Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hockey hockey food mutter

I love that we have NHL's Center Ice Package and a DVR to record the games I don't get to watch due to being at work. The Stars played Anaheim last night and I got to watch some of the first period before having to take off to get to work. I'm watching the game right now. I love skipping through the commercials. They lost in a shoot out but each team still gets a point each for making it into over time. Still, a win would've been even better. It was a damn good game though! We play the Flyers on Monday night. My friend Philly is going to the game. He's a Flyers fan, of course. I didn't nickname him Philly for nothing you know. ;) I really hope we win. I don't want to listen to him gloat if my Stars lose, lol.

A blogger friend was asking me who my favorite player on the Stars is. The answer to that is Mike Modano. He's been my favorite player since I was 9 years old. They also asked if I had a player on the team that I didn't care for. There are tons of players I don't care for on other teams, just none of the Stars. I didn't like Antti Miettinen too much but he no longer plays for us so I can't count him. I used to not care for defenseman Trevor Daley much but he's grown on me as a player this season. I was uncertain about Sean Avery at the beginning of the season. I didn't like or dislike him but I thought he'd be a good addition to the team if he kept his head out of his ass and watched his mouth and oddball antics. So far, he has been a good addition to the team and I really dig him as a player too. :) Other favorite Stars are Marty Turco, Steve Ott, Mike Ribeiro, Sergei Zubov, Darryl Sydor, Stephane Robidas, Jere Lehtinen, Loui Erikkson and Brenden Morrow. So basically, most of the team are my favorite players. ;) And no, I didn't need to check on the correct spelling for any of those names, lol.

I tried a new dessert appetizer thing at work last night. They won't be introduced until December but we got them in this week. My crazy crackhead boss opened up a bag and made them up for everyone to try. They looked gross. They tasted so fucking good. An hour later, they didn't taste so good as I puked the two bite size pieces back up. Along with my sandwich and side salad that had been my dinner. Disgusting. They had not let the dessert appetizer bites cook long enough. I think. A couple of the guys started getting stomach aches too. They're going to try them again and let them cook a bit longer before eating them up. I don't think I'll eat them again. I hate throwing up. My throat has already been sore and irritated the last few days. That didn't help at all, lol.

I can't figure out what I want to get Boyfriend for Xmas. I have everything else for everyone figured out, I just need to get on the ball and get the stuff purchased, lol. My boy really wants car parts to fix up his IROC Camaro but I can't afford to buy any of the parts he needs, lol. So I have a few ideas but they're also expensive ideas as well. I'll get something figured out though. :D

Unconscious Mutterings

They say... I think....

  1. Spit it out :: get on with the story.
  2. Shadow :: silhouette
  3. Database :: computer
  4. Expression :: emotion
  5. Boss :: is a crazy fucking crackhead. :D
  6. Baby :: diapers
  7. Mystic :: dreams
  8. Kate :: Beckinsale is hot!
  9. Boobies :: big.
  10. Raid :: the cookie jar.


Anonymous said...

Dang nothing cheap would help him with the Z? Surely there is some stuff that would work, maybe not help it run but for it that he needs.

lol@ boss!

Another Suburban Mom said...

Sorry you got sick. There is nothing I hate more than throwing up! When the kids get the throwing us stomach flu its all I can do not to barf with them.

I hope you can find something for the man.

Hubman said...

lol @ #9- ain't that the truth!

Anonymous said...

Ugh- i would probably pass on the appetizer trial next time too! Maybe you can get your man something like nice cleaner, seat covers, floor matts or something for his car that is not so expensive? i know that if it's a standard there are some pretty awesome covers made of metal for the pedals or perhaps a stick shift replacement that lights up- lol i have a blue one i need to put on my car still. Good luck finding something!

phairhead said...

boobies is the best word ever, next to titties

Jormengrund said...

For a long-distance relationship like you two are in, one of the best gifts you could honestly give him is a couple of photos of the two of you, and a promise of weekly letters!

There's just something heartwarming about getting mail from a loved one that tops a phone call, or anything like that....

Oh, and don't forget to try out the new appetizers BEFORE they've been cooked, to see just how vile they can be! You think you puked when they weren't cooked long enough.. Raw should just about put you over the edge!