Monday, December 8, 2008


So almost a week ago, Jormengrund tagged me with this little thing. The rules are to link to the person who tagged you which I did. Post the rules, which I'm sort of skipping but not really. Just not posting them exactly. Then post 7 weird or random facts about myself. Then tag 7 folks to do the same. I won't tag anyone because I don't want to, lol.

By the way... Why are these things always "7 this" and "7 that" people? Why not 5 or 3? At least it's not 9 or 10 though. Anyway, on with the show. I've done a couple of these before and with the memes and the way I write openly, it's not so easy coming up with random and weird facts I haven't posted here but we'll see what I can come up with eh?

1. When I eat crunchy tacos, I lay them down an take half the shell off and eat that first. Usually it has nothing on it and it's just a plain half of a taco shell. Then I eat the other half with the meat, cheese, salsa and everything on it as if it were a tostada.

2. I'm not a Scrooge mind you but I don't like listening to MOST Christmas music. There are some songs I do like but for the most part, I don't like Christmas music at all. Generally, it either makes me sad or makes me want to smash my head through a window.

3. I cannot get dressed in the bathroom after a shower. Even if I spend 10 minutes in there toweling off, I still end up feeling like my skin is damp and hate how it feels having clothes on then. I have to sit in the towel or bathrobe long enough for my skin to cool down and be totally dry before I can get dressed. Also, I just hate getting dressed in the bathroom. Bathrooms are not the largest rooms in a house and I'm claustrophobic enough that getting dressed in the bathroom really plays a number on me. I always end up rushing to get dressed because I feel like the room is getting smaller the longer I stay in there. I hate being closed in and since I live with family, popping the door open isn't an option.

4. I like getting a foot massage after a long night of standing on my feet for hours on end at work but I HATE for anyone to touch my feet. Feet gross me out. My feet have to be hurting insanely bad for me to let someone touch them and even then I still squirm about it. Ick.

5. I can't stand when people talk endlessly just to fill the silence, it drives me crazy. You know, when they're just talking and talking and talking about anything and everything they can think of just to be talking? I want to smack them in the mouth and tell them to chill out and shut up for 5 minutes.

6. When I'm feeling really overwhelmed, I like to find a quiet spot and sit with my eyes closed and my back against a wall. I breathe deeply and think about things to relax my mind. Usually think about the sounds of the ocean, the stars shining bright at night, a huge comfy bed with amazing sheets and lots of soft pillows, cuddling by a warm fire and other things that help chill me out. After about 10 to 15 minutes, I feel better and more able to start handling things again.

7. I love the Crystal Light On-The-Go packets that you pour into a bottle of water in the raspberry lemonade flavor. I usually hate those packet things because generally they taste NASTY but I love that one. Yum. I carry a little packet or two around in my bag with me but I tend to forget I have them, lol.

And just for fun... 8. I often see the new toys they come out with for kids these days (gosh I feel old saying that but seriously, toys have come a long way since I was a little kiddo who jonesed to stop into Toys R Us to look around) and end up wanting some of them. Even when the recommended age is somewhere between 6 and 12, lol. They have some pretty cool toys and shit out there people. =) I'm not above playing with the toys of my friends kids either. Or buying some of my own... I still adore the hell out of Hot Wheels baby. =D

Like I said, not tagging anyone but there we go. If you do decide to do this, let me know so I can come see what you decide to share.

THE DARK KNIGHT comes out tomorrow and I'm SOOOOO excited! Duh right? I had to mention it even though it kind of goes without saying for this Batman freak, hehe. I'm so excited. I'll be watching that tomorrow. Whee. *insert giddy girly noise here*

Have a great day y'all!


Jennybean said...

I'm with ya on the bathroom getting dressed thing. It just ain't right, and even worse in the summer.

Baby said...

I love those Crystal Light packs too - and that is a great flavor! Ewww, I don't like getting dressed in the bathroom either after a shower - clothes sticking to my skin - I have to say Ditto! :)

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

*giggling* I love toys!

I'm convinced that this is why I'm good at buying presents for nieces and nephews--I get the stuff I would want to play with. :)

rockyroads said...

thinking of ToysRs as a child makes you feel old?LOL....What should I say, there were no ToysRUs when I was a kid back in the days ( and no internet, no CD, no DVD)

~d said...

You did a great job answering this! I totally LOVED reading it!!


Southern Sage said...

holy shit!
Icould have written #5!
Aimless babble.

Makes me want to pull out my eye and eat it.

Drives me nuts.

Jormengrund said...

LOVE these answers AR!

TO be honest, back when I was a tyke there wasn't even a "Toy-R-Us" anywhere, so I'm REALLY old!

Take care, and don't forget that I'll always be lurking.... *insert evil chuckle here*