Friday, October 24, 2008

FYF times 2

Well, hello there people.

It's Friday and you know what that means? It's time for Fuck You Friday. Yep yep yep. Except, today I have a Fuck You Friday and a Fuck Yeah Friday. I was contemplating just doing the Fuck You part but then I didn't really want a whole negative post and blah blah blah. I have to share the good stuff too. Thursday was a good enough day and night that I have some good to share. Why not? I do what I want. ;)

Fuck You:

I dislike when someone gets mad about something I didn't do or say. That pisses me off. If I did or said something wrong and someone wants to call me on it, fine, lets go. We'll argue and work it out. We might want to kill each other for a few hours, or a day or three but whatever. Eventually it will be over and at least we talked it out.

I hate when someone flips out over gossip though
. I hate that people often won't go to the source and ask if this, this and that were really said. They listen to gossip and flip out but rarely go to the other person involved to find out if there's any truth to it or not. Things get exaggerated when people talk. Some people are just bitches and like to stretch things into way more than what they are for their own amusement. If you hear something and want to go off about it, you need to make sure what you heard is true.

I pick and choose what I fight about. If I'm not going to keep my mouth shut though, I'm going to try and get the facts before I fly off the handle and tear someone's head off verbally. I will at least try and ask the other person or people involved what's up and see what they have to say and take it from there. I hate when someone listens to what someone else says and without finding anything else out, goes off on me because they heard something from someone's friend of a cousin of a friend's co-workers sister. Ya know?

Fuck Yeah:

Thursday my Stars played the NY Islanders. I got to watch the first half hour of the game and then I had to take off for work. We have DVR so the game was recorded for my to watch after I got home from work later that night. Oh my wow what a game. We won 5 to 3. I wish I could have watched the game when it was on but meh, I get paid to work. Sadly, I don't get paid to watch hockey. So work wins out every single time. :) Our next game is the 25th against the Capitals. Hopefully my Stars play as well against them as they did against the Islanders. *big grin*

I'm excited about working Halloween night. Mainly because I get to dress up! I was seriously bummed about not getting to dress up because I thought we weren't going to be allowed to. We have a little notice up as of Thursday saying we can. We can do face paint but no masks and of course, nothing too trashy or revealing. I believe the phrasing was "keep it tasteful" so whee. No problems there. I'm excited. Now I just have to figure out what to dress up as. I hadn't put any thought into a work costume since I didn't think I'd be getting to do anything for that. I'm happy. :)

I'm still loving my new body soap. The sea salt with microbead stuff? Mmm. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. I love to feel clean. I feel nice and fresh and that stuff has a really nice smell to it. Not an overpowering smell and not anything in particular. Just a good clean scent. I love it.

I got my blogroll updated to the snazzy one blogger offers. I deleted some and added a few. I know I likely forgot someone so scroll down it and make sure you're on there. If not, comment so I can flippin' remember who I forgot, lol. :)

Happy Friday!!!

Have a great weekend y'all!


Qetesh said...

Howdy, thanks for your HNT comment :), have a great weekend!

Jormengrund said...

I agree with the gossip thing.

The best way I found to fix this?

Tell the person flipping out about some "gossip" you'd heard, even if you had to make it up!

That usually shut them up long enough to punch them in the face, or turn and walk away.. (your preference here)!

Have a great weekend!

Passion said...

Drama sucks. I do my best to avoid it. When someone messes with me, I say what I have to say and am done with it. Don't let asshats take up space in your head sweetie, they are not worth it. Life is to short for all that crap.

Yeah for your team! :-) I love hockey also...but football is my very favorite.

Thanks for the visits to my blog, I am adding you to my blogroll, you are such a doll and your blog is great!

Have a fabulous weekend.

Jennybean said...

UGH!! I hate drama... that's why I really don't hang with girls much...

Good for you on all your Fuck Yeahs though... well except stealling the NORTH stars... not so much on that one!

Biscuit said...

I know exactly what you mean about the gossip. I had some drama with some long time friends lately, and it was hurtful to everyone.

Amorous Rocker said...

Thanks. :)

Doesn't punching them in the face usually shut them up long enough to walk away? ;)
Thanks, you too!

I hate drama too. Sometimes you end up unable to avoid it though. I agree. Thanks. ;)
I love football too but hockey is my favorite. :D
Aww thank you! I enjoy yours as well.
Thanks, you too!

I rarely hang with girls. In this instance, it's mostly guys getting bent out of shape over something another guy said. Silly eh? ;)
Ha, I think it was a good "steal" myself. ;) I'm biased though.

That sucks! I don't get into it with people I don't know well. I haven't known them long enough to care so I step away and blow it off. It's always with people I care about and that makes it worse indeed. *hugs* Have a good weekend lovely.

Jason said...

i like fuck you friday