Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pimping some ho.. err, bloggers

How about we do some blog pimping today? These people didn't ask to be pimped out. None of them are in need of more traffic to their blogs as they all do just fine on their own. I just want to pimp out some of new favorite blogs. Some are new to me even. ;)

Pieces of me. I just found her blog recently through TMI Tuesday I believe. I like it. She's kind of silly and fun. I enjoy her posts. I've read back into May of 2008 so far. She's amusing and very real. She also has some NSFW content on there so don't check out her blog if you're at work reading this right now, lol.

Hubman's Hangout. Y'all know Another Suburban Mom? Hubman is her husband. He's got a blog now and has had it for a little bit. It's really cool when they both post about the same events because you get to read the same thing from two different perspectives. I think that's cool anyway. Lol. Plus, they're just a sweet and adorable couple. Also some NSFW content on there so watch out.

Shrinking Kitty. If foul language, blunt writing, in your face ranting and naked boobies are not your thing, skip this one. NSFW content all over the place. I just found this blog a few days ago. Her writing makes me laugh and in a good way. She seems like a cool chick and so far, I'm digging trolling around on her blog.

Ser Infiel. NSFW content here too. Seems to be the theme I have going eh? Lol. Of course, I don't read her for her sexy content but more so because I find a lot of similar personality traits in things she says. I identify with a lot of what she says in things.

Where are you going, where have you been?. Bet you can't guess... Yes, some NSFW content here but nothing too bad. I enjoy her blog because she seems real. You know, she comes across as very real in the way she writes and she writes very well.

Some more just because I can:

Isn't It Strange.
American Honey.
Pluff Mud Musings.
Tacky Underwear Guy.
This Is What I Want To Write.

If you do happen to check any one of these blogs out, make sure you leave them a comment and tell them Amorous Rocker sent you. Which, by the way, you should be going to check out all of these blogs. if you don't already. Just sayin'. ;)

I haven't updated my blogroll in a while and I need to. I want to change to use the one blogger has. I just don't seem ready to do the task yet, lol. I need to delete some of the links where people no longer have their blogs up and running. I need to add a few more. I also like the way the blogger blogroll looks. I like. I'm just not bored enough to change it all around yet, lol.

Did you play Wednesday Weirdness today? You should. ;) No WW for me here today. It's posted else where. Email me if you'd like to know where you can read it. Please take no offense if I don't tell you though. :o)

I love the movie The Guardian. I'm not a big Ashton Kutcher fan but I really dig that movie. I have respect for what the men and women in the Coast Guard do. I've heard people refer to the CG as a bunch of overrated swimmers but you know what? If I was ever in the situation where I needed help out at sea, I know I'd want that bunch of swimmers coming after my ass too. So would all the jackass people who talk shit about the CG's too. ;)

I'm thinking a lot about my life's direction right now. More on this later though. I want to actually have some clear, rational thoughts lined up for that one.

I still haven't forgotten about this post. Actually I did BUT a blogger emailed me and told me to get with the program and reveal the false statements already. Ooops, my mistake. Feel free to guess if you'd like. I'll do this Friday or Saturday. I'll try my best anyway, lol.

Happy Wednesday!


Another Suburban Mom said...

Thanks for the pimp. Hubman has a special treat up for people today.

Macabre Girl said...

Thank you for the pimping honey. You can pimp me anytime you like. My blog could use it.

How can you not love Ashton Kutcher? ~perplexed face~

I will visit all of the blogs you pimped later. ;)

Flyinfox_SATX said...

You gave me a wonderful idea for the Hurt Locker! I think I will put it into practice next week.

Anonymous said...

Shrinking Kitty is hilarious. Her posts on her 'spawn' are priceless. The office shannigans she endures is off the wall with comic relief.

And look up her blogs on 'pool dancing'. Hilarious! She is a sexy little diva too with pink fuzzy boots! She loves her UGS.

Barney said...

I will have to go check those out, once I get home...

I emailed your gmail account w/my email addy...

Have a wonderbar Wednesday!!!

Rage said...

Thanks for the shout out sweetie!

Kitty said...

Foul language and ranting?


OK. Me. You know I've tried to stop cussing. A few times.

It's just so fucking hard.


Thanks for the link and complimentary write up there babes. I wondered what the recent hit spike was all about.

Oh how I do love strangers trolling my pink bits...

Pluff said...

Thanks for the shout out!!

Hubman said...

I feel so special! You pimped my blog :-)

Thanks sexy

Jellocee said...

Well, you are just fantastic, love.
Thanks for pimping me. That's kinda hot.

Love the others you've pimped too... adding them to my 'roll.