Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Survey

Do you think you can love someone without trusting them?
Actually yeah but only in some instances. I have family members I love but don't trust. I think that's the exception though. I couldn't be in a relationship with someone I didn't trust. It would cause too many problems and I wouldn't be able to love them as I should if I couldn't trust them and had constant doubt in them. Also, what a headache.

Who was the last person you took a picture with?
A guy at work, lol.

If you go for a whole day without speaking, what does that mean?
I'm dead. =)
Haha. I'm really sick or incredibly beyond belief angry.

Are/Were you anyone’s first love?
I was.

Where is your most ticklish spot?
Don't have one. I'm only ticklish in certain moods.

Has anyone ever told you that they were going to marry you?
Yeah but we all say stupid things when we are drunk…. Lol.

Who was the last person to buy you something?
My boyfriend. =)

Does it make you mad when people stare at you?
Meh. It's annoying if they have a bitchy or snobby look on their face but then I just stare back sweetly with a smile on my face or I give a creepy little look or do something gross or retarded and they move on.

Have you ever kissed anyone whose name started with a M?

Ever kissed underwater?
I’ve tried…. doesn't work out so well, lol.

If you had to choose between winning 20 bucks or having sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend for an hour which would you pick?
Easy. $20 doesn't buy enough to interest me away from sex.

Who was the last person other than yourself to play with your hair?
My boyfriend probably. I don't like people playing with my hair but he's bigger than me so I usually don't win that struggle, lol.

Do you know how to change a diaper?
Of course.

Are you getting engaged any time soon?
I hope not, lol. Sorry, I love my guy but I'm not ready for that.

How many times have you been broken up with?

Have you ever cried during a romantic movie?
I don't watch movies like that and I would only be crying because someone is making me watch it. Since that isn't going to happen and I don't cry during movies anyway... No.

When someone says 'we need to talk' what do you think is going to happen?
I honestly always think the worst and it's rarely ever anything bad, lol. I just go straight to that so I start preparing myself for something bad. That way if it is bad then I'm ready and if it's not then I feel relieved, lol.

Have you ever had to move on really short notice?
Yeah sort of.

Do you know someone who has moved because they were running from the cops?
Yeah, a long time ago. A guy I was dating, his brother and wife moved in the middle of the night once for that exact reason. Only worked for 2 months before he got busted. I don't generally hang out with people with a lot of drama in their lives anymore.

Has there ever been a 'chance of a lifetime' opportunity that you denied?
I have no idea.

When sitting at the computer do you let your feet touch the floor?
Sometimes. Other times they're curled up under me. Or I'm on my bed and they're stretched in front of me but not touching the floor.

You are walking down the street and a cat comes up to you, what do you do?
Move away. I'm allergic.

Has anyone ever told you something you didn't want to know?

Do you hate it when some part of you becomes numb?
Yes. I hate the tingly feeling when the numb goes away more though.

What are some things that make you proud of yourself?
That I am not ashamed of who I am. That I'm comfortable in my own skin the majority of the time. That I'm never afraid to try new things or do things that scare me.

When was the last time you were told you were cute?
Very recently. My boyfriend calls me cute almost every freaking day. He's probably the only person that I can say, "I'd like to punch her in the back to see if she'll go quack quack quack out of her ducky looking lips" to and he just laughs and tells me I'm cute. He thinks all the weird and quirky things about me are cute.

When was the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face?
That happens all the time! Seriously. Lol.

Have you ever kissed in a basement?

Are you a boy or girl?
I can’t remember.... Oh nooooo!!!!

What'​​s your signi​fican​t other​ doing​?​​
Since this is autoposting at midnight, he's sleeping or will be soon since he works early in the AM.

I say blood​,​​ you say?
Bite me.

I say orange, you say?

I say pink, you say?
Cotton balls. (Don't ask, I don't know, lol)

I say banana, you say?
Harley. (Seriously, don't ask, Idk, lol.)

I say Jack, you say?
Jack Off Jill.

I say peach, you say?
Pimp. (Lol.)

If you were going on a Reality TV show, which one would it be?
I don't watch Reality TV and I wouldn't want to be on one either.

Are you imagining anyone naked right now?
Nope. Ha, you thought you'd get to me with this sneaky little question here but ha, it didn't even work. =p

What type of potted plant would you like to have in your home?
The one that eats people that I don't like. Then I can lure pedophiles and abusive fucks over and be like, "Oh look at my pretty potted beer plant, doesn't it smell wonderful?!" Then they lean in and bam, the plant strikes and swallows them up whole. Take that assholes.

Can you live without your cell phone?
I could but I wouldn't want to, lol. I would definitely need some time to adjust.

Do you like pie?
Somewhat. I prefer ice cream.

If you were paid 1 million dollars to spend the night in a supposed haunted house, would you do it?
Hell yeah. =)

If you could shorten your life expectancy by 10 years to become more attractive, would you do it?
Nope. I'm fine in my level of attractiveness, lol. Beauty isn't something to give life over.

Has anyone ever saved your life? How?
Yes. I'd rather not say but to those few, I am forever in debt to them.

In front of you are 10 pistols, 5 of which are loaded. If you survive you'd receive 100 million dollars. Would you be willing to place 1 to your head and pull the trigger?
Fuck no. I have terrible luck, lol. I never win those damn carnival games. =x

If you could be the president of the USA, would you be willing to do it?
Hahaha. Nope. I'd be assassinated I bet.

If you could choose the sex of your unborn child, would you want to?
I don't want kids. =)

Happy Saturday!


Mariposa said...

Enjoyed all your answers...I think I will do it...but maybe later! LOL

You made me LOL many times!

Hope your weekend is great!

phairhead said...

Heehee pretty potted beer plant that eats people. i gotta me one of those :)

Autumn said...

loved your answers! the potted plant one was really funny. good thinkin!

Krystal said...

You could have ice cream pie...

the blogger said...

Ok, I want to know what happened that you got orange tits :-)

Dial-Up Princess said...

enjoyed all your answers...*smile*

rage said...

I can't love someone without trusting them. In a relationship manner, that is.

I don't want any kids of my own either. Hell, I can barely take care of myself. Lmfao!

Love your answers AR!