Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday :)

I was running a ride in an amusement park that resided in a graveyard. It was a big rollercoaster and I had a little side car separate from the long train of cars. I started just before the train of cars in my little single car. The track was just a thick, giant plastic type supported with steel beams all around. The track was like a big Hot Wheels Race Car track. I had a remote control car in front of me and I had to make the car stay far enough in front of me that it did tricks to amuse the people speeding along in all the cars following closely behind mine. Then at the end I had to jump from my car in the middle of the final loop, grab the remote control car and then "fly" down to the ground safely as the long car of kids and adults observed as they went through the loop watching in amazement. I did all this wearing hideous purple and silver stiletto pumps, black pants with silver sequins, a purple top with a big orange logo on the front and a bright orange super hero cape.

Then I was working in the mall parking garage's bar, serving up drinks to people as they got out of their car and headed into the mall because who doesn't need a drink before Christmas shopping? I got into a fight with some carolers and smashed martini classes over all of their heads, which made them sizzle, burst into flames and disintegrate. Then all that was left was their festive holiday coats in red, white and green that weren't singed or anything from the flame. Then a bunch of homeless people appeared and stampeded towards me. Only it wasn't booze they were rushing for it, it was the festive coats they wanted and began arm wrestling over. Not all out fighting but yes, arm wrestling. The loser bums went on their way quietly letting all the winners gather themselves in the snug coats the former carolers had been wearing minutes ago. Then they skipped away single "Jingle Bells" all together like a merry little group of people. I decided to close the bar which was I pushed a button and every bottle, glass, ice cube, blender and other stuff folded into itself until the bar was just a big rectangle box. I pushed it into the storage closet, locked the door and went on my way, walking over to the mall.

I went ice skating in the mall's ice skating rink. Big Bird, Frankenstein, a fat Dracula, Elvis and Eminem were ice skating as well as children, teenagers and adults of all size and color. And by color I mean they were red, purple, green, blue and orange colored. I remember taking pictures of everyone, amazed at what I was seeing. Then I went onto the ice in my neon green ice skates and flew around in circles, passing everyone out there who was leisurely skating and having fun. I went faster and faster until everyone was just a big colorful blur and I couldn't even really see in front of me but I just kept going. Then when I finally stopped, I was standing outside somewhere, in a moonlit clearing where there was a party going on or something. I walked around, in my neon green skates still, trying to see if I recognized anyone and realized all the party goers were just mannequins which is why no one was moving. I walked to the end and came to a glass wall, looking out at normal people walking around in a mall. I realized I was in a giant display case in some weird store I assumed. I tried to make my way back the way I thought I came and ran into a wall. I went the other way and hit another wall. I sat down against the wall and noticed a mannequin in a pretty corset dress that was wearing some comfy looking Vans shoes so I took off my skates, took the Vans from the mannequin and put them on my feet, putting the skates on her instead. I leaned back against the wall and was trying to figure out a way out of the display when I noticed a door only a few feet away from me. I moved to it and tried to open it but it wouldn't budge. In white block letters, it said "Store" on it so I pounded on it and kicked at it. Finally, someone from the other side opened the door and let me come through. I was in Spencer's in the mall and I ran out of the store and into the mall. Real people moving all around me, shopping and laughing. I started feeling a panic so I ran for the exit. I was back outside in no time and went into the parking garage. I pulled keys out of my pocket but didn't recognize them. So I searched the whole garage for what I hoped would be my car. I looked over the remote attached to the key, hoping for a panic button or an alarm so I could easily find the vehicle since it would be making noise. No such luck, just a lock button, an unlock button, a button with windshield wipers on it and a button with a tire on it. I hit the unlock button on the remote over and over, walking around looking for the vehicle with randomly blinking tail lights. I finally found it, a black SUV monstrosity. I climbed in, started it and the thing drove itself so I just sat there and let it take me to where ever, amazed at how well the SUV drove itself. I was in Dallas but the house I ended up in the driveway of was one of the houses we lived in when we lived in South Texas so long ago. It was by far the weirdest and creepiest house we ever lived in. I sat in the driveway until the sun went down just looking at the house. I finally got out but when I tried all the keys on my key chain, none worked and I couldn't get in. I knocked on the door and my mom answered, asking me why I had sat in the drive way so long before coming in. I walked in and then followed her to the kitchen, where everyone was having dinner. Then as I was about to step in the kitchen, the floor opened up, swallowed me down and off I was going. Sliding down an endless dark tunnel for what seemed like the longest time. Sliding around twists, turns and steep drops. When I finally shot out, I was back at the amusement park. Back in that ridiculous costume and getting ready to perform my weird little show on the rollercoaster.

Then I woke up. I didn't eat any spicy food either at all yesterday. I haven't had anything but soup, mashed potatoes and pudding for the last few days, lol. I was reading an odd book before I went to bed last night. This dream isn't one of the weirdest I've had. Usually, my dreams are a little more dark and freaky. I woke up feeling more amused then anything today after that dream.

I like to write my dreams down. All of them. Mostly, they end up looking like something out of a horror book but sometimes I have just random weird ones. Occasionally I have good dreams but those don't happen often. I dream every night and I usually remember the details very well when I wake up. So, I type them out or write them down so I can remember them. It's kind of weird I guess but in doing so, I've found that I have quite a few reoccurring dreams that progress further along a little bit each time I have them.

I think that dreams are several things.

I think sometimes, dreams are your subconscious showing you things, telling you things, that you won't believe or admit to in your waking time. Analyzing dreams is always fun. I have books on it but the thing is, I never take any of the analyzing too seriously. It's mostly just fun to do and interesting to see what kind of outcomes I can get. Sometimes I look a little more into something and at times have realized things I was worrying about that I didn't realize I even had on my mind. Again, mostly it's just for kicks though I do believe slightly that you can learn things from dreams.

Sometimes, I think it's just my subconscious running wild, playing in my memory bank and pulling things out and putting on an odd little show. Like in this dream, the thing with the mannequins and being trapped in there shortly? I didn't remember it until today after I woke up but now I remember that as a little kid, I was also anxious in department stores because of the mannequin displays in their glass casings. I was always afraid I would some how end up inside one, stuck for life in there with only mannequins for company. I had irrational and weird fears back then. Same as now I guess, lol. I remember one day in a store, I crept to the mannequin display and sat down beside one of them and then slowly edged more into the glass display until I could be seen from the outside but more so, so I was sitting in there with them. I only stayed a few minutes because I didn't want to get in trouble by my mom or a store clerk, but after that, I wasn't afraid of being stuck in a glass case with a bunch of mannequins any longer.

Regardless, I always enjoy writing about my dreams once I wake up because they seem interesting. To me. Even the weird ones I don't understand at all. I've been thinking lately I want to try and do a book of dreams. Not an analyzing handbook or anything like that. More like a book that is a collection of short stories based on the weird dreams I have. Then I'll probably add more to them creatively to make them longer but not very much so. I dunno. I think it would be cool and I know I have more than enough material to use. My only issue is that I doubt anyone would want to buy and read a book like that.

Anyway.... I'm feeling better today. I still talk like a 5 year old and my jaw is a little swollen. The Ibuprofen is good for the slight pain I feel but it's more annoying discomfort than anything else. I have to work tonight. I haven't worked all week so far and I can't not work, lol. Got to pay those doctor bills some how ya know. Plus I miss working, lol. I hate lounging around the house all day and night without a lot of productivity going on. :)
Happy Friday!


I Smile 2 Much said...

Wow; you really remember a lot od details about your dreams. That's really kewl actually that you can recall so much.

Glad your doing okay, considering. And I hope work goes well for ya :)


*sweet* cops wife said...

Happy Friday!

Ricky said...

I think sometimes, dreams are your subconscious showing you things, telling you things, which you won't believe or admit to in your waking time. Analyzing dreams is always fun.