Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Works all day but she lives for the night

Monday at work was soooooo effing boring. I think that is the slowest night I have worked ever. We went through several periods where we had absolutely no customers at all. I mean, only the employees were there and waiting. Looking out the windows, hoping that every car coming into the parking lot towards us was going to be coming in for some food or even just some drinks. Mostly, not so much. It SUCKED and I ended up heading out early. They closed with only three people, one manager included. It sucked, lol. Mondays are always slow but damn! Then again, after Christmas is always slow because everyone spent so much money on gifts, holiday stuff and everything else.

I had some things to pick up after work. Body wash, mascara, deodorant and etc. I decided I wanted to do my nails but I don't have the money to go get them done all snazzy like in a nail salon. I also hate going in there anyway, heh. I feel awkward in girly like establishments such as nail salons or hair salons. I'm not a very girly girl and would rather spend my time pampering myself with a drink in a sports bar while a good game is on but I digress. So while store bought fake nails aren't as nice as fancy ones from a nail salon, they aren't too bad and it's worth it for me to not have to go sit in said girly establishment and feel weird. Also, they were 5 bucks and I'm on a budget. I found a set I liked and added them to the stuff I was getting.

Here they are.

That mess in the background behind my big thumbnail would be the organized mess of products cluttering up the bathroom counter. Of course, the nails with the stars on them appealed to me but red and black? Hell yeah. =) It was the last package out of those too. Though I did contemplate black and white checked tips with a skull pattern on the nail. The stars won over though since I love love love stars.

And of course, I took more than two pictures but you'll have to wait to see them. Get your mind out of the gutter freaks, just for a second anyway. I just don't want to overload the post with pictures, ya know? Right. I dunno why I decided I wanted some snazzy looking nails but meh, once in a while the mood hits. The hardest part for me is leaving them on actually. I LOVE popping them off, heh.

Okay so you see the nails and now we move on.

Driving home last night from work sucked. There was super dense fog and visibility was terrible. I'm going along slow and safely and I see a doe chillin at the side of the road starting to edge her way out and moved on over in case she was going to dart out. Going on a little further. Visibility worsens and then there's another doe coming out onto the interstate. I slide over and avoid another one. I go along a while longer, anxious because I can see about three feet in front of me and then BAM! There's a BIG ASS BUCK in the middle of the fucking interstate. It's a two lane area right there and this huge thing is standing in the middle of the road so he's got one half in one lane and the other half in the other lane. I'm about to hit the son of a bitch and fuck if it wouldn't KILL the car and probably do some damage to me as well. My quick logic was he had been moving to the left before he stopped for whatever reason so hopefully he would keep on trucking that way. I got lucky and he did haul ass to the left while I moved right and hit the shoulder. Third fucking deer I had seen and almost hit that night but that one had been way way closer than the other two had been. It scared the shit out of me and I had a panic attack. I was maybe 8 miles from home but I was freaking out thanks to the panic attack and I got it in my head that I must be destined to hit a fucking deer at some point tonight. So I called my mama, hyperventilating and trying to remember how to breath and explained what happened. She asked if I was okay and I explained I barely missed it but I did miss it. I was just freaked out. She said she'd have 22 drive my dad's truck out and she'd finish driving me home. I agreed to that and then called back a minute later and said I'd be fine, I was calming down and I'd make it the rest of the way. She told me to keep my ass where I was so I did as I was told. Which was good because there are more deer that hang in the fields and woods around our house and with the way my luck was going, I might have run in to another one. I already missed three, I'm not sure I'd have missed another.

That was the exciting end to my otherwise very boring Monday night, lol.

So, this year is almost over! The TMI questions this week are centered around that sort of so I'm skipping. I didn't have any really spectacular memories and the things I learned are life lessons everyone learns or things I'd prefer to keep private. And the resolutions thing? I never make them and never will. I set goals in my mind year round that I like to try and achieve. I didn't accomplish many of my goals at all this year. Bummer. I'll just have to try harder next year. Maybe. Lol.

So, my exciting plans for New Years Eve... Anyone interested? You want to know what I'll be doing? Working. Yup. Haha. Fun right? =) Hopefully people tip well. Though if drunk people come in they're probably be good. Drunks usually overtip. Probably on accident. That's what they get for fucking being drunk and driving somewhere to get food. I can't stand drunk driving. So if any one of you get lit up and get in a car, don't tell me about it because I'll find you and beat your ass a little bit. Not in a fun way either. That's another rant for another day I suppose. I hope everyone else has something more fun going on though!

Happy Tuesday!


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

I love the nails. :)

phairhead said...


Samantha said...

Love the nails ;o)

Anonymous said...

So the nails are a hit!

Yeah, I hit a buck once...almost totaled my car. Had to get the entire front end replaced.

Hey, here is hoping you make lots of cash tomorrow night.

Nolens Volens said...

You'll be happy to know that I am hosting NYE party...almost totally dry. I'm a teetotaler and I hate drunk drivers. The partygoers KNOW that if they bring booze, they will do so in TINY amounts.

Love the 2nd picture...could see your smile and how big your brown eyes are...almost as big as your boobs (which you're fond of saying so). LOL

Beautiful Dreamer said...

What I would give to have nails like that!!!