Friday, September 19, 2008

It's cold in here!

I want to say thank you for all the comments and the emails I got from my Raw HNT post. I really appreciate it. I got over 10 emails from people in regards to that post. Not people trying to comfort me or anything. People telling me stories of how they related, telling how the post touched them and sharing experiences. Mostly. It was really cool that something I wrote inspired that kind of thing out of so many people.

I had something in the way of a "Fuck You Friday" post today BUT I forgot what it was. Seriously. It must not have been that bothersome if I can't even remember what it was. Lol.

Something in the way of a "Fuck Yeah Friday" is that I get paid tomorrow and don't have to work until 7 pm. So I'll have plenty of time to pick up the check and get myself to the bank to deposit it in my account. Without having to rush. Yeah! Also, I paid my part of mine and Boyfriend's cell phone bill yesterday. It's not even due until the 27th. Yeah! :o) I'm happy with that.

Tuesday the 23rd is getting closer. I'm getting anxious. That's my "date" with the oral surgeon. Did I mention yet, I'm getting anxious? Eek. I just keep reminding myself that this pain won't last as long as the pain not getting my problems fixed will last.

So I admit, I forgot about needing to post the results of this post until a blogger e-mailed me a friendly little reminder. ;) Thank you again by the way. I made 40 statements. Some of which were false. I asked y'all, the readers, to take a guess at the ones y'all thought would be false. So here I am to finally reveal the ones that were fake.

The ones that I bold are true.
The ones in red italics are false.

Here we go. :o)

1.) I love searching YouTube for acoustic songs done by my favorite bands.

2.) I loved having tea parties when I was a little kid.

3.) Out of every guy I've ever fooled around with, dated or been in a relationship with, only 3 didn't have long hair at some point.

4.) I love Jell-O shots.

5.) The smell of leather makes me think of cuddling. Sometimes.

6.) I used to smoke weed every day. Some days, I smoked it 3 or more times that day.

7.) I can read Laurel K Hamilton's books several times over and still enjoy them.

8.) Hot dogs disgust me.

9.) I don't like one single book written by Stephen King.

10.) The first time I tried ecstasy, I ended up crying because I felt so hyper, joyous and happy.

11.) I haven't done any recreational drugs in almost 5 years. (I count this as false because a few years ago, I went through a time where I was crushing up pain killers again and taking them when I didn't need them for about 4 months)

12.) Vodka makes me an angry drunk.

13.) Tequila makes me super lovey and touchy feely.

14.) I hate the taste of tequila.

15.) When I first learned about "Jack the Ripper", I was fascinated and looked up everything I could on him. Thus began my love of trying to figure out the human mind.
16.) I never go a single day without listening to music for at least an hour.

17.) If I go into a store and see a package of glowsticks, chances are I'm going to buy them.

18.) I love cold weather but I hate being cold.

19.) I would rather shop at Barnes & Noble and Best Buy over going clothes shopping.

20.) I hate clothes shopping. (Mainly because it's hard to find pants that fit my ass and hips and that are long enough for my legs. Also finding shirts that fit my boobs but don't bag around my stomach is difficult too) 21.) I love grocery shopping.

22.) I've never been in a fight during a concert before.

23.) I've never been injured during a concert before.

24.) I secretly love watching ballet.

25.) I played fastpitch softball for years and I miss playing.

26.) I lost my virginity when I was 18.

27.) Some days, I wish I still smoked weed for the escape from reality it offered.

28.) I send and receive over 1,500 text messages each month.

29.) Blood fascinates me.

30.) I write poetry but I rarely show it to anyone.

31.) When someone says the word eyeball, my first thought when hearing that word is almost always about scissors.

32.) Once upon a time, I thought I wanted to be a cosmetologist.

33.) I also thought I wanted to be a tattoo artist.

34.) I don't care for swimming in lakes because I always wonder about dead bodies or parts of dead bodies being in them.

35.) I have a recurring dream about living in a dark, brooding looking castle. It is surrounded by a moat that has extremely large piranhas lurking in it. A troll lives under the bridge but the piranhas never bother him and two gargoyles perch on the tops of the two towers. I can always remember dreaming about inside the castle but I never remember what it looks like once I wake up. (No joke. I HATE having this dream because I always wake up feeling incredibly unnerved and semi-anxious)

36.) I collect shot glasses, rubber ducks, hats, anything Batman and plush penguins.

37.) Corpse Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, Batman and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are my favorite Tim Burton films.

38.) Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday.

39.) I love fake eyelashes.

40.) I love to go get a manicure and a pedicure when I feel like doing a little extra something special for myself.

Have a great
weekend y'all!


Biscuit said...

Darn! I SO envisioned you as the type of girl to daintily, with pinky extended, sip from a delicate little china tea cup... ;)

Holly Golightly said...

hey...i saw your comment about my TFT...thanks! i have a thing for black nail polish too!


Flyinfox_SATX said...

Here is hoping your weekend Rocks! Great post here today!

Amorous Rocker said...

Sorry to have blown your image of me. ;)
Haha! =)

No problem. ;) Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks! I hope your weekend rocks too buddy. =D

I Smile 2 Much said...

cool, cool...

and *now* I know.....


It sucks to be as curious as I am and try & be patient about things...


U rock, hun ; )

exile said...

holy crap, how did you manage to do an "almost the same" contest as mine?