Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Survey

I saw this little thing over on Fairy Flutter's blog a few days ago. She got it from here, who is the creator of this little thing. I've never read his blog, I don't think. Sometimes it's hard to keep up, lol. Anyway. I liked these questions and decided I was going to use it for my Saturday Survey today. I know, settle down and don't get too excited. ;)

My favorite age: I guess 22. I only turned 23 in June so I think it's still too soon this has been the best year of my life as I've only been 23 a few months. 22 was really good though. Lots of ups and downs but I also became a little better of a person and found myself a little more. I learned new things about myself and more good than bad happened.

My best friend: I have several and they are all amazing people. I'm lucky to have such a diverse and wonderful group of people.

My celebrity crush: I don't really have one. There are lots of people that are famous or known that I think are hot, does that count? If so... Trent Reznor, Brent Smith, Chris Cornell, Branden Boyd, Adam Gontier, Maynard James Keenan, Simone Simons, Shirley Manson, Shawn Morgan, Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Christina Ricci, Bianca Beauchamp and Lucy Pinder. I probably left a ton out and some I don't even know the names of but I know the bands they're in. Most of those are musicians. This is long enough anyway. ;)

My defining characteristic: Physically? I have no idea. Probably my big boobs. I'd like to think it's my eyes but I doubt that. Personality? How odd and random I am maybe.

My most evil moment: Pick one.

My favorite food: Italian. I'm part Italian. Mmm. And ice cream. <3 style="font-weight: bold;">My grossest injury:
Pick one! Ha. One time when I was 18, I was playing softball with a group of friends against some local people who thought they were badass. I got a pretty nice little injury. It was down to a few minutes in the last inning and we were down and losing which was pissing me off because I worked with two of the snots on the "team" we were playing and I didn't want to have to hear it from them if they beat us. We were up to bat. I was on base, I went for home and was potentially going to be out. I decided to slide when I shouldn't have. The catcher for the other "team" freaked a little because she didn't expect it, she jumped back a little and I ended up safe. The injury part was during that slide. My shorts ripped and my thigh was messed up. I tore a bunch of skin off and bled forever (I'm anemic) and it hurt to move for a couple days after that. Getting the rocks picked out of my torn flesh hurt like fucking shit too. We ended up beating those bitches though! :D

My biggest hatred: stupid people. Two faced people. Backstabbing. People who don't take care of their kids because they're too selfish (IE buying fucking beer and smokes when you need to be buying fucking diapers asshole). Dishonesty. People who always have to make their life seems worse than everyone else no matter how bad someone else has it. You know, your dog died and you broke your finger but then they come along and try to make your problems seem minuscule and unimportant because no matter what, they have it worse and life sucks more and is harder for them. People who think they are better than everyone.

My most illegal activity: had to do with drugs. That's all I'm saying.

My need for justice: Pedophiles. Abusive people. Drivers who are a danger to themselves and everyone on the road. Parents who are selfish and don't put their child's needs ahead of their wants. People who do major damage to property over something petty.

My most knowledgeable field: music, sports, history and some others. I love to learn and I'm always trying to learn as much as I can.

My life’s goal: to be happy, healthy, do some good in the world and enjoy the time I have here doing things I want to do.

My mother’s influence: taught me how to be bluntly honest with people, not to say things they want to hear but to tell the truth because it just makes things easier in the end. To stand firm in your beliefs but to never force them on other people.

My nerdiest point: Oh I am a nerd. I read all the time and I'm yet again not in school but I still research things so I can learn new things just because I want to. I also play a vampire role play game on-line when I have the time to. Not to mention my obsession with Batman and webcomics. Other things too but that's enough.

My oldest memory: sitting in the floor in my diaper clad butt playing with a toy train. I've always loved trains.

My perfect date: would depend on my mood. It could involve any combination of going to a rock concert, going to a hockey game, going to eat Italian, going to eat Chinese, going for drinks, going dancing, going to the beach, cuddling on the couch during a movie and having ice cream, going to watch trains and eating snacks, going to the aquarium and then to dinner... so many things are the perfect date for me, it just depends on my mood. More so, I just need someone who I can have fun doing anything with and who I can laugh with and have good conversation with.

My unanswered question: Why do you feel so inadequate?

My random fact: I don't like Christmas music.

My stupidest decision: Not going to college earlier and deciding to work full time and party the rest of the time when I wasn't sleeping or at work.

My favorite television show: House.

My style of underwear: Boy shorts or thongs. Boxers, girl boxer briefs and commando happen too sometimes.

My favorite vegetable: carrots, potatoes, cucumbers and baby spinach leafs.

My weakest trait: is my temper. I lose it too easily still. I've gotten better but meh, I still need improvement. Or my impulsive speaking, lol.

My X-men power: Hmm, I don't know what all the X-Men can do but I always wanted to be able to read minds. Though right now, I would LOVE to be able to teleport back home to Texas whenever the hell I wanted to. *big grin*

My strongest yearning: to be successful, by my definition of successful.

My moment of Zen: driving fast with the windows down, cool wind rolling over me and through the car with one of my favorite bands blasting out of the speakers late at night when very few other people are out. Or sitting on a beach late at night looking at the stars and not hearing a thing other than the sounds of the water. Or laying on my back looking up at the stars while listening to music.


fairyflutters said...

You're so damn cool. Can I adopt you as my cyber baby sister? I just love your answers.

That softball injury though DAMN! That sounded sooo painful! I once played softball on a law office team when I was a legal secretary. Apparently I sucked so they made me the catcher. I had one brief shining moment when I caught the ball and got someone out. My husband played on the team, too and still talks about it with pride! LOL It was actually really fun.

Oh, and I have a friend that does that thing about making your problems seem small compared to hers. It doesn't matter what I gripe about, she always has to top it! LOL Drives me crazy. I'd love a good comeback for when she does it.

Another Suburban Mom said...

Love those answers. I liked your justice answers.

Rage said...

I always love learning more about you. It's just so damn great.


Southern Sage said...

love your answers.

I'd say eyes, then boobs. (for you not me!!)

love the date one too, lots of eating going on, I'm always for that!

*sweet* cops wife said...

Happy Sunday! I stole this too!

Avitable said...

I'm half Italian and I hate Italian food. Drives my family crazy!

Thanks for doing the meme, and you should read my blog on a daily, hourly, and minutely basis. I'm that awesome.