Friday, November 21, 2008

Fuck You Friday

Fuck You...

- CRAZY ASS WEATHER! I love cold weather, I do. I like warm weather. I like anything but excruciatingly hot and humid weather. This 75 today and then 45 the next and then 70 again the next? That shit needs to stop, lol. A little warning please before you drop 30 degrees or so and then bounce right back up. You're wrecking all kinds of havoc here with the changes being all kinds of screwed up.

- People who can't think for themselves. I swear, the next time a customer asks me to pick out a drink for them because they can't pick what they want themselves? They're getting good ol' fucking delicious ice water. Maybe, maybe with some lemon or a lime in it. Maybe a cherry even. Bwa ha ha.

I can see asking what's good. I can see asking for input on what I like best or what people order most. What drinks are sweeter than others and what ones are sour. What flavors people get the least. Any little questions like that are fine enough BUT having me pick one for you because oh gosh, you just can't decide? Then when I ask what you like (fruity, sweet, sour, etc) you want to shrug and say "Oh I dunno, doesn't really matter" and then get mad and complain when you get something basic and simple? IF you were hoping for someting more, fucking say so and make up your own mind. I don't know you from anyone else in there. I'm no psychic and my being able to read people doesn't extend to knowing what you like to eat and drink. Don't complain when you refuse to pick your own stuff, that you're paying for, and then get something you don't want. Those who let us pick and then don't bitch about the outcome are exempt from this. My gripe is the ones who do this and then want to whine because it wasn't what they wanted. If you have an idea, speak up! At the least, give a hint to what you're looking for. Something tropical? Something tart and tangy? Berries? Sweet and tangy? So sour your eyes may pop out? We'll happily come up with something to float your boat but not when you won't give us shit to go on. BITCH PLEASE.

That's all my gripes for today, lol.

I have work tonight. Like every Friday night. And Saturday night. And Sunday night. And Monday night.... Lol. I close Friday and Saturday night. If I work it right, I can squeeze in some over time by the end of both nights. I do so love the overtime pay. Woohoo.

I trimmed my hair up yesterday. I was bored and took off an inch and a half of my hair. It isn't too noticeable unless you paid attention to the fact that my hair was down to resting around my boobs and below my shoulders. It's back to resting on my shoulders. It has been growing quickly lately so it will be back to that length in no time. I really need to stop clipping my hair when I get bored. I'm never going to get it really long again if I keep on doing that, heh.

Have a great weekend y'all!!!!!


Another Ordinary Girl said...

I agree with you on the whole customers who can't make up their minds. I'm a bartender too and it drives me nuts. Just pick something already, I have other people to wait on!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Another Suburban Mom said...

I hate the indecisive. Dude, its a drink. If you don't like it order another one.

If you are using the 'I can't decide' as a ploy to pick up the bartender you need to rethink your tactic, cause obviously its not working.

KBear said...

hehe. it's a balmy -9 here today:)

I'll take your 70. and humidity:)

Southern Vixen said...

As a former bartender, I would recommend this. The more "macho" the man, the gay-er, fruitier, more "decorated, more girly the drink. If it is a frilly girl...give her scotch, neat.

That will cure them of any future bullshit they might spout out at the bar!

Jennybean said...

lol at vixen! perfect!

Jormengrund said...

I hate when someone else nearly causes a problem or accident, and then blames YOU for it!

This last week I was nearly hit by a forklift carrying a full load, and when they guy didn't look around, and tried to turn at me, I screamed and nearly knocked over his pallet load.

The guy then proceeded to clean his shorts, and yell at me for not saying something while he was driving!

Excuse me? If you're not going to run the equipment the way that you're supposed to, don't start blaming other folks when you screw up!

Great post AR! Have a great weekend!

Cher said...

Have a great weekend GIRL!!!

Dial-Up Princess said...

remind me not to walk into any bar you
im a horrible drinker, i always ask for a suggestion from the doing so i have found some sure winners and def losers in what i like in drinks...

have a good weekend:)

how many more days till you see the boyfriend?

fairyflutters said...

I remember waiting tables, closing and serving drinks like that. LOL I never had anyone ask me to choose their drink but I was under 21 when I was working there so maybe that was why. Many moons ago. LOL

I do remember the people that ordered the big frozen drinks w/ the whipped cream tipped the least. ;)