Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Survey

Saturday Survey
Brought to you by: Amorous Rocker
(FYI: I didn't make up the questions this week but for some reason, I could not resist answering these ridiculous, out there questions, lol. Don't take most of the answers seriously, lol.)

Are you an illegal immigrant?


If you could change your birth month and day but not the year, what would you change it to?
I wouldn't. My birthday is in the middle of the year and doesn't interfere with any major holidays. Also, being a Gemini suits me very well. =)

Favorite cotton candy flavor?
They have more than one flavor for that crap? Ick. I hate cotton candy. Far too sweet and just bleh!

Dumb things you like to do?
Throw rocks, cliff dive, drive too fast, race cars, kiss girls, dance around in my boxers... hell, I don't know, lol.

Are you a nerd?
In some ways. =D

Favorite human trick?
That eating thing is pretty swell! So is sleeping and talking though. That sex stuff is damn cool too. I can't pick just one! Ahh!

Light or dark?
Uhh... Dark chocolate. Dark or dim rooms. Light yogurt. Light bright! What the fuck is this question even about? Lol.

Do you think it's possible to drown a rubber duck?
I LOVE rubber ducks! I have a rubber duck collection. I would never try to drown one. How mean.

If you had a set of golf clubs, what color would the handles be?
Crimson red with a black design. Or black with a design of crimson blood dripping down the handle. Oooh!

While playing in the sprinklers, have you ever tripped over it?
Haha! Probably.

Have you ever blown your nose so hard the kleenex broke?
I'm sure I have.

Sticky tack or tape?
Both work well for different things, depends on what I need it for.

Which is better the mall or the mall parking lot?
The parking lot if it means I'm leaving or don't have to go in! I hate the mall. Boo shopping! Haha.

When your gum falls on the floor, do you pick it up and put it back in your mouth or do you leave it there?
My gum stays in my mouth actually. I'm weird like that. If this were to happen though, I'd pick it up and throw it away.

If you were to be killed by a fictional serial killer who would it be?
A vampire. Then I would become one of them and then try to kill the one who tried to kill me.

if you could have tea with a famous person, who would it be?
Johnny Depp. Or Maynard James Keenan. Or Mike Modano or Marty Turco. Or Christina Ricci. Or Eva Mendes. Or Cory Taylor. Or... or... or... Ah I don't know!

Would you invite me?
Sure! I can take invisible friends with me everywhere because, well, they're invisible and take up no real space and no one would know. It's like sneaking someone in without all the effort and risk of being caught.

How often do you wear clothes?
Quite often.=)

How about while you are sleeping?

Speaking of sleeping, what's your favorite kind of soda?
Pixie Stix! Oh wait... soda. Ice Water! Yum. Oh wait... Um.. Dr Pepper.

Tall t shirts or tight t shirts?
What the hell is a tall t-shirt? Like one for extremely tall people? Those rock to sleep in. That's why I steal my boyfriend's old t-shirts.

Would you rather wear an Eskimo coat or an Eskimo?
I'm going to say the coat. I wouldn't look so great walking around with a dead eskimo around me. A live one wouldn't be much better.

Do you think toothpicks are a nice fashion accessory?
They're cheap.

Are you virgin?
Haha! No.

Have you ever made a "video"?
Oh sure! I made a video of me playing table top pool a month or so ago. I did another one recently of me making some food. I suspect you're not inquiring about tame videos though... tsk tsk.

Was Paris Hilton in it?
No! They were G rated. Okay, maybe not. The language puts the rating higher.

Have you ever slept with someone then found out you were related?

Hand job?
What about it?

I love Hot Wheels and Legos!

Favorite wild land animal?

Favorite water animal?

Favorite vegetable grown on a plant?

Favorite fictional animal from a book?
Sapphira is pretty cool.

Do you discriminate against flowers by their color?
No, I discriminate against them because they are flowers and I dislike most kinds.

If you had to train a plant to do anything, what would you train it to do?
Laundry! Sorting. Putting in the washer. Adding detergent and softener. Putting clothes from the washer to the dryer and then folding them neatly once done. What? You said anything.

Would you rather have a ferret or a squirrel?

Did you know that some people eat animals?
No way! Those bastards! I love chicken. Mmm.

Would you rather stare at a plant or eat it?
One sounds boring and one sounds unappealing. So.. neither.

Have you ever eaten caviar?
I tried it once and didn't like it. Omg yuck!

Have you ever punched a rhino? If so, did it hurt?
Yeah, because I would just love to punch a huge animal that outweighs me. Being charged and trampled do death or near death just sounds like so much fun! Just the adrenaline rush I'm looking for baby. Ha.

Have you ever snorted kool-aid? If so, what flavor?
Yes because as a child, other kids wanted to be cops, race car drivers, doctors, astronauts, sports stars and ballerinas. Me though? I had dreams of a cocaine addiction and wanted to practice with my Tropical Punch Kool-Aid.

Have you ever caught your hand on fire?
Actually, in all seriousness, almost. Stupid story. Not sharing. Next stupid/weird question please.

Have you ever put your head through a wall?
No. I have punched holes in some walls though.

Have you ever had a famous person use your bathroom?
No. If I did, I'd take pictures and sell them on Ebay. Ewww! I bet someeone would buy them though.

Have you ever tipped over in a canoe?

Have you ever seen your uncle at the mall?

Have you ever lied about it?
Why would I?

Have you ever eaten something edible?
Once in a while I do. Though, I usually only eat non-edible objects. Also flammable and poisonous things are good too.

Have a great weekend y'all!


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Hey AR, stole the survey!

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u crack me up u silly girl :)


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you are hilarious..
I posted this too

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I finally get my computer up and running miss stealing your WONDERFUL survey because of your answers. :(