Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rawr and stuff

Today I have a date with a new oral doctor. I am just going for an initial exam and nothing serious. I'm hoping it goes well because from what I know of how they do things there, I think I'll prefer it to what I was going to have to deal with with the previous oral surgeon I was set to see. I don't know but this afternoon, I'll definitely find out. I'm actually excited to go to the appointment where as with the previous guy I was so anxious that I was feeling sick. I think that's a good sign. We'll see how I'm feeling as the time ticks down though. :)

Don't forget to go play Wednesday Weirdness y'all. I'm passing on doing it here today. ;)

So, I did it! Tuesday, I decided I wanted to go to Best Buy and spend some money. I probably shouldn't have but oh well. I honestly didn't care too much, lol. I purchased my very first iPod. I know, I know. Please contain the overall excitement of this news. Lol. I have my first apple product. Woohoo. I'm having my music from my current media player transferred over to the iTunes player now. I got the iPod Nano in the orange color that happens to match my Samsung cell phone.

I also got the movie Iron Man. Yeah, yeah. I know, lots of you didn't care for it but I dig it. :) I got the new Slipknot CD too. I was sketchy on that because Slipknot CD's are so hit and miss with me. Sometimes I love their CD's and sometimes I can't stand them. So, I sent a text to my friend Philly and asked him if the new CD was any good. Out of everyone I know, I tend to trust his opinion of certain bands and CD's more than anyone because we tend to agree way more often than not. He sent a text back immediately, urging me to buy the CD because he loved it and was positive I would at the very least, dig it. So, I got it. I listened to it on the drive back home. I definitely like it. The sound is a little different, a little more back to what it was at first. More singing on the tracks too. I love it. Two songs in particular really, really stuck out to me. They're beautiful. Maybe I'll share which songs they are one of these days. Even if the music isn't your cup of tea, it's the lyrics you'd need to see. The depth and the meaning I can find in the lyrics of those two songs is amazing. I love when I hear a song I can so fully and deeply relate to. *happy sigh*

Also, while in Best Buy, I had to struggle with not buying House Season 4. I wanted it SO SO bad but I was already spending more than enough money. Soon though, I will have House Season 4. :D

Happy Wednesday!


Another Suburban Mom said...

enjoy your ipod. I would love to know some of the songs on your playlist as I am always looking for something new.

Lil Bit said...

Luv the lil dinosaur jpg, lol
Rawr! ;)

I just watched "Iron Man" last night for the 1st time... hubby brought it home from Best Buy and I really liked it!
Now I can see where Robocop got some of its ideas from, lol, but I actually thought R. Downey Jr. did a pretty good job.
Might just have to ck out the new Slipnot CD, on your recommendation.... but I think I must be the only person on the frikkin' planet who does NOT like "House"... ugh, Hugh Laurie just grates my nerves. lol

Anonymous said...

I was SO happy to give away my first ipod and get a good player, lol, now I'm actually happy with a player that always works and I don't have a huge chunk of my drive dedicated to useless itunes ;-)

How do you make "oral doctor" sound so dirty?

Jormengrund said...

Grats on the Ipod!

You'll never go back now that you've got one..

Now all you need is a good flash drive to be able to store all of the good "classic" metal and songs!

Enjoy listening!

Lolita said...

Oral surgeon, *shudders* Good luck. I have the Zune, and love it! Haven't seen Iron Man, but probably will when hubby buys it, which he will.

Thanks for stopping by, thankfully I don't have many entries on this one yet, so not much catching up for you to do lol

phairhead said...

ipod can think. ipod can hear you.

Anonymous said...

Ain't nothing wrong with a gal spending some money on herself!


Amorous Rocker said...

I'll have to make a post with a list of all the bands I have on there. :D

lil bit:
Isn't that the cutest? Lol
Yes! I thought he did good with his role in the movie too. I was happy. Obviously if I went and got the movie, right? Lol.
Oh you're so not the only non-House fan out there. I know plenty. ;)

Lol. This is my "starter" mp3 player. I'll have to work my way up to something cooler and better eventually.
I have no idea. I'm talented? I suppose. =D

Thank you!
I'm already addicted to the tiny little thing. Hehe.

Aw thank you. :) Surgery of any type just sucks. :)
I noticed! I always love when that happens. :)

I think it talks to me in my sleep too! :)

Exactly! ;)