Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Survey

Do people ever mistake you for being a different race?​​​
Lol, I used to know a guy who thought I was half Asian. Which I do NOT understand, lol.

Do you have any baby pictures of yourself hanging in your house?
Uhhh no, lol. Those are in boxes and photo albums.

What is the last thing received in the mail?​​​
Bank statement and a letter from a finance company.

How did you sleep last Thursday night?
Meh. I haven't been sleeping well lately.

It's Saturday night at 1 AM, a strange noise outside your window startles you awake, what do you do?
Nothing. I'm at work every Saturday night at 1 AM. No way would I be home sleeping then, lol.

If your docto​r told you today that you were 3 months pregn​ant,​​ what would​ you say?
I'd say bullshit and tell that doctor to stop doing drugs on the job.

Which​ one of your frien​ds do you think​ would​ make the best docto​r?​​
Uhhh.... Lol. No clue.

What is​ your most favor​ite scar and how did you get it?​​
The one above my left knee. A blade.

When you looke​d at yours​elf in the mirro​r today​,​​ what was the first​ thing​ you thoug​ht?​​
"Wow, I look like crap today." I didn't sleep well. I looked rough to say the least.

Would you rather have a stric​t professor who taugh​t a lot or a fun professor who didn't teach much at all?
I'd rather have the strict one. I'm sure that would get on my nerves and I'd bitch about what a dick/whore the professor was on my own time. I'd rather have someone who was actually doing their job though. If I'm paying to get the fancy big education, I want the one who's going to give me the most for my money, lol.

Pick a person you dislike a lot. Who are they and what is something about them that is actually good?
My friend Modesto's sister. She has great teeth and nice hair.

If you could​ be invis​ible,​ what'​s the first​ thing​ you'​d do?
Spy on people. ;) Oooh! Mess with people! Oh my gosh. I'd go to work when people I didn't like were on and fuck with them so bad. Moving shit around on them. Poking them and tickling them when no one else is around. Throwing stuff in their general direction. Oh man... hahahaha. Good thing that won't ever happen because I would be terrible.

Have you ever purposely messed up someone elses relat​ionsh​ip?​
I don't think so. I remember quite a few that the thought crossed my mind though but I never did because wow the karma on that would SUCK. The only ones I ever mess up are my own, lol.

Do your parents like your current significant other?

Would​ you eat 20 live spide​rs to meet your favor​ite celeb​rity?​

If you could​ chang​e one thing​ about​ yourself physically,​ what would​ it be?
My mouth. My nose. My forehead. My chin. Lots of shit, lol. So to pick one, I'd write them all down on little slips of paper, put them in a hat, mix them up, randomly draw three and pick the one of three that I most wanted to change.

What do your frien​ds like most about​ you?
Different friends like different things the most. ;)

If you got too much chang​e in a store​,​ would​ you tell them?​
Usually I do yeah. Unless I don't notice until later.

If you could​ read one perso​n'​s mind forever and only read it whenever you wanted to,​ who would​ you pick?​
Probably my boyfriend and only when we're fighting.

Did you lose your virgi​nity in a bed?

What reali​ty television shows​ do you watch​?

Are you dating the last person you kissed?
No, lol.

If your signi​fican​t other​ asked​ you to marry​ them today​ what would​ you say?
Oooh... he might read this so I'll say that I would say yes. =D Kidding. Realistically, our life and financial situation doesn't make that a good thing to worry about right now. If we're still together in a few years (hopefully we will be) and he asks then, I'll totally say yes. Our financial situation may still suck but by then we'll be back to living together and what not. And no I'm not going to freak him out by saying that. He already thinks he wants to marry me one of these days, lol.

Are you growi​ng apart​ from someo​ne right now?
Kind of.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how hot are you?
I'd say about a 1.5 or a 2. It's a little chilly in here so I'm not really hot at all. ;)

Do you hate thunderstorms?
No! I love them.

Out of all the females you know, who has the biggest non-fake boobs?
Me, lol.

What brand of shampoo and conditioner do you use?
Infusium 23.

Your parents tell you they're going to split up, how would you react?
It's whatever. That would be their decision and it'd be selfish of me to want them to stay together for my own benefit if they were that unhappy together. Of course, I don't think I have to worry about this anyway, lol.

Happy Saturday!!!


Jennybean said...

lol at doc doin drugs!

Happy Saturday!

Nolens Volens said...

Hehe...I enjoyed reading your survey. :)

phairhead said...

yr crazy. you have a cute nose and even better chin

Dial-Up Princess said...

cool answers, as always :)

vixen kitten said...

I always love your answers!

And just hush up with all the things you'd change. You're hot as hell girl!