Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Tuesday was my day off. Actually, today is too. Tuesday and Wednesday are my set days off. I don't like having two days off in a row because I enjoy the time off too much when it's right in a row and going back on Thursday is always particularly "UGH" inducing. I do like the time off but I get bored with nothing much to do. I'd be happy with only one day off per work. More hours is more money. Not to mention it keeps me feeling productive.

Today I do need to get out and go for a swim. The pool closes on October first so that only gives me a little less than a month to enjoy it while I can. The nearest indoor facility is too far to drive just to swim for a bit. I would do it, if gas were $1.50 a gallon again. Hell, even if it were $2.50 a gallon, I'd be inclined to make the drive for a little swim time. Oh well.

I need to get laundry done too. My hamper is full and I don't have much left to wear in the ways of clean under garments. Never a good thing. I meant to get it done on Tuesday buuut I didn't. What did I do? Not very much. I was far too lazy on Tuesday. I did spent much of the evening on the phone with Boyfriend though. Which is why I didn't get laundry done. I'll get it done early in the day today. ;)

There's a new post at damaged. Check that out if you feel so inclined and are able to.

Oh! Have I ever mentioned that I love certain accents? Not all accents rock but some do. I like Australian accents quite a lot. I also have a soft spot for a nice Southern accent but being a Texan, I'm probably biased on that one. I miss hearing the Southern accents being out in CA right now. I never even realized I had an accent until the first time I came out to CA a couple years ago.

Wednesday Weirdness

Come play with us! :D

1.) Someone dares you to eat two cooked bulls testicles for 1,500 dollars. They're fried, topped with nacho cheese, belly button lint, lima beans, sweat rung out from a dirty sock and maple syrup and you have to eat it all. Are you going to eat it for the cash or pass?

Not for a mere $1,500. Besides, you lost me at the belly button lint. If that hadn't killed it for me, the lima beans would have. Maple syrup and nacho cheese together though? How revolting!

Not to mention the whole testicle thing. I don't care how yummy people claim them to be. Not happening. Well, maybe for the right price. Fried with.... ketchup! Ha and y'all thought I would say ranch. =p

2.) If you were not getting enough sex in your relationship, how would you handle it? Would you cheat on your significant other?

It's sort of happened before. I went to my boyfriend, said I'm not getting enough sex, lets please remedy that. We started having sex more often. Problem solved.

No, I wouldn't cheat on my boyfriend. I could never hurt him that way. He might never find out but I'd know and I'd feel like shit. He'd figure out some day anyway more than likely and I just... can't imagine ever hurting him that way. Our relationship is about more than just sex also. Why mess with that just for some orgasms?

3.) Would you cheat if you knew you would never be caught? Why or why not?

No. I'd never hurt him like that and... everything I just said in question 2 goes here as well.

4.) If you could get rid of any of the late night talk show hosts and replace them with anyone you want, what late night persona would you get rid of and who would you replace them with?

Uhhh... Carson Daly? Hell, I don't really watch talk shows. I guess we can get rid of Carson because he's a twerp. Get Bianca Beauchamp to host his talk show and I'd definitely be watching then. Of course, I'm not sure what kind of guests she would have on there but I hope that it would be interesting. I also hope she hosts the shows in her costumes. Rawr.

Another thing to do would be have someone like... Oh! Christina from the band Lacuna Coil. Have her host the show and have the show be all about music. A show that actually plays music and has live bands on it! Not a lot of talking. Just a lot of music with a hot rocker chick or hot rocker guy as the host. Or have a hot rocker chick and hot rocker guy hosting the show together. Either way... =D

5.) If you could get rid of one day time talk show, which one would you pick and why?

I rarely ever watch any day time television. I don't watch talk shows as a general rule anyway. OOOH! Does Dr Phil count? He comes on during the day right? He can go. He annoys the piss out of me.

6.) Where are your favorite places on the body to be kissed? Favorite places to kiss?
To be kissed: Lips, forehead, neck, front and back of the shoulders and underneath the ears.

To kiss: Lips, jaw, neck, shoulders, biceps, chest, stomach and pelvic region.

7.) Do you watch porn? How does your significant other feel about that?
I do. He thinks it's cool.

Happy Wednesday!


Josh a la Mode said...

I would totally watch "Last Call with Cristina Scabbia" (Lacuna Coil) religiously... Great idea by the way... I say we bombard NBC with letters demanding a pilot episode of that... They'd have me as a viewer at least (Great other answers BTW)

Baby said...

Such good answers - especially about the not getting enough sex and not cheating - as well as - the relationship being more than just sex... :) Have a Happy WW!!!!

Biscuit said...

I really admire the open communication you have with your boyfriend. I have always played nice and gone along with what others want until I grow to resent it.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Just stoppin by to say hello! Good Answers today.

How do you feel about an Antonio Montana Accent?

Carapace said...

Man, I can't believe I forgot Dr.Phil. He's like the Captain Hammer of the talk show world.