Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I missed playing WW earlier today. If y'all recall, I had massive tooth ache issues a couple months ago. Got medication and got it fixed. So I thought. It flared up twice as painful as it was the first time late last night. So much so that I was in pain so bad I was in tears and trying not to cry because the pressure made the pain worse. I got an emergency appointment with the place my dad goes to out here for his dental work. Since they worked me in, I ended up being there just over 4 hours. I got some medication to work with the infection, some hydrocodone to deal with the pain and an appointment in two weeks to meet with another doctor who can rip my wisdom teeth out if the infection is taken care of. It will cost a pretty penny but as long as I never have to deal with feeling like the nerves in my mouth are being stomped on, pulled, twisted and pinched with pliers or anything else that makes the throbbing, horrid pain... I don't care, lol. My mouth is still numb right now and I started the medication as soon as we got back home. So woohoo.

I'm so tired. I didn't sleep much last night for *some* reason, lol. I actually feel like taking a nap which is something I rarely do. I'll be back later for a late WW and HNT. Though it won't be anything special for HNT. I so don't feel up to taking anything new. =)

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Anonymous said...

Damn girl!
Tooth pain sucks!!!!!!!!!

Hope you feel mo betta!!