Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sick and stuff

Normally, I would be playing TMI Tuesday today. I'll be skipping it again this week. It's not that I don't like the questions. I do. I find them to be very good and very thought provoking. I just don't feel up to such thought provoking and in depth questions right now.

I'm not feeling so well. I've thrown up a little too much. I felt fine earlier in the day Monday but closer to work, I started feeling badly. I went to the store and got some Dayquil and Nyquil. I took the Dayquil before work. I ended up throwing up at work.
I ended up leaving work Monday night after only being there for 2 hours and 40 minutes. Mostly because I was feeling sick. Partly because I was upset and insanely worried about my brothers.

I have two younger brothers, one 22 and one 13. They were out and about on Monday doing some guy stuff, just spending some time together. Without too many details, they got into an accident and my brother ended up flipping and rolling his truck.
My mom called me at work to tell me and I felt my already aching stomach hit the ground as she told me what happened. For lack of a more eloquent way to say it, his truck is seriously FUCKED UP. I'm just happy they weren't hurt worse. Seeing how shattered, smashed and crushed up that truck was and knowing they were inside it when it turned in to what it is now... I can't even begin to understand how they came out as unscathed as they did. It's incredibly amazing that they were not hurt more than they were. I won't post a picture of it but if you were to see it, you'd wonder how in the world they both got out of that with only small cuts, bruises and sore bodies. Honestly, it puzzles me but I don't really care about the how or why. I'm just happy I didn't have to go to a hospital somewhere to see them after their accident.

*Sigh* Anyway.... :)

I got some jersey knit cotton sheets recently. Otherwise known as the "t-shirt" sheets, lol. Those things are so so comfortable. I love them. I found a queen sized set for only 20 dollars. All black too. I was happy about that. I washed them Monday night and put them on the bed. I love freshly washed and dried sheets. They feel and smell wonderful.

Tomorrow is that day again. Weird Wednesday. Yep yep. I think it's my turn for posting up questions tomorrow. I need to check on that actually, lol. Questions usually show up early, around 9 or 10 pm central time Tuesday nights. Gives people plenty of time to join in the Wednesday Weirdness. So come play with us.

Wednesday is also my next date with the oral doctor. That is, if I'm feeling better then. If not, I'll have to reschedule for next week. I'm really hoping this sick shit is just a little 24 hour virus that has been going around here recently. Bleeeh.

I'm usually not asleep until 3 AM or later. Mainly because I get off work so late at night and get home late. I'm usually off work between 12:30 AM to 2:30 AM, depending on what night it is. So I'm getting home from work between 1 AM and 3 AM. I always get a shower and then it takes me a WHILE to get sleepy so boo. I think tonight
I'm actually going to be in bed before 3 AM! Woohoo. I'm so freaking tired though. I was talking on the phone with my boyfriend and kept almost falling asleep with the phone stuck to my ear. Ooops. He loves me. :D

Happy Tuesday y'all!


I Smile 2 Much said...

Frickin YIKES about your brothers. Thats awesome, though, they managed to be as okay as they are. Sounds scary. I'm glad they're both fine.

I love those sheets too. Yummy soft.

Hope your tummy feels all 100%better real soon, sexy girl.


Another Suburban Mom said...

I hope that you feel better and I am glad that your brothers are not in bad shape.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. I hate it when Im sick. And Praise the Lord your brothers are fine!

I have 4 sets of those kinda sheets!
I absolutely love them!

Sheen V said...

Get well soon!

Big Kahuna said...

Sorry the truck is toasted but glad the brothers survived. My Babushka and her BuddyLuv flipped and totaled their car this summer - very scary.

Get feeling better for hockey season!!

Vixen said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your brothers. :(

I hope you are feeling better soon sweetie.... xoxo

Barney said...

whatever forces you believe in...were watching over your brothers...

Trucks can be replaced.. family cant..Im so glad they are good to go!

Hope your feeling better soon!

Rage said...

Glad your brothers are okay. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family for everyone to get better (yourself included) ((hugs)).