Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Artist.

Okay, so I did this questionnaire/survey type deal back a few months ago when my Boyfriend first showed up on my blog before starting his own. Anyway, I went and found it and thought it would be fun if I could get one of my close friends to fill this in. So I asked several of them thinking that most would find it lame and not want to do it. I hoped out of 10 that I would get at least one or maybe two to agree. Instead, almost all of them wanted to do it. I figure I might just post one of these per month until I run out or something like that. Unless they bore people to tears then really, too bad, they can skip reading that day, lol. I don't want to post these too often though so hence the one a month thing.

So anyway, here is one of my friends, whom we'll be calling The Artist. She picked her own nickname and it's a very fitting one indeed. =) She is phenomenal with a utensil in her hand when it comes to sketching and painting. She's got skills. ;) I did change up some of the questions so it would be more fitting for a friend to answer over some of the questions my boyfriend had to answer, lol.


Hi, my name is: The Artist.

1. Things I am interested in are: Art, Eastern medicine, philosophy, alternative medicine and healing practices, Taoism, dark comedy, burlesque, physics, anatomy, musical theory and spirituality.

2. My favorite kind of cookies are: oatmeal raisin, white chocolate chip and fudge brownie.

3. My favorite things to do in my free time are: sketch, paint, sculpt, listen to music, read a book, hang with friends and/or boyfriend, crafts, bake, watch movies, kite flying, paper mache, dancing.

4. My most embarrassing moment was when: Goodness! There are so many! How about when I puked on my boyfriend on our first date? LOL [bad sushi!!]

5. My worst habit is that I: procrastinate procrastinate procrastinate!

6. My favorite part of the day is: school! In all seriousness, I love school.

7. I get complimented most on my: art, smile, sense of humor.

8. The best thing about me is: I never give up and I am very loyal.

9. People say that I have a great: heart.

10. People who don't know me tend to think I am: rude but I'm not, just very honest. Also stuck up but I am not that either, I'm just shy and quiet until I get to know you.

11. My relationship with Amorous Rocker is best explained as: friends forever, she will be stuck with me until one of us passes from this world.

12. I have known AR for this long: 8 years and counting.

13. The first time I saw AR in the flesh, my first thought was: that she was weird but had cool looking hair. I remember it was black with red and purple streaks in it and she had on black jeans with a studded belt. She was friendly but she just seemed totally weird to me, definitely not like any person I had ever met before.

14. AR's worst habit is: smoking! She really should quit but I don't push her on that. Often.

15. The thing I like most about AR's personality is: her outlook and her sense of humor. Very odd but rarely fails to make me laugh or crack a smile.

16. I envy AR's: big boobs. Quite frankly, I don't have much going on in the girl's department there and wouldn't mind being a cup size more.

17. I pick on AR about: her smoking! LOL

18. Something weird about AR is: so much but I will go for her interest in reading about serial killers.

19. I admire AR's:
ability to be adventurous and try new things. We were all to go cliff diving once and I chickened out, as I generally do. I'm not adventurous at all. I admire her spirit and ability to let go in the face of something scary and do it anyway.

20. One of AR's favorite things to eat is: chicken.

21. AR gets a major sweet tooth for: ice cream.

22. Five words that best describe AR are: Oh my, hmm.. 1, quirky. 2, intelligent. 3, passionate. 4, fierce. 5, creative. As an added bonus: Funny, bold, persuasive, fun and blunt.

23. AR's singing sounds like: waves rolling in on the shore. Her singing voice isn't high pitched or "Diva-ey" at all. It's more low and... Frankly, I have no clue how to explain. Quite pretty works. IF SHE'LL LET YOU HEAR HER SING!

24. AR's dancing looks like: fun.

25. Something AR is insanely skilled at is: getting her point across. Particularly when she is passionate about the subject.

26. People may be surprised to know that AR: can be such a sweetheart and is a sucker for puppies. :p

27. AR's sense of humor is: strange. It's a mix of sarcastic, twisted, odd and goofy.

28. The meanest thing AR has ever done to me is: nothing.

29. Five things AR has a lot of dislike for are: people who are abusive to animals, children and people in general. People whom drive under the influence. Manipulation. Porcelain dolls. Cotton candy.

30. The most annoying thing about AR is: her temper.

31. The biggest misconception about AR is: that she's a snob.

32. AR is the first person I would go to if I needed to: get advice on my relationship, vent in general, needed a laugh or wanted to dare someone to do something crazy.

33. I won't ever forget the time that AR: punched a guy in the face for being unable to keep his hands to himself. She told him several times to back off and warned that violence would occur if he did not stop. He did not. She punched him. He cried as his nose bled. It was my first time seeing a girl punch a boy to the point of him bleeding and crying. I was also shocked that she really hit him at first.

34. The game I enjoy playing with AR most is: Battleship! I always win. ;)

35. AR gets really riled up when: she's watching sports. She's like a man when it comes to her sporting teams.

36. AR gets really pissed when: I beat her at Battleship! Just kidding. A little bit. She gets really pissed (at herself) when she does something stupid that she prior had said she would not do.

37. AR's most annoying friend is: of her friends that I know and have spent time with, I will say Cupcake. I will have to tell her who that is. Cupcake annoys me because she tries too hard to be different, random and unique. IMO.

38. My favorite memory with AR is: the first summer we met. I was a very sheltered kid and she opened my eyes to a lot of things.

39. AR spends too much money on: books and music likely. Also on cigarettes. I have mentioned the smoking so much already. Bad me.

40. I really like it when AR and I: have a debate. We both are passionate in our beliefs but respectful enough to know our opinions are not the end all and be all. We can passionately debate and discuss things without getting mad with one another and without trying to convince why one way is right and the others is wrong.

41. The thing AR is hardest on herself about is: everything.I think she is too hard on most everything when it comes to herself.

42. People may think AR is an asshole because: she can be an asshole at times. :D

43. The thing that surprised me most about AR: is what we have in common and how well we get along despite being opposites.

44. AR's temper is like: Hell hath no fury like AR's temper when she is good and heated.

45. Something that scares me about AR is: how adventurous she can be. I do envy and admire that about her as I have previously stated. I do worry though that she sometimes isn't cautious enough before doing things.

46. The craziest thing I have ever done with AR is: nothing. I never actively participated in any crazy antics. I sat back, watching and hoping that nothing went wrong.

47. Five things AR and I have in common are: love of art, love of thunderstorms, being blunt, interest in psychology and similar tastes in movies.

I think career wise AR would make an excellent: lawyer, doctor, psychologist or college professor.

49. When AR gets drunk, she: gets bad ideas to do things she shouldn't do and thinks they're good ideas. I'm a very cautious person and I think that makes me biased in some way but I stand with my statement.

Two things AR and I never agree on: religion and vegetarianism.


Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hum...I like it. :)

Jormengrund said...


Not only do we get to kind of "meet" some of your friends, but we also get to see a bit of you through someone else's eyes..

Great idea!

Jennybean said...

great idea!

Rage said...

That was cool hearing a friend's outlook on you.

Thanks for sharing!