Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You won't find it here.

I was debating posting something here but then I actually stopped and thought about it. I took the time to write it out which didn't take long because it was rather short. Then I thought about it some more and decided against posting it. To most it won't mean shit. I doubt it would cause problems but who knows? Sometimes, I can't predict how the people in my real life will react to things they see on here. Which, in my opinion, is what they get for checking out something where I don't do a lot of censoring. They may see things they don't want to see or read things they don't want to read but it's whatever. Like anyone else, they choose to come here and choose to read and see the things they do. Even still, that doesn't mean I have to be an ass just because I can and just because I know who in my real life reads here and who doesn't. I know some people would think I'm being dramatic, arrogant or smug but whatever, you're as entitled to your own opinion as I am to mine. Anyway, it makes me happy I only spent about ten minutes working on that thing I wrote before this, lol.

So... I was supposed to call the dental office on Monday but I forgot until I was driving to work Monday evening at around 5:45 pm. Kind of late to call since they don't stay open late on Monday. I set a reminder on my phone to call Tuesday afternoon though. I was really pissed at myself for not remembering but it doesn't matter now, lol. At least later today, I'll have the reminder on my phone to remind me if I happen to forget again. Thank you technology! Lol.

I fucking *love* my graphic novels by Laurell K. Hamilton. Those things rock. I started on my second one yesterday. I was scouring Barnes and Noble for them and found Guilty Pleasures Volumes 1 and 2. I was seriously disappointed though with the selection of graphic novels the B & N closest to me has. They have a very poor selection of graphic novels and the tiny section they have on it isn't even organized so I had to go through everything trying to find what I was looking for. I found GP Volume 1 between X-Men and Iron Man books. I found GP Volume 2 two rows down next to some Stephen King Dark Tower graphic novels. I asked the girl who worked there if it was ever organized and she said the only order they put it in is DC or Marvel with everything else just randomly stuck between. Hrmph. I miss the B&N back home, lol. They had a relatively big selection AND it was in alphabetical order AND separated appropriately. My boyfriend makes fun of me for how excited I get when I find one I don't have or when a new one I want is coming out. I don't care though.
I'm a dork. I love comic books and graphic novels as much as I love other books. Mmmm. :D

I usually play TMI Tuesday today but I'm going to skip it here this week, I'll do this nifty little word association thing instead.

This is calle​d “FIRS​T REACT​IONS QUIZ”​.​​ You have to type the FIRST thing​ that comes​ to mind whene​ver you hear these​ 30 thing​s.​​ You can’t​ think​ and go back and chang​e your answe​rs.​​

Beer:​​ Budweiser Select.

McDon​ald'​​s:​​ Nasty.

Purpl​e:​​ The color highlights I want in my hair.

Stero​ids:​​ Spandex, eww.

Carto​ons:​​ Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends!

Tuppe​rware​:​​ Leftovers, lol.

Flori​da:​​ "WE LOVE IT HERE!" Lol!

Santa​ Claus​:​​ The roof, the roof, the roof is on fiiiiire!

Hallo​ween:​​ is amazing!

Alice​:​​ The Mad Hatter.

Myspa​ce:​​ I spend too much time on there, lol.

Clown​s:​​ Creepy.

Marri​age:​​ Isn't for everyone and you shouldn't do it if you can't make the commitment. ;)

Paris​:​​ A little cafe downtown with outside tables with awesome coffee and pastries.

Patty​:​​ Charlie Brown

Blond​es:​​ Pink.

One Night​ Stand​s:​​ Trojan man!

Donal​d Trump​:​​ I'm rich bitch!

Never​land:​​ Volcano.

Pixie​s:​​ A wave of mutilation.

Word:​​ Fuckstick.

Vanil​la Ice Cream​:​​ Needs to have Reese's mixed in to make it extra tasty.

Hoote​rs:​ Boobs.

High Schoo​l Music​al:​ Merchandise.

Pajam​as:​​ Comfy cozy.

Woody​:​​ There's a snake in my boot!

Your Ex: Turned into a meth head.

Your Partn​er'​​s Ex: Must suck because she didn't get to stay around, bwahaha.

Your First​ Kiss:​​ Giggles.

Big Bird:​​ Grover and Cookie Monster.

Chris​tmas:​​ Sucky music.


Drugs​:​​ In the past.

Frien​ds:​​ Come and go but a few stay forever.

Tatto​os:​​ Art.

Divor​ce:​​ Expensive.

Cheat​ing:​​ Taxes.


Kitty said...

oh hai!

don't mind me, i'm just here stealering your meme...

Amorous Rocker said...

Lol. I so know I'm going to use the word "stealering" from time to time now.

You still my meme and I'll steal your word. Mmk? Mmk.


I Smile 2 Much said...

I set reminders on my cell all the freaking time. I'd be a mess without 'em.

My hubby is a *huge* DC & Marvel fan. He even quizzes me sometimes even though I'm cluess. He says its good for me. Says he's teaching me stuff I *need* to know (lol) he's funny sometimes.

You are so damn flippin cute. I may hafto steal this. U are so random rockin, hun....

I luv it. *muah*

PS: I like the "stealering" new word too. Last week I think I made "randomlyness" a new word for me. (HA!)

Anonymous said...

Besides being hot, kitty's good at having interesting words on her blog.

Great post AR, I didn't play TMI today either. Just had too much crap to do tonight.



Samantha said...

great post! I am going to try the word association thing ;o)

Anonymous said...

Divorce=expensive. Amen to that....:)


Amorous Rocker said...

It's very handy! I forget the little things too often. D'oh.
Lol. My boyfriend isn't a stranger to comic book stuff so that helps. I wouldn't ever ramble (TOO much! lol) about stuff that he didn't find interesting so at least he digs comics too. :D
Hehe thank you! Muah.

Ha, hot with fun words and don't forget flippin' funny as hell too. :)
Thanks! ;) ((hugs))

Cool! I always love doing those.=x

Never had to personally deal with it but I've seen people closer to me who have and EEK. Hope I never make it down that road. :)