

Ser Infiel. NSFW content here too. Seems to be the theme I have going eh? Lol. Of course, I don't read her for her sexy content but more so because I find a lot of similar personality traits in things she says. I identify with a lot of what she says in things.

Where are you going, where have you been?. Bet you can't guess... Yes, some NSFW content here but nothing too bad. I enjoy her blog because she seems real. You know, she comes across as very real in the way she writes and she writes very well.

Some more just because I can:

Isn't It Strange.
American Honey.
Pluff Mud Musings.
Tacky Underwear Guy.
This Is What I Want To Write.

If you do happen to check any one of these blogs out, make sure you leave them a comment and tell them Amorous Rocker sent you. Which, by the way, you should be going to check out all of these blogs. if you don't already. Just sayin'. ;)

I haven't updated my blogroll in a while and I need to. I want to change to use the one blogger has. I just don't seem ready to do the task yet, lol. I need to delete some of the links where people no longer have their blogs up and running. I need to add a few more. I also like the way the blogger blogroll looks. I like. I'm just not bored enough to change it all around yet, lol.

Did you play Wednesday Weirdness today? You should. ;) No WW for me here today. It's posted else where. Email me if you'd like to know where you can read it. Please take no offense if I don't tell you though. :o)

I love the movie The Guardian. I'm not a big Ashton Kutcher fan but I really dig that movie. I have respect for what the men and women in the Coast Guard do. I've heard people refer to the CG as a bunch of overrated swimmers but you know what? If I was ever in the situation where I needed help out at sea, I know I'd want that bunch of swimmers coming after my ass too. So would all the jackass people who talk shit about the CG's too. ;)

I'm thinking a lot about my life's direction right now. More on this later though. I want to actually have some clear, rational thoughts lined up for that one.

I still haven't forgotten about this post. Actually I did BUT a blogger emailed me and told me to get with the program and reveal the false statements already. Ooops, my mistake. Feel free to guess if you'd like. I'll do this Friday or Saturday. I'll try my best anyway, lol.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Tuesday!

You know something I hate? When you get home from work late at night, 1:30 AM, you're hungry and you try to find something to eat that won't make you gain ten pounds overnight. So you mull it over and think hey, a nice bowl of cereal would be good. Ice cold milk over whatever yummy variety of cereal you fancy. You get your box of cereal out, get a bowl, pour up a bowl. Walk to the refrigerator, open it up, reach in for the milk and.... oops, no milk. You have your mouth all set on that cold milk and crunchy cereal and nope, no milk. I really, really hate when that happens! More so when it's late at night like this. I'm not going to the 24 hour grocery store for a gallon of milk at 2 AM. I'm not going to the gas station two minutes away and paying 6 bucks for a half gallon either. They rape your poor wallet for the convenience of not having to go off to the 24 hour grocery store. Luckily for me, that isn't an issue tonight. We have almost a full gallon of nice cold milk. It was hiding behind a container of orange juice and for a couple seconds, I felt despondent, having already poured the bowl of cereal only to have no milk. Then I saw the cap for the milk and sighed happily in relief. Oh, yes, I took a picture with my cereal box just because I felt like it; because I'm a dork like that. Yup yup. My hair isn't insanely short. I just got home from work and have it pulled back.

No TMI here today. It's posted else where. Email me if you'd like to know where you can read it. Please take no offense if I don't tell you though. :o)

Tuesday is one of my days off. YAY! One week from today, I have to go back to the dentist and have more pain inflicted on me. I am not looking forward to my day off next Tuesday, lol. Actually, I am because it means my problem will be on the way to getting fixed and in the long run, it will be better for me. For the short scheme of things, I'm betting it's going to hurt and bleh to that. I'm happy though. I'm ready to have some pain free days in my future.

I really need to get to Barnes & Noble. Soon. *big grin* I have some extra cash that I can afford to spend on a few good books. Mmm.

Don't forget, tomorrow is Wednesday Weirdness! Come and play with us! ;)

This video is a banned commercial. If you watch it know that it might offend you, upset you or just piss you off. It's wrong but it made me giggle.

If this video offends, upsets or pisses you off, shhhh. Please and thank you. :o)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Are you feeling happy?

Yes, this is a picture of me first thing in the morning. No, it isn't good quality. Yes, I took it with my camera phone and it isn't very flattering. No, the room wasn't well lit. It was early folks. No, I don't have any make-up on and my hair isn't done. I just woke up people. Yes, this is what my boyfriend wakes up next to when we're in the same place to be waking up next to each other. Yes, I sleep with the blanket pulled up around me like that. This townhome stays cold even when the thermostat is set on a decent temperature. Also, I get cold easily. Yes, my multi-colored pillowcase rocks harder than your pillowcase. ;) That is also one of the most comfy pillows in the world and you cannot have it nor can you have the awesome pillowcase covering it. The only thing that would make this picture cooler would be if you get see the stuffed penguin I sleep with. Yes, I'm 23 years old and I sleep with a small stuffed animal of some sort in the bed with me when I'm sleeping alone. When I was a little kid, I rarely slept with anything with me.

I just noticed that my little blog here reached 50,000 hits over the weekend. Of course, that's for this one since I've changed homes a few times but hey, here's to 50,000 again. Thanks for all the visiting y'all do with me. Thanks for all the comments and e-mails. Everything. One of the things I love most about blogging is that you get to come in to contact with people you would not have ever known existed otherwise. Though I do love blogging just to have some place to write, rant and ramble any time day or night. To quote one of my favorite bloggers: "Even if no one ever left me a comment I'd still be here talking to myself." Lol. It's true.

I've had this song stuck in my head for the last couple days. I haven't heard this song in a long time. This song came out in 2005 I believe. I haven't heard it on the radio in a long damn time. Don't know why it's stuck in my head either. I was never a big fan of this band either. Meh. Who knows? ;)

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I'm a little weird. It's whatever. It's part of me being me. I do weird things. I say weird things. I have "out there" thoughts and ideas. I laugh at times that are inappropriate. I laugh at things that other people wouldn't laugh at and get stared at quizzically or glared at because the laughter wasn't inappropriate. Sometimes it's because I see a good side, the silver lining if you will, to a bad situation and it makes me chuckle. Sometimes it's because the situation at hand made me think of some inappropriate and I laugh out loud because hey, I amuse myself even when I amuse no one else. Sometimes it's because someone broke their foot which reminds me of the time that my friend broke his foot falling off the back of his jeep drunk and shit that guy did funny things when he was drunk like the time he filled water balloons with Kool-Aid and handed them out to hobos downtown and told them he was sorry because he didn't have any cups or straws for them.

So I laugh because I recall a memory quickly that was triggered by whatever just happened and it happens so quickly that people think I'm laughing at their misfortune. It usually isn't that. My train of thought goes really weird sometimes. Ask Boyfriend about that some time. I also process things really quickly and I'm already on to something else while everyone else is still on the task, action, problem, whatever at hand.

My point to this is that I love washing my face. I'm serious. I was going to start out by explaining that I function in a quirky little way internally. I was going to ask if anyone else loved washing their face. I just got sidetracked and well, now I'm back on course. Almost. Seriously though. I love washing my face. I got this new facial cleanser and it's awesome. I get excited by new products like this. I just can't wait to try them out and see what they do for me. If I'll like them or hate them. If I'll loathe them for having wasted money on them or if I'll want to kiss the bottle because it was worth every penny. Even when it costs 765 pennies for some crap to clean my face. I love when my face feels tingly after I use a cleanser though. I also love stuff that lathers up AND has little scrubby beads of some kind in them to exfoliate. I hate anything that feels thick and/or oily. Eww. So I found one with little scrubbers that lathers up. I'm cheap most of the time but I really can't be with any product that I'm going to use on my very sensitive skin. I call it "expensitive" skin because I require expensive shit so my sensitive skin doesn't freak out on me. I like to try and use cheap things where I can. Unless I want to itch like mad, look like a red spotted girl and have a burning sensation going on through out the day on the surface... I can't use the cheap crap if it's going to touch my skin. Anyway. I love the feeling of clean you get when you've got a good cleanser and it works well for you. I like the tingling of feeling it getting in there and getting rid of the junk that doesn't need to lurk around in and on your skin and pores. I like the fresh, clean feeling after you rinse everything away. Where your skin is clean and soft. Nice and smooth. You can just look at it and see a natural little healthy glow. It looks soft and it feels nice. I love it.

Yes, I really just wrote a paragraph about something so mundane and boring as washing ones face. You know those girls in the commercials who splash the foam away and just look so shit fucking happy that they just washed their face? That's me when I'm done. I'm smiling like a fool and not getting paid a cent to be endorsing something. I just get that happy over having a clean, refreshed face.

So, if you scroll down far enough you might have noticed a new little thing chilling on my blog. I titled it "stalkers" because well, I couldn't think of anything else and "followers" just sounded too cult-ish for my liking. Apparently, I'd rather have stalkers over having cult like followers. Go figure. Anyway, you can click follow and follow privately so you're not displayed, in case you're ashamed of people seeing that you're stalking little ol' me. Or you can stalk follow me publicly and get your picture displayed in the nifty little box. Cool huh? ;)

Hmmm, I think I'm out of things to say right now. Which is fine. I've said plenty. I feel a certain level of contentment when I've written until my mind is a little more relaxed. I'm good right now. I'm going to finish this delicious tea that I'm drinking, read a little of the book I just started and further relax. Sleep sounds nice too.
Happy Monday y'all!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Survey

Start with your name:
Amorous Rocker ;)

If your ex REALLY needed you at 3 am, would you go to his/her house?
I don't see this working. I only speak to one of my ex's and he's not an ex, he's a friend. Though technically he's an ex-boyfriend. Still. He started as a friend, we moved things further and decided it wouldn't work quickly and went back to being friends and are still friends. If he called and it was urgent, I would do what I could. No other ex has my current number or way to get ahold of me so I wouldn't have to worry about them bothering me and me having to ignore/turn down any request.

When was the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face?
An hour and a half, maybe two hours ago. It was around midnight, I was at work. I wanted to punch two co-workers in their lazy, whining faces.

What are the last three things you spent money on?
1) Food
2) Prescription for medication and pain killers
3) The $99 that it cost to have my 4 hour stint at the dentists office earlier in the week

What was the last thing you cried about?
My fucking wisdom teeth, my jaw and my mouth overall. PAIN. Stupid infections.

Could you go a day without eating?
Yes. I forget to eat all the time actually.

Have you ever kissed anyone whose name started with a J?
Male, yes.
Female, yes.

Do you smoke weed regularly?

Has anyone ever told you they're in love with you?
Oh yeah. Several people. Most of them didn't know what they were talking about. Especially the one who never so much as hung out with me but was "in love" with what he saw of me while I was at work since that's the only place the fruit loop ever saw me. No, he didn't work there. He was a customer. Weird situation. I digress. Yes, people have told me they're in love with me. I've said it to two people and I'm still love one of them.

When was the last time you were disappointed?
Friday night.

Has a girl ever seriously punched you?
Yeah. It happens. I never react well when it does.

What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
My medication and some vanilla yogurt. I swallowed the pill in the yogurt, lol. I have to trick myself into taking them.

Have you kissed two different people in one night?

Is it easy for others to make you feel awkward?

Are you taller than 5'4"?
Indeed I am.

In the past week have you felt stupid?
Yeah. We won't go there.

What's the age difference between you and the last person you kissed?
Two weeks exactly. I'm 14 days older than my boyfriend.

Have you ever been outside completely naked?
Yes, lol.

What would​ happe​n if you had a baby with the last perso​n you kisse​d?​
It would be one good looking baby! I'd also wonder how that would happen without sex going on. Curious. I'd also freak the fuck out. I don't want to have any babies. Also, if it did happen, we'd manage pretty alright. I'm good with kids, I just don't want any of my own.

Who did you text the most yesterday?
Friday... Philadelphia. No doubt. He was texting me all night while I was at work just talking about random shit. It was nice.

What were you doing​ at 10pm Frida​y night​?​

What are your plans​ for today​?​
Laundry. Buy some small grocery items. Take medicine. Relax. Work from 6 pm until around 2:30 AM.

Could​ you go the rest of your life witho​ut smoki​ng a cigar​ette?​
That's the goal here. I went all day Friday without smoking. This is good. We'll see if I make it all day Saturday now.

What was the last reaso​n you went to the docto​r for?
Dentist. Teeth. Pain. Infection. AHH!

What is the last thing​ you yelle​d aloud​?​
"No, get it your fucking self." Seriously, I was pissed off at work.

What do you think​ of when you think​ of Austr​alia?​
That sexy Australian accent. ;)

Do you have any gay/lesbian friends?
Several. :)

Have you ever kissed the last person you texted?
NO! Lol.

What's one action you do when you're really nervous?
I chew on my lower lip.

Would you rather give up the computer or the TV?
TV. I don't watch it much anyway.

Do you find yourself saying mean things to people over the internet that you wouldn't say to their face?
Nope. I have no problem saying mean things to one's face if there is a reason to.

One word that explains perfectly how you feel at the moment?

What did the last text message you received say?
Philadelphia telling me he was going to sleep since he has work early.

Do you care if people hate you for no reason?
Not really. It's their prerogative to be that ignorant. At least have a reason if you're going to hate someone.

How hard is your life right now?
It's not that bad but certain aspects could be easier and I wouldn't mind.

Have you ever taken anyone for granted?
Everyone does, whether they realize it or not. It might not be in a huge way but it still counts.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Maynard is sexy... HA!

I want to say thank you to everyone who wished me well over my oral issues I posted about yesterday. I appreciate it a lot. Y'all are great. I won't go on about it today but lets say I'm not feeling much better. Hopefully more of the pain starts to fuck off subside soon. :o) I was crying before work last night because the pain meds weren't helping and it was hurting like a motherfucker. I sucked it up, fixed my eyeliner and went in only a few minutes late. I was scheduled to be off at midnight and I ended up leaving at 11 pm instead. My manager asked if I wanted to go early. I figured it was only an hour. We were slow. I had all of my side work done and just had to clean a little before I took off. I kind of wanted the extra hour on my check but then again I wanted to go home and get more medicine in my system since I was about due up for the next dose. So, off I went at 11 pm. I doubt that I missed anything, lol.

I mentioned a few days ago that I needed some new books to read and nothing new is coming by any of my favorite authors any time soon. Some of you asked if I had anything in specific I stuck to readings. I do horror, fantasy, mystery, biography, history and tons of things. I love books that make me think too. I like when an author can get inside my head. I absolutely don't do romance novels or anything with a lot of romance or girly stuff in it. That's the one thing I just can't get in to. I'd rather eat liver. Lol. Any suggestions are welcome. I'm open to checking out new stuff... as long as it's not romance, trendy or overtly girlie. Helpful right? Lol.

My boyfriend finally updated his blog with a post after over a month with nothing. He's been a busy boy though, working lots of hours and all of that fun stuff that keeps him away from his computer. Which is fine. Right? Right. Check it out if you want to. :o)

I know there was something else I wanted to rant about but for the life of me I just can't remember what it was. Hmm... Oh well. If I do remember, I can always come back and edit it if it's something I really want to put out there.

I love the band Apocalyptica. They're a Finnish cello metal band. Yes, you read that right. Classically trained cellists playing metal. I first heard of them in 2002 and that was after they turned over a couple of band members. Then in 2003, they started adding drums to their music with the drummer of Slayer doing the recordings and then their current drummer being the one to play shows and tour with them. In 2005, they announced the drummer as an official member of the band. The concept of a cello metal band intrigued the hell out of me at first. I love classical music. Incorporating metal and classical music instruments into one thing is amazing. There are some bands who do it that I just pass on. Some bands though, like Apocalyptica, is one of the ones I really like. This video is Apocalyptica featuring Adama Gontier of the band Three Days Grace doing the vocals for the song. Which is cool because I like Gontier's voice. I love this song. The video is odd, kind of lame but kind of cool too. I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea and that's cool with me. ;) Don't bash me for liking it and I won't bash you for not liking it. :D

Have a GREAT
Weekend y'all!!!