Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Wednesday Weirdness #32 Come play with us. ;)

1.) If you knew one of your close friends was cheating on their significant other, would you get involved? (EX: Tell their SO, try to talk to your friend about it, etc) Why or why not?
Meh, I'd say something to my friend because I dislike cheating quite a bit. I don't think I'd tell their SO though. I'm not sure. I think circumstances and the situation would change the answer. I think if, like one time a few years ago, I knew my friend was cheating on his gf and when she started trying to get pregnant by him to get a ring... I told her he was cheating and had been for a while. That would have turned in to such a mess had she ended up pregnant and she would have had she not broken up with him as soon as she confronted him about the cheating. Mostly, I don't like to intrude that much into other people's relationships though but sometimes it's hard because I hate seeing people doing underhanded and hurtful things to other. Then though, some people don't want to know and want to pretend nothing is happening. Other people resent you for getting involved at all. It's tough to figure out, lol.

2.) If your SO was cheating on you and one of your close friends knew, would you want them to tell you? Why or why not?
Yes. I'd want to know and I'd be a little irked if someone close to me knew what was going on but kept it from me.

3.) Have you ever stuffed your bra or underwear to make the size of your breasts or penis seem larger?
LMAO! I have absolutely no need to stuff my bra to look bigger. Not to sound bitchy or conceited but really, I have very large DD's and don't want them to look bigger at all.

4.) Would you sleep with a friend's significant other behind their back if it were guaranteed you'd never be caught?

5.) Do you think you are more intelligent than your significant other?
In some areas I am. In some areas I'm not. Like with computers, he is far more knowledgeable than I am. We're both pretty intelligent but we each have our strong points and weak points and I think we compliment each other nicely.

6.) Do you ever fantasize about cheating on your significant other? Are you ever tempted to really go through with it?
Ugh. I would never cheat on my boyfriend. I'm happy with him and don't think I could ever go through with cheating on him. Even if I wanted to, I'd feel so guilty and shameful I wouldn't be able to. I love the hell out of my guy and could never hurt and betray him that way. =)

7.) Have you ever had cyber sex, text sex or phone sex with someone other than your significant other during a relationship?
No. Nothing he doesn't know about and isn't okay with. I've let him read some risque e-mails between me and a girlie pal of mine. If he told me to not flirt or do anything that I do any longer then I wouldn't.

8.) Would you cheat on your significant other twice monthly for half a year to have all your debt permanently erased?
Nope. That wouldn't be worth it. I'd have to make myself do it and I'd have a difficult time dealing with all the shame and guilt I'd feel from it, lol.

Jormengrund tagged me with a little meme but to keep things not so meme cluttered, I'll save it for Sunday. =D Plus, that gives me time to put some real thought into it and come up with some things I haven't yet revealed here. There's a problem with being so open here. I don't often easily come up with new facts about myself to share in these types of memes. I know given a couple days to work on it, I will come up with something though. Also, new post else where. Look into it. ;)

I got a $50 tip from three young girls I waited on at work last Saturday night. By young I'm talking late teens to barely twenties. I'm guessing late teens more than likely. I've been debating on posting about it. They gave me a note and $50. They ran off and didn't want me seeing the note or money in front of them. It shocked the fuck out of me. The whole experience was a little strange. The girl's behavior, the insight in the note and the money... just all very strange. I want to write about it but I haven't got my head around it enough to write my thoughts and all the details yet. Stay tuned for that too. If anyone is even interested in hearing about it.

Have a great day y'all!


the blogger said...

I came to read your WW, but now I'm intrigued by the whole note and money story - I hope you tell it.

Anonymous said...

To tell or not to's a double-edged sword. And no winning either way I think, especially if you're friends with both people.

Another Suburban Mom said...

Loved your answers and I am intrigued by the girls. I am also glad you are feeling better.

Mike said...

This weeks ww boil`s down to those that will and those that wont
And your so right about #3, no padding needed there ;)

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome. Your goodness needs to rub off on me. You need a giant smooch from me!!!

phairhead said...

don't leave us hanging. what did the note say?

viemoira said...

Ok I'm curious! The whole note and tip seem oddly relevant to "Wednesday weirdness" lol

Baby said...

Inquiring minds want to know... what did the note say???? :) Happy WW!!

rage said...

I must admit that I am also intrigued by the note and the money that the girls left you.

Do tell if you feel up to it that is.

((hugs and Happy WW))

vixen kitten said...

I'd love to hear about the note!

LOVED all your answers. Integrity and hotness in a person is such a turn on!


Nolens Volens said...

Now I like you enough to think about you. LOL

Sheen V said...

Yeah, I agree with everyone who wants to know more about the note - do tell!

Jormengrund said...

Great post AR!

I can't wait to see what you come up with for your answers, and of course like everyone else I'm just crazy wondering about the note.

Have a great day!

Samantha said...

Great WW as always ;o)

CRIMSON said...

Love your blog! Curious as well about the tip and note....

Shannon H. said...

$50 tip? that would be cool!

Anonymous said...

Excellent answers, you like most are far stronger than me!

I'm in too for the note reading!

Lil Bit said...

LOL, nope you don't need padding, girl! =)

woot to 50 bucks!, that rocks!

THANK-YOU for stopping by my WW and welcoming me to it all. You were the only one from the WW clan to visit me & I really appreciate it!