Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What word?

Today is my visit with the oral doctor. Technically in a little more than 12 hours, I'll be sitting in the office, awaiting my turn for a visit with the good doctor. I'm a little apprehensive about the possible pain that's going to come with it but meh, whatever. :)

Half of Tuesday, I thought it was Monday. So if you got any kind of comment or e-mail from me wishing you a good Monday yesterday just ya know, know that I meant Tuesday. D'oh.

I was eating one of those fun sized bags of M&M's candies on Tuesday and about halfway through, I noticed I was eating them in order of color. I think the brown or the yellows were the first ones gone. I know when I noticed I had them sectioned out into little groups by color and was eating them one color group at a time, I had only green, blue and red left. I didn't consciously remember sectioning them out into color groups though. I just looked at them halfway through and it clicked that hey, look what you're doing! I thought about it some more and tried to think of other things I might do this with. I came up with nothing. Then again, I didn't realize until today I did that with the M&M's. I'll have to watch what I'm doing now to see if any other compulsive little things pop up that I didn't realize before.

Boyfriend also has a doctor's appointment today. He's been sick the last few days and Tuesday he started having an issue that was a bit more worrisome than his other ailments. So he quickly made an appointment with his family physician for this afternoon to see if everything's okay or not. I'm hoping it's nothing bad. *Sigh*

Friday night is the season opener for my Dallas Stars! We play the Columbus Blue Jackets. I'll be at work but hopefully I can get the game recorded so I can watch it later. :) Hoooorrrraaaaayyyy!

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Another Suburban Mom said...

One, I love your tag about the boobs, and two, I also divide my m&m's by color.

Weekends Off said...

Hey girl! Good morning! I eat all of the red m&m's first before any other color, but then the others can all go in randomly. Mmm. M&m's. I haven't had those lately, I've been on a frozen peanut butter cup kick.
I hope all goes well with your appointment, and also with your bf's appointment of course!

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

I do the same darn thing with the M&Ms. They *must* be sorted...the chocolate is too chaotic otherwise. ;)

Hope the appointments go well!

I Smile 2 Much said...

Hope your doc appt goes cool this time.....

LOL on your colorful M&M's. I have no gosh dang idea if I even do that or not. I'll hafto pay attention to myself next time. Plain M&M's are my secret weakness. I cant ever buy them because of it; I luv 'em too much *giggles*

Hope BF feels & gets better soon. That sucks :(

My boob quiz said mine should be called: peanutbutter & jelly

WTH? LOL ; ) Too funny-

Jormengrund said...

Best wishes on the doc!

Hope you come out feeling a hell of a lot better than you did going in..

Oh, and get the BF better too, two of you in a sickbed just isn't healthy!

phairhead said...

I don't colour sort M&M's but I do the candy rattle. I shake 'em like dice before they go into my mouth. huh, i'm weird.

Heff said...

You color coordinate m&ms ? SEEK HELP !

Rage said...

Good luck at the docs office hon!

I can't start eating M&M's because I won't stop eating them. They are SO good!

Mariposa said...

Ah, about your tag...can we be good friends?! LOL

I also eat my M&m in some specific order.