Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weirdness & videos

Wednesday Weirdness. Come play too. ;)

1.) As an adult, do you do anything for Halloween or is it jut another day?
I LOVE Halloween. I know many people who tell me it's a child's holiday and I need to grow up. All I say to them is fuck off. I love the month of October. I love fall. I usually work Halloween now that I'm a big kid but I've always worked a job where the option to dress up was given. So, I dress up for work and then go out after work. :)

2.) Do you ever dress up for Halloween? What will be your costume this year?
I do! I still haven't decided, lol. I need to hurry up on that one huh? :D

3.) Have you started Christmas shopping yet? When do you usually begin?
Gosh no. I usually start in October. I don't have the funds to do so this year though.

4.) Do you look people in the eye when talking? Does it bother you when people don't make eye contact during conversation?
Mostly I do. It does a little. I like a little break in eye contact sometimes though. It's a little unnerving when the person never wavers and constantly stares at you. I don't mind a little break in the eye contact but mostly, I can't stand when someone won't look at me while conversing.

5.) What excuse do you usually use when you want to take a day off work for no real reason?
I rarely do that so I don't have a set of excuses for that. I hate missing work.

6.) How often, on average, do you find yourself thinking about sex per day?
Probably more than the average female does, lol. I can guarantee you that one.

7.) What company makes your favorite brand of shoes? What makes them your favorite?
Etnies! I love Etnies. They are so fucking comfortable and not a bad price at all. Plus they last no matter how tough I am on them.

8.) Do you ever save alcohol bottles once they are empty?
Yeah! They make awesome change jars. Seriously. :)

9.) Do you enjoy musicals?
Musical theater and plays. :) If they're good and put on well.

Recently, I started using Infusium 23 for my hair. By recently, I mean about 3 weeks ago. I love how this stuff smells. In the bottle, it smells meh at best. Just kind of bland and not very fragrant at all. After I use the shampoo and conditioner (when I use the conditioner), my hair smells flipping amazing. It leaves my hair smelling so good that I actually slightly enjoy being able to smell my hair. I also like how my hair feels soft without feeling oily or limp. It leaves a nice shine that doesn't look greasy. My hair looks and feels awesome. The only real downside is the cost of it but I'm pathetic and happily pay too much for hair care products.

My cell phone is annoying me as of late. It turns itself off several times during the day. If I slide the phone shut too quickly, it causes the phone to shut off. I spoke with tech support on the issue and they had nothing for me. They suggested I take the phone into a store and see what a customer service rep in there could do for me. No thanks. Those people are rarely actually any help at all. It's not too annoying so as long as it doesn't get worse, I should be fine. I have insurance on my phone so if the thing does crap out, I'll use a claim for a replacement. I hope I don't have to do that though, lol.

I woke up Tuesday and my neck was killing me. It was fine before I went to sleep so I think I slept on it funny. Well, slept with my body turned one way and my neck turned at an awkward angle. Whatever happened, it happened in my sleep and it's got my neck all kinds of sore, lol.

The Stars play tonight! I'll be home to watch the game. Hell yes!

The Habs are not my team and I don't feel too much about them one way or another. Check this video out though. It's their goalie making a pretty wicked save. It's only 30 seconds so have a look. :)

This is another video. Milan Lucic of Boston hits Mike Van Ryn of Toronto hard and ends up shattering the fucking glass. It's insane. The video is a minute and 25 seconds but you don't have to watch that far to see the hit. Check it out. :)

Happy Wednesday!


NaughtyASM said...

I LOVE Halloween. I just hate the costume shopping since they are so cheap and flimsy and cost so much, and I usually never find the time to plan a good homemade one.

Jennybean said...

I bought a costume last night but actually prefer the creative kind, and got a great idea after I went to bed, so we shall see...

Anonymous said...

I would create your own costume instead of buying one last minute. ;)

I love Halloween, too! LOVE it. :)

Jormengrund said...

I posted about the costume party my wife and I had this last weekend..

Sure, it was fun, but as you can read, I didn't have as much fun as I could have had!

I think anyone who refuses to dress up on a holiday like this is really missing the point!

Great post!

KBear said...

i love hallowe'en, but no one does anything up here anymore, so i'd be the only one dressing up:)

carey price is awesome. I'm so proud he's from Ontario. Go Habs!

That was weird. It didn't even look like he hit him that hard!

Baby said...

I also spend way too much on hair products... I will have to try out the Infusium :) Anything that makes my hair smell good and feel good... I wish I had your enthusiasm over Halloween...honestly, I feel quite boring... I agree October is a wonderful month!!! Happy WW

Carina said...

Great blog you have! Sometimes I wish Europe had the same celebration going on.. dress up is fun! At least I had a "Pimp you head" party fro my birthday a few weeks ago so I got to wear a wig and a cowboy hat. Be sure to post what you end up wearing!

Samantha said...

I love your #1!!!!! :o)

Rage said...

I guess I am an Ebeneezer Scrooge of Halloween since I really don't do shit for it and haven't forever. I feel like such an ass for that.

What happened to me? Why don't I dress up for that anymore? Meh...

Happy WW!

Vixen said...