Tuesday, December 9, 2008

$50 tip.

I mentioned about a $50 tip accompanied with a note that I wanted to write about it. I started and then stopped, not sure if I wanted to or not. I'm going to after all. =)

I was working late two Saturday nights ago and something interesting happened. I waited on 3 young girls. I'd put them at late teens to early twenties. Barely younger than me or about the same age as me either way. While waiting on them, they asked me quite a few questions. How I was doing, how I was really doing, how I liked my job, if I was okay in general and some other things. They seemed very concerned and caring about my overall well being. They were very nice and sweet girls. I had never seen them before and neither had anyone else there that night. I got a little of an odd vibe off them. Not in a strange or creepy way but just that they were very concerned about me for whatever reason. Which seemed strange because I didn't know them and they didn't know me. I've never seen or waited on them before, I would have remembered. I have a knack for remembering faces and easily begin to recognize repeat customers after just coming in once and then a second time. I felt strange about them. The last thing the blonde girl named Kelly did was look at me and ask, "So, are you really okay? In general." I shook my head and said that yeah, I was doing fine. She nodded once, staring at me and said simply, "Ok." That was the weirdest part of all because I felt like she was staring straight through me and seeing the truth that I wasn't saying. Like she was looking beneath everything on the surface and skipping all the physical elements to me and just seeing that I was lying in a way. I am fine but I've been conflicted in things a lot lately. I've been confused a lot and I've felt incredibly down a lot lately. I thought maybe she was just an intuitive person but the way she stared into me really unnerved me. They were done and just sitting around so I got on with other customers. I paid a little attention to them here and there but they seemed to just be chatting away.

I was coming up from the back and the blonde named Kelly was standing by the front door waiting for me to come by. As I got closer, the girl named Maria came to stand by her. The third girl, Megan, was no where in sight. I got up in front of them and stopped to ask if they needed anything.

Kelly said, "We have your tip for you and it's in here (holding up a note towards me) but please wait until we leave to open it." I said thank you and told them to have a great night. They walked quickly away and I unfolded the paper, read the note and then counted the bills to realize I had 50 dollars in my hand from these girls. I saw them in the distance so I went around after them but they were just gone in the blink of an eye. I searched a little for them in the direction I had just seen them walking but didn't see them anywhere at all. I asked some people if they had seen them and everyone was of the consensus that they were gone once they were into the next parking lot. It was strange. People don't just vanish into thin air in front of people.

I can't scan the note but I'll type out the note exactly as they wrote it so y'all can see what it said.

Here it is:


Amorous! (My real name was here but obviously I'm not posting that, lol.)

Thank you so much for serving us! We hope that you experience God's blessing in every area of your life, especially at your home!
There is something special about you - remember.

Kelly, Megan, Maria! =)"

Now, the thing about this note is that I didn't see them with other than their little wallets containing their money and credit cards. The paper didn't seem like it was only minutes free of a notepad either. It had creases in it and the paper was slightly worn like it had been folded and carried around a little bit. I was curious about why it was dated as well. I was also curious about what the note said. A lot of my conflicting thoughts are about stuff that revolves around home and I've been very down on myself lately.

My name was on the note but I never wear my name tag at work, lol. I might have had it on but that in itself would be weird because really, I never wear the damn thing. I don't tell my name and it's also not on any receipts. Not because I'm paranoid but because my family are pretty much the only people in my life who call me by my name. Most of my friends always calls me by various nicknames. No one stopped and talked to them. We didn't have many employees that night. In fact, I was the only one serving food the whole time they were there with one girl helping here and there. They didn't talk to her and they didn't talk to anyone else at work then. They didn't leave their table the whole time we were there up until the point they were ready to leave. No one I knew was there and I have no doubt in my mind about never seeing them before.

I doubt that I'll ever see them again but I would really like to. For nothing more than to say thanks. The money was nice and I ended up giving about half of that $50 away anyway. The note was the part that stood out to me more. I'd also like to get the chance to ask them about the note and why they picked me to do that for and how the heck they knew my name, lol. Among other things. Though like I said, I don't think I'll ever see those girls again to ask them anything or even just to say thank you.

My nose is running. I keep on sneezing. My throat is scratchy and irritated. My head is aching and feels crowded. It never fails. Every year, no matter what I do, I get sick at one point in December. I've spent quite a few Christmas mornings opening gifts and feeling like crap. Waiting to be done to go back to sleep. Thankfully it looks like I'll be knocking the December head cold I always get out early this year. So happy I'm off today and tomorrow. I'll be relaxing and medicating it on up.

I'm definitely venturing out for The Dark Knight today though. Yeaaah baby. =) Since I'll be at Best Buy getting that, I'll grab up a few gifts too.

Happy Tuesday!


Another Suburban Mom said...

Love the tale. Its odd when a random act of kindness happens to you, isn't it?

~viemoira~ said...

Wow- that is just plain freakish! i would certainly take the note very seriouly if i were you!
Hope you feel better- there is a ton of crap going around.

~c said...

Remember darlin'... you just never know if your playing with angels..

Wonderful that you recieved such a wonderful gift (not calling it a tip at this point)... Sometimes in life we run across people that are more aware of people's aura than others.. Keep up the good work,,
and be happy...


jGrrl said...

I got the creepiest strange cool vibe from that. I'm a flake but I believe that magickal things happen during Yule and as you likely k now, my faith has a triple Goddess, we also sometimes believe that 'angels' come into regular people to do good deeds and then depart again to angel-like places. I think it wasn't so much the money but a message to YOU to not be so hard on yourself so much and even if it was just some random thing - I'm gonna pretend it was magick and thats kinda nice.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Good for you! That is awesome! Now its your turn to pay it forward (if you haven't done so already)

...and yeah, I will be watching The Dark Knight tonight as well, thinking if we are watching it at the same time....

Jennybean said...

wow... that is a bit odd...

Christmas Magic maybe?

Jormengrund said...

Angels are everywhere..

To abuse a great line from the movie Constantine:

"Even if you don't believe in them, they still believe in YOU"

Merry Christmas AR!

13messages said...

Thank you for sharing that. Just reading the story has improved my day. You're paying it forward already. :)

My best to you and to your three mysterious friends.

Baby said...

I am so glad you shared that - it was a lovely post - a heart warming description of kindness and caring... (I see I am not alone either with believing in Angels from your other commenters)... Hope you feel better soon - both emotionally and physically!

rage said...

That was weird, and unexpected.

Thank you for sharing that with us, as you know we were all wanting to know the story behind the tip and letter!


TUG said...

hmmm, very strange and cool at the same time. I'm assuming the date wasn't the actual date the events happened? That's sorta weird. Maybe they were going to use it for something else. Maybe they really were in there before but you don't remember. MAYBE...they read your blog!!!

garbonzo said...

Wow. Talk about spreading some cheer! Enjoy it!

Autumn said...

wow! what a wonderful random act. there are so many things unexplained which, of course, makes you wonder. if you ever see them again you must tell us! if things like that are going to happen, it usually is around the holidays. people are much more sensitive to the needs of others.

phairhead said...

hmmm... must just be me, but i find yr story more weird than nice. but that's me all over, more weird than nice

I Smile 2 Much said...

Hmmm. Thats crazy cool. :)

Hope you feel better soon.

fairyflutters said...

We are watching that movie right now!

That is crazy they knew your name but I do feel like there are true psychics in this world as well as angels. Maybe you happened upon one or the other.

There is a girl whose daughter goes to preschool w/ mine and she was telling me how she was in the grocery store one day w/ her three kids when a stranger commented on them and then she saw them again while she was in line at the pharmacy (one of them was sick). The lady handed her an envelope and told her she wanted to give her something from her church. When my friend opened it, she found $100.

She said it couldn't have come at a better time. :) Oh, and there was no name or church or anything else in the envelope.

I believe there *are* angels here among us. ;)

Vixen said...

That's amazing. Random acts of kindness.... *happy sigh*

Elle said...

It's funny, I'm torn between finding this a cool, nice gesture and wondering if this wasn't some sort of weird church thing, trying to "recruit" you. A sect? :P

But all in all, they were nice to you and you got $50, so... it's all good :)

Kittie Kate said...

There are angels out there. They're hard to find, but they're there.

Pronto said...

for a minute, i was gonna ask if

they weren't really angels, and on that $50 they had planted some kinda cold virus,

but then i decided that would be stupid, and decided not to post.

shit. sorry.

An Artist Exposed said...

Good things come back to you. I'm glad that the note made you feel special - you are!