Friday, November 14, 2008

Fuck Yeah Friday!

I am so excited right now! The last week or longer has emotionally and mentally been rough on me. Some things are going down that I haven't and won't post about that are really getting to me. One thing in particular scares and worries me but it's the kind of thing that's beyond my control. Actually beyond anyone's control. Life happens and sometimes, it fucking sucks. Anyway, on to something positive. In less than 2 weeks, I will be flying in to see my Boyfriend. I'll be spending a few days, including Thanksgiving, with him. So that makes me happy. I'm excited. I know we'll make the most of the time we're getting together. Then I'll get to see him again in December when he comes to visit moi. Eeeeeeeppp!!!! =D =D =D

My Stars lost last night to the Kings. 3 to 2. Grrr. We're so not having a good go of things so far this season. I'm still hoping things come together and get better for them though. If not, I'll still be there cheering them on anyway, lol. A couple bloggers have mentioned in emails and comments that they find themselves checking up on the Stars now to see how they're doing since I mention them so much on my blog during hockey season. Despite some not being so interested in hockey, lol. I would apologize but I think it's pretty fucking cool so... =p Lol.

Thursday night at work I got to talking with two co-workers.They were calling another co-worker who wasn't present a man whore. I listened to them talk a couple minutes more without saying anything and then I asked them both what they thought made someone a whore. The girl said someone that had been with 4 people or more was a whore. I asked her why the magic number for her was 4. She said that just seemed like a lot of people to her so anyone with 3 or less isn't a whore but 4 or more, WHORE! Okay, so in her eyes, I'm definitely a whore. =) I asked her if she defined her term of "been with" as only intercourse or if making out, fondling and oral sex counted too. She looked at me puzzled and said making out and fondling didn't count. She was iffy on oral sex. She said she guess she would count oral and intercourse in numbers. So I said if someone makes out and gropes 60 different people in 6 months, they're not slutty because they didn't have oral sex or intercourse with them. She looked puzzled more and said she needed to think on that. The guy said he said it wasn't the number of partners but the way the person did things that made them a whore or not. He said in example is one girl has had sex with 10 peoople and each person was a boyfriend and each boyfriend lasted for 4 months, then she wasn't a whore. She was just having sex with people she was in a relationship with. If however, a girl or guy had 10 one night stands in 3 years time, they were a whore because the sex was casual and with someone they didn't know. Same thing for if it was 10 fuck buddies, whore whore whore. Or if a person has had more than 15 partners total, they are a whore. I asked them then why being a "whore" was a bad thing. The guy said it wasn't, it just meant they had issues with self esteem or confidence OR just liked sex a lot. The girl said simply that it was just disgusting and made other women look bad and that girls and guys who did that just had no self esteem or self respect and just wanted to be liked so much that they'd hop in to bed with people to be liked. Also they have no morals and are weak because they can't say no.

I would hope that many girls and guy out there would realize there's more to them to offer others than what they have between their legs. For a lot of people, it isn't a confidence or esteem issue. They just like and enjoy sex. I would hope that they were doing it for the right reasons. Not being forced into it and not allowing someone to force them in to it. Not doing it to be popular or so someone will like them. Not hoping it will make someone love them. Really though, as long as people are being safe and responsible, I couldn't care less how many people they fuck. Not doing dangerous things and getting in to potentially harmful situations. Using condoms and/or birth control so they're not spreading diseases and popping out babies they're not going to take care of. Again though, as long as they're being safe and responsible and are willing to truly be held accountable for anything that might occur that specifically needs attentuion; it's not my business who they're doing or why they're doing them. I don't think someone who has low partner numbers or no partners is better than anyone else just because they're more choosey or have morals or beliefs that keep them from doing anything. I don't think all people who sleep around more often neccesarilly have low esteem or low self respect.

or me, it's not an issue of low self esteem, confidence or self respect. I just like sex, a lot. Though according to the girl from work, I'm a whore with no self respect who makes women look bad and just wants to be liked and loved. Not true. I have plenty of respect for myself. I have plenty of morals and I'm not a weak person or bad person because I like sex and have done it with more people than what she thinks is acceptable. I don't think I'm a whore and I wouldn't go back and take away any of the things I've done or the people I've done them with. I could be doing far worse things with my free time you know. ;)

For me, what it comes down to is at the end of the day, if you're happy/content/okay/can live with yourself and the things you've done and the people you've done them with... who gives a flying fuck what other people have to say about it?

Have a great weekend y'all!!!!!


Neath said...

Well, it seems that, according to your co-workers, I'd be considered a man whore. I wonder if they'd change that opinion after taking into cosideration the fact that I haven't had any in two and a half years.......

Jormengrund said...

You know, for some it's a matter of supply and demand, also.

I mean, if you're in the service, and have to be out on manuvers for three months straight, then back in port for six, you might be considered a whore during those six months!

Others? They'd call that stockpiling before the next cruise!

Anyway, I think it's all about personal definition. I myself ranted about stereotypes, and how each person seems to want to try to categorize each and every person that they come into contact with.

At times they're right. Most times they just make snap decisions, and it is the wrong one.

This is why first impressions are so hard to get rid of.

Why? Because your mind tags this person with your first impression, and it doesn't like to change much, if at all!

Great post AR!

Another Ordinary Girl said...

I guess I would be considered a whore too, even though I have been with my current boyfriend for over 3 years. And then before that, my ex-husband who I was with for 5 years. I have had more than 4 partners so I guess I am right there with you! Have a great weekend!

Jennybean said...

attitude is everything!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Ha...would you consider those co-workers as dorks or idiots?

I say if they've had 3 conversations or less like that one, they are dorks. But if they have had 4 or more...they're idiots. I bet...they are past the magical number 4. :D

Then they can call me a whore.

Ciao babe. Fun post.

Kitty said...

my magic number is in the triple figures, the firs being a 5.

i might be a whore, but i'm a fucking happy one darls.

how is your idiot co-worker? do mirrors scream and self-shatter on her approach? mwaahahahahahaha.

your little friend there sounds like she could benefit from a hard fuck up against a wall real soon.

love, the happy whore a.k. kitty

fairyflutters said...

By your coworker's standards, I am a whore and I haven't even been in practice in many moons. LOL

She sounds like an idiot. And why do we need to classify "man" whore. Why can't a whore apply to male or female? LOL

To me a whore is someone who sells sex for a living or takes sex extremely casually no matter the number but it's not something I give much thought to as usually it's none of anyone's business who is sleeping w/ whom and I really don't care. :)

Your job sounds like a hoot. I bet it would be such fun to hang out w/ you in real life. I like how you see things.

tiwiwtw said...

I am so happy that you are going to get so see your boyfriend soon!

So what how old are those co-workers, like 12?

I have slept with my fair share of men and it's not due to self-esteem issues, it's because I like sex.

Have a great weekend!


The Bizza said...

People talk outta their ass all the time. I wouldn't read too much into it.

phairhead said...

going to see boyfriend soon? nice. and you get to be a whore w/ him. yeah!

~viemoira~ said...

Yey! i am so very happy for you and hope that you live it up with your boyfriend! :)