Friday, December 19, 2008

And here we go...

Thanks so much for all the comments and such on the post yesterday! =) With work and the crappy internet connection that doesn't work half the time, it'll take me some time to get around to all those who visited. I'll get there though. ;)

A little post pimping here. Check out this post by the awesome and gorgeous Rage. It's a list of some interesting things you can use Vodka for. It's pretty cool. =)

The Stars played the Columbus Blue Jackets last night. The third and final period ended tied 5 to 5. They went into overtime. Overtime ended, still tied at 5. On to the shootout. The Stars won in the shootout! Woohoo! I was at work during the game but thanks to the magical DVR, I got to watch the game after I got home from work at 1 AM. Lol. We got back some good players too who were out with injuries, Joel Lundqvist and Steve Ott. So yay! Now if only our team captain Brenden Morrow could make a miraculous recovery and make it back this season, lol. Of course, that won't happen and he's out for the rest of this season. It was worth staying up late to watch that game. Wow. What a great game. I'd be so sad if I had to miss so many games due to work, lol. I love the DVR. Go Stars! :D

Work Thursday night was a little interesting. My job is in a shopping center parking lot, on the far end. There was a drug deal that was going down but for the unlucky dealer, they were dealing to a law enforcement person. Which was made clear when a big white SUV pulled up and 4 DEA agents got out. The drug dealer was actually a little blond woman. They pulled a shit ton of cocaine out of her car plus measuring tools and some other shit. My manager used the excuse that he needed a cigarette to go outside and get a closer look. We could all see it happening from the front windows anyway because the front windows faced the parking lot it was happening in. And maybe we were standing there at the windows watching. My manager used the pretense that they were in our parking lot so he had a right to a closer look to make sure none of us or our customers were in any danger. He didn't get close enough to bother the DEA agents or the men in the suits that showed up a couple minutes after they started pulling drugs out of the girls car. The whole ordeal lasted maybe 15 minutes. She got taken away and her little car was left sitting in the parking lot. Sucks to be her. It was crazy though. =) A couple of the major potheads at work were freaking out because not only were there 8 law enforcement folks 20 yards away but 4 of them were wearing pretty jackets with DEA in the big pretty letters on them. I told the one tripping the most to chill out, they had someone way more important they were dealing with at the moment and they weren't going to come in and bother any of us. It didn't calm any of the paranoid drugged out fucks at work though. They were happy to see the cars pull away once it was all done and over with.

That was the most exciting thing I've seen all week. Sad no? Lol. Oh well. The last time I saw a major drug bust I was 15. We lived in a nice, big house. Across the street, a family lived. They had quite a few rotweilers, lots of security, lots of muscular thugs always around and lots of weird and shady behavior. I decided it would be best to ignore them and try not to ever pay attention when I saw them hanging around outside. I didn't know what they were into and didn't really want to know. Of course, the word was that he was a big time drug dealer. I figured that was probably true. That got confirmed one day when his house got swarmed by several different fields of law enforcement. He went to jail. They hauled so much shit out of that house. I remember at the time feeling like I was seeing a scene out of a movie, kind of feeling surreal and odd but nope, it was real. I don't remember if anyone else moved in after they were gone. We moved a few months after that to a house on a country club golf course. I didn't like that house too much because it creeped me out but from the backyard, you could jump the fence and be on the golf course. There were some fun times messing with some rude asshole golfers. Hehehe. =)

I can't believe Christmas is in 6 days! Eeek!

I get to see my boyfriend in 9 days! Yay! This week has really flown by quickly too. I'm hoping next week zooms on by too, lol. With my luck, the last couple days before he arrives will drag on FOREVER. It will seem like that anyway. Heh.

Back to Christmas. 6 days away? Really? I guessI better finish my shopping soon, lol.

Have a great weekend y'all!


David said...

You have a great weekend, too.

Oh, and did you see the Bluejackets game?!? Another great game....who knows...maybe the Stars have finally turned the corner. ;-)

Another Ordinary Girl said...

Yes Christmas is only 6 days away! I need to finish shopping too! But with 12" + snow landing today, I don't think that's going to happen!

Nolens Volens said...

Don't you just LOVE knowing who's on drugs at work? Hehe.

flyinfox-satx said...

Hey, Have a great weekend yourself. Yay you! You get to see BF in 9 days. I know you are looking forward to it.

Baby said...

Oh the paranoia - you are a much nicer person than I, since you didn't use that chance to make the co-workers really squirm! LOL.... Have a great weekend!!!

Another Suburban Mom said...

You have a great weekend. You can finish your shopping! And the drug bust sounded exciting to watch.