Monday, December 15, 2008


It's time for the third round of this little questionnaire thing. I get people close to me to fill out a bunch of stuff about themselves and some things about me. Fun times huh? My people are awesome and play along nice with me even though most of them don't actually get to read my blog. Though some do even though I wish they wouldn't but oh well, lol. *shrug* It's whatever now. I figure if they read or see something that they don't like, that offends them, pisses them off or makes them uncomfortable, that's their problem. =D

Anyway. On to the questionnaire. My boyfriend did the first one many months ago. My friend The Artist did the second one and it was posted (here) in the middle of November. Now as it's the middle of December, it's time for another one. This one is from my guy friend, Fangs. I, however, am not going to go through and fix any grammar errors sooo, sorry about that, lol. Enjoy!

1. Hi, my name is: Fangs!

1a. I am: a real boy! oh Geppetto you must be proud! i'm a smartass too lol

2. My favorite sport is: to watch? motocross, football and hockey! to play wakeboarding and soccer and i like baseball but i really suck at it

3. My favorite things to do in my free time are: watch sports, girls, watch movies, beer, guys, go to concerts, read comic books, girls, work out, eat, beer, shoot pool, kick it with friends, listen to music, girls, darts, video games, fantasy sports leagues, bowling and anything else that might float my boat

4. My most embarrassing moment was when: i was going down on a girl once and she farted and it smelled so fucking bad that i threw up... on her

5. My worst habit is that I: bite my nails and never remember to put the toilet seat down

6. My favorite foods are: pizza, fried chicken, sushi, pasta, white rice with veggies, steak, burgers and chicken ceaser salad

7. I get complimented most on my: smile and laugh

8. The best thing about me is: i am unique, trustworthy and a lot of fun

9. People say that I have a great: smile and sense of humor

10. I never leave the house without: keys, cell phone and wallet

11. My relationship with Amorous Rocker is best explained as: you've got a friend in me, yeah, you've got a friend in me, yeah.

12. AR would be the first to know: if i got to meet any famous sports stars or rockers that she would be envious of me getting to meet lol BUT she was the first person i ever told about being bisexual and that's huge

13. The first time I saw AR in the flesh, my first thought was: fuck she has huge tits lol (sorry AR but cmon i bet thats 3 in 5 peoples first thought when they see you lmao)

14. AR's worst habit is: bitching at me :( it's nice because she can always talk sense in to me but she sucks at softening the blow

15. The thing I love about AR's personality is: she is crazy :D i never feel like too big a freak around her because she gets my freaky sense of humor and can always make me crack up with something witty and strange and she is also a great listener awww

16. I envy AR's: ability to not let money burn a hole in her pocket because i suck so bad about saving money

17. I pick on AR about: everything! we have that kinda friendship where we can make fun of each other a lot and still be cool about everything lol

18. Something weird about AR is: she is fascinated by serial killers and knows tons of random facts about tons of them

19. I admire AR's: desire to constantly learn new things because i wish i could be like that but i'm just too lazy

20. One of AR's favorite things to eat is: CHICKEN!

21. AR gets a major sweet tooth for: reeses peanut butter cups ice cream and tall dark haired guys haha

22. Five words that best describe AR are: unique, funny, silly, adventurous, talkative

23. AR's singing sounds like: music to my ears! she has a purty singing voice and it makes me jealous since i can't sing and wish i could

24. AR's dancing looks like: silly when she's being silly and smexy when she's being smexy

25. Something AR is insanely skilled at is: singing, mixing drinks, basketball and taking shots

26. People may be surprised to know that AR: can burp louder than almost every guy i know

27. AR's cooking is: tasty!

28. The meanest thing AR has ever done to me is: put my shoes in a cooking pot, filled it with water and put the pot in the freezer lol but she was getting me back for something i did that was worse but i won't incriminate myself here by saying what i did first lol

29. How would AR do if she went on Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?: she would do great!

30. The most confusing thing about AR is: her moods

31. The biggest misconception about AR is: that she's condescending! she isn't but she encourages in a very blunt and direct way and it can come off as condescending if you don't know better

32. AR is the first person I would go to if I needed to: get advice

33. I won't ever forget the time that AR: ripped her jeans and lost one shoe climbing the fence lol

34. The game I enjoy playing with AR most is: Texas Hold 'Em poker!

35. The game I hate playing most with AR is: monopoly!

36. AR gets really pissed when: she does something that makes her feel stupid

37. Something AR really hates is: broccoli and the Anaheim Ducks lol. more serious would be abusive people and people who have kids and don't care after them

38. AR's best physical feature is: her eyes are pretty

39. AR spends too much money on: make up because she looks fine without it

40. I'd choose to be on AR's team in a game of: basketball or paintball

41. The thing AR is hardest on herself about is: everything

42. People may think AR is an asshole because: she is haha kidding lol because she says what she thinks

43. If AR were a flower, she would be a: tiger lily? i dunno i picked that because it has tiger in the name and she's fierce like a tiger lol

44. AR's temper is like: a campfire because it's hot and fiery and if you poke at it and poke at it you're gonna end up hurting because it's going to flare up and lash out at you

45. AR's favorite place to shop is: best buy

46. AR would make a good: mom but shhh don't tell her i said that ;)

47. Five things AR cannot go without are: cell phone, music, food, her boyfriend (aww), sleep

48. If I could take AR on a vacation with me, we'd go to: AMSTERDAM!

49. When AR gets drunk, she: is herself just more so

50. AR is kinda obsessed with: music, books, learning stuff, tim burton movies, TEXTING, rubber ducks, glowsticks and pirates

Happy Monday!


Nolens Volens said...

Heh, sounds like Fangs is a good friend if he dares to diss you in some of the answers. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think you should do a singing voice thing so I can hear it!

Autumn said...

nice questions. fangs sure did say some nice things about you! post yourself singing. now I have to hear it too. can I go to amsterdam with you, pretty please? sounds like it would be fun.

Krystal said...

I think #18 was my favorite.

Anonymous said...

OMG #4 made me LMAO!!!

I Smile 2 Much said...

I am soooo wanting to know more about #28 now :) And see your smexy dancin :)

You rock, darlin :) Luv'd readin' this~


rage said...

Fangs sounds like fun! This is the same person you had a dream that he, you and I went to a porn store or something, right?



Anonymous said...

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Carry on the good work!